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Spot resistant high temperature rubber plug threaded hole plating protection plug M8 corrosion resistant rubber plug M6 cone silicone rubber plug

Purpose: for the screw hole parts of hardware, powder spray, metal plating, anodizing, electrophoresis, hardware hardware plastic injection process can not be blocked or parts of pollution and covered with columnar protrusions, screws, studs, pipe head and groove hole to be protected; widely used in all kinds of machinery, sheet metal, LED the lamp box shell, sports equipment manufacturing spray, spray, electroplating, electrophoresis production process of the screw hole cover, locking screw back teeth instead of tedious

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Characteristics and application of high temperature silica gel plug / silica gel sleeve / silica gel product / silica gel sealing plug:
1. special silica gel is used as the base material of the product. Non-toxic, harmless, slow aging, can be reused
2. to one component RTV silicone rubber with low viscosity, solvent free silicone rubber

3. curing agent has elasticity, insulation, good sealing, high temperature resistance, short time can reach 350 degrees, 30 minutes
4., it also has acid and alkali resistance, and does not swell in the silver plating bath of acidic copper plating bath
The 5. is mainly used for chemical coating process and mask hole hole, metal and plastic spraying, electrophoresis coating and plating hole sealing, protection screw holes or screw column, prevent paint and chemical liquid into the economy.
Corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, compared with the traditional screw, has a high cost performance, save labor costs and so on. The outstanding advantages are the wise choice of every smart company's sustainable development.
Specifications: various specifications, different colors and shapes, can be customized according to customer requirements and drawings.
Medium diameter 1mm~150mm commonly used rubber stopper / rubber sleeve specifications are available.

Conical high temperature rubber stopper              

High temperature resistant silica gel sleeve