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Waist support belt, summer ventilation, full swing lumbar steel plate, waist off disc, waist protrusion, waist plate health care for men and women

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 S Trumpet fits waist circumference 1 feet 8---2 feet 3

M medium is suitable for waist circumference 2 feet 4---2 feet 7

L size fits waist 2 feet 8---3 feet 2

XL super size fits 3 to 3 feet, 4 waist circumference

This belt for waist protection, spontaneous hot surface can be free to disassemble, feel too hot, you can take off the heating pad, so that it has become a steel breathable waist protection, four seasons applicable, convenient economy,

Application and scope:Suitable for patients with lumbago, such as wind wet waist,Lumbar intervertebral disc,Strain,Waist, waist down,Acute and chronic lumbar sprain, PengCartilage, muscle fiber groupFabric.Sciatic nerve, fracture, lumbar spondylolisthesisRehabilitation after lumbar surgery, prevention of lumbar injury, daily protection and health careWait。It can protect and support the waist of the patient, and it can also reduce weight and shapeFar away from the skin, promote the blood circulation, activate the cells, promote the metabolism of the body, regulate the nervous system, activate the endocrine, relieve pain and dispel cold.
This is a close functional products, and now the market of mixed products, heating materials without inspection and certification may have a strong toxic side effects, harmful to human health! On the marketSome people even sell homemade self heating health care products! DANGER



Product features: the lumbago, lumbar intervertebral disc, lumbar muscle, stomach has a significant effect at the same time, self heating cloth can burn body fat to reduce belly abdomen the function.

Self heating belt material:

The outer layer of super soft fluffy self-adhesive cloth, imported high elastic elastic belt (characteristics: good elasticity, feel full, comfortable wearing, self-adhesive type easy to wear, paste firmly, no deformation)

Intermediate layer: firstly, multiple healthy human magnets were embedded in the body (characterized by better analgesia, improved blood lipid metabolism, and optimized cell). The internal use of 4 steel plate support (characteristics: the installation of 4 steel plate can play a better role in strain, lumbar intervertebral disc)

The inner layer: the high-tech nano biomaterials research, combination of traditional Chinese medicine moxibustion theory, far infrared cloth layer adopts the international advanced technology condenses into a polymer composite (features: energy reactor can effectively penetrate the skin, stimulate the acupuncture points directly to the waist pain site, effectively alleviate waist pain.)

Method of use: first gear black dot in the center part and the contact part of skin with a hot towel Qi test, then the protector directly to the skin lesion, general 15-30 minutes can clearly feel a sense of heat. Then, according to each person's physical condition, decided to wear the length of time, such as the use of the skin after burning sensation, belongs to the normal situation, please temporarily take off, never hurt the skin.


[attention]1, pregnant women, children and severe brain diseases and bleeding or bleeding tendency is prohibited.

2, high fever, temperature disorders and wear parts of the skin damage prohibited.

3, the body equipped with cardiac pacemaker and other electronic equipment or metal stents in vivo are prohibited, individual allergic body with caution.

4, acute soft tissue injury, please be careful!!

5, no long time water wash, do not use detergent, bleach, washing soap.

6, do not contact magnetic products with minerals to prevent magnetization.

Heating principleTomarin heat sensitive material meets water (such as sweat or water vapor) to heat. When the human body moves, the human skin surface has the sweat or the water vapor, the Tomarin thermosensitive material will heat. People sleep in a quiescent state, the skin surface of the human body rarely sweat or water vapor, so no fever. But Tomarin's magnetic therapy still exists.

About tourmaline spontaneous heating equipment frequent questions, as follows:

1. how long is the shelf life?

Answer: This product is a textile commodity, there is no shelf life problem. Far infrared and magnetic therapy are products of their own physical properties, will always be effective.

2. after using a period of time did not feel the original heat is what happened?

Answer: there are generally two reasons for this:

A A. is because of the long-term use, the sweat distribution in the heating cloth surface, caused by tourmaline materials and skin can not play, so the heating effect is not ideal (that how to solve it? - used water to scrub or highly diluted detergent scrub gently after reuse of water to scrub and immediately into the sun for 2 hours. Restore, absorb and store solar energy can be restored to normal use).

B. another reason is that after a period of time, our skin gradually adapted to this temperature, it will not feel as hot as the beginning of the use, and the actual effect of waist protection has not changed

3. without electricity can fever, will not be harmful to the human body?

Answer: please feel free to use, since the fever series products do not contain any drug ingredients, fever function is entirely completed by physical action, harmless to the human body. Working principle, you can see the product principle. The reason why the water will quickly fever, that is, the use of water can accelerate the operation of body fluids, fever, so the human body is healthy.

4. how long is it possible to use self heating protective products? I'm going to do it right now!

Answer: we are not drugs, not medical devices, but the use of daily necessities can promote the healthy body made of far infrared fabric and bionic magnet and other high-tech materials have health benefits. These products can reduce our physical discomfort, let me have a more healthy body, but it is a mild, step by step, it will not be as fast as the drug immediate cure some diseases. Its function is similar to the physical exercise, gradually promote health, will not cause harm to the body, at the same time, you need to adhere to. So how long can it completely can not all immediate It differs from man to man.. Also, don't think of it as a panacea.

Correct use of 5. self heating protective clothing:

Answer: to protect the hot moxibustion surface water (winter can use warm water) pat wet, and then directly attached to the skin in the health care department, 20 minutes or so, the skin gradually feel about 3 hours, in addition to sleep should not be worn outside, but also according to their own circumstances to adjust the wearing time and frequency. A small number of skin sensitive people use skin burning, redness, is a normal phenomenon, will not damage the skin, you can shorten the wearing time
The hand protector and the skin should not be hot, but the skin of the site itself has a strong sensation of heat and acupuncture.
When you feel hot, you can take off the protective gear, and it will last for a long time and feel hot.
Some people can quickly feel fever without applying wet heating surfaces. But there are also some people who do not use wet clothes, it is difficult to quickly fever or heat is not high, which is related to the user's physical condition and season.

6. must be close to the skin to use it?

Answer: the best is close to the skin, so the fever effect is the best, but also the most intense. Through the use of clothing, heating effect will be weakened, but negative ions, magnetic therapy and other effects can still play a normal effect, fever function in the skin under the state is the best, the closer the skin paste, the faster the fever, the more intense!

7. hot hair, unbearable, how to do? Will it burn your skin?

Answer:Burning is just skin feeling, that's the feeling that a lot of energy accumulates in the skin surface for a short time. It's not really burning your skin at high temperature, so don't worry about burning your skin. When the energy of the skin surface gradually penetrates into the muscle or bone gap, the fever becomes hot and the sensation will weaken or disappear. When the sensation of heat or the sensation of acupuncture is intense, please leave the product directly away from the skin and disappear after a period of time.
8. why does it feel so hot and comfortable when someone else uses it? I just can't stand it for less than a few minutes

Answer: since the fever moxibustion product is not from the outside to the body heat, but stimulate the body's own fever, so the heat is entirely determined by the user's own physical condition. Generally, the heat is acceptable to the human body, or even if it feels hot, it can gradually return to normal within 1 or 2 hours after taking off. If a short time use of heat to or cannot bear off after last a very long time burning tingling, usually because of the user's body cold degree is heavy or weak, shorten the using time of each proposal, insist on the use of a section can be improved effectively!

9Why can't I feel the heat for a long time when I wear it?
Answer: there are usually two reasons:
(1) climate reasons: generally low temperature in winter and dry skin of human body, fever will be slower or heat is not high, at this time only need to heat the surface wet and then use it.
(2) the body's own reasons: there are about 5% people, after wearing fever takes a long time or heat is not high, it is because the capillary microcirculation is deep, or not good, or the low temperature long time, or The new supersedes the old. these reasons, not strong and so on, will cause fever, the need for a long time. At the same time, when you use the wet protector, you can drink some hot water, or walk around the sun, are conducive to stimulate product fever.
(3) there are less than 1% of the population due to the above symptoms of physical discomfort is more serious, it may be difficult to reach a high degree of fever before use, it is recommended to adhere to the use of. When the product hot spot does not heat, the patient site is gentle treatment effect, when the product hot spot fever, it releases the energy is not heated 20-30 times, the patient is a strong treatment effect.

10. how long is the service life of the moxibustion protector? How to maintain washing?

Answer: continuous use, life expectancy of about 5000 hours, do not have time. Having a good self energy recovery ability, so you can use it longer if you're using it properly. Washing must not use any detergent, also don't use soap, washing powder, etc.. Just clean it with water. Please complete the washing in 5 minutes and wash it in a cool and ventilated place.

11. I felt hot when I put on it. It was like using chili paste. Is there any ingredient of chili in it?

Answer: the self heating moxibustion products, with water or sweat, electronic material molecules, shifts, and release a large number of far infrared negative ion and biological electricity, you feel, is the biological current strong, rather than "pepper", if it is not hot, will be able to long-term repeated washing, still has a heating effect.

12. why do some people react strongly, some people feel uncomfortable and the needle, people have itchy feeling?

Answer: This is because each person has different causes of illness, light and heavy, infection, rheumatism, cold, siltation cause and severity are different, the course of disease also has length. Therefore, each person's feeling is different, some people are strongly heat than others, some people will have a strong sense of the people and the needle, there will be itching, these are a normal phenomenon. Don't worry about damaging your skin.
If you feel too strong, you can temporarily take off, wearing time to endure the appropriate.
Generally speaking, a strong sense of the needle is due to infection or serious damp skin pores, sweat glands developed due to have itchy feeling, is likely to be the skin microcirculation of the skin is not good, its respiratory function or the user is not very good, so there will be itching feeling.
Usually, after a period of time, the above symptoms will improve the body function at any time.

13. after a long period of time wearing, why the heat will be weakened, how to restore the heat?

Answer: long time wear after a period of time, due to perspiration, skin grease and dirt pollution hot spots, there will be heat weakens, then need to be cleaned. Clean water can be generally, if the stain is heavy, you can dip a highly diluted detergent solution with a cloth, gently wipe the hot spots, and then go to clean water, ventilated place to dry.
Usually use a period of time can be exposed to the protective clothing, let the product absorb the energy of the sun, restore its heating effect.

14. can anyone use the product with self heating? Do you have any taboos?

Answer: our products are nano far infrared magnetic therapy series, there are serious heart and brain diseases and cancer, pregnant women banned. However, whether the condition is severe or not requires consultation with the doctor, and the doctor knows the knowledge of far infrared magnetic therapy.