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Authentic American XinDa SOMTA American taper pipe thread tap cone two pack NPT3/8-18,1/2-14

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The United States XinDa (SOMTA) American taper pipe thread tap NPT size map

Authentic American XinDa (SOMTA) American taper pipe thread tap NPT
Application: blind hole pipe tooth processing
Surface treatment: white body fine grinding
Each group: 2 branches

Machine and hand tap
It is a standard tap for cutting ordinary thread. In China, it is customary to call the high speed steel molar tooth as the machine tap, and the screw (or incisor) tap of carbon tool steel or alloy tool steel is called hand tap, in fact, the structure and working principle of the two are basically the same. Usually, the tap is made up of the working part and the shank. The working part is divided into the cutting part and the calibration part. The former has a cutting cone, which is responsible for the cutting work, and the latter is used to calibrate the size and shape of the thread.

Usage method
(1) when tapping, insert the nose to tap the center line and the center line of drilling.
(2) rotate the two hands evenly and add a little pressure to the tap to feed. No pressure is needed after the feed.
(3) each turn tap is rotated about 45 degrees at once to cut the chip so as not to block.
(4) if the tap is difficult to rotate, the rotation force can not be increased, otherwise the tap will break.

Tapping matters
(1) the workpiece orifice to the threaded hole chamfering, screw through holes at both ends chamfering.
(2) the position of the workpiece clamp should be correct, and the center line of the thread hole should be placed in the horizontal or vertical position, so that it is easy to judge whether the thread of the tap is perpendicular to the plane of the workpiece.
(3) in tapping at the beginning, we should try to put it on the tap, then tap the pressure and rotate the holder, when starting 1-2 circle, carefully check and correction of tap position. The tap position should be correct when the thread is cut into 3-4 circles. Later, only by rotating the holder, and add pressure to the tap should not, otherwise the thread form will be damaged.
(4) when tapping, each turn holder 1/2-1 circle, it should be back about 1/2 ring, the chip broken off easily discharged, and can reduce the cutting edge for crumbs to tap jam phenomenon.
(5) when tapping the hole, always tap out the tap and eliminate the chip in the hole.
(6) when tapping the screw holes of the plastic material, the lubricating coolant should be added. For steel materials, oil or molybdenum disulfide, which requires higher oil or larger concentration of emulsion, is available. For stainless steel, 30 oil or vulcanized oil can be used.
(7) for use after a tap tapping process, must first with the hand screw has been tapping, to no precession, and then use the tapping head turn. At the end of the cone end exit, but also to avoid the fast rotating holder, the best hand spin out, to ensure good quality of the thread is not affected.
(8) when machine attack, tap and screw hole to keep coaxial.
(9) when the machine attack, the calibration part of the tap can not all head, otherwise in the anti car exit tap will produce messy teeth.

Tap type
1. spiral groove tap
Spiral groove taps are more suitable for machining non hole thread (also known as blind hole), and the chip is discharged upwards when machining. Because of the screw angle, the actual rake angle of the tap increases with the increase of the helix angle. Experience tells us: the processing of ferrous metal, spiral angle election of a small point, generally about 30 degrees, to ensure the strength of spiral teeth, to extend the life of taps. Processing non-ferrous metals such as copper, magnesium, zinc and other spiral angle election of a larger point, can be about 45 degrees, cutting a bit more conducive to chip removal.
2. end tap
When the thread is machined by the end tap, the chip is directly discharged, and its core size is larger, the strength is better, and it can bear greater cutting force. Machining of non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, ferrous metal effect is very good, through the hole thread should be preferred to use the tip tap.
3. extrusion tap
Extrusion tap is more suitable for processing non-ferrous metals, and the working principle of the above-mentioned cutting tap is different, it is to squeeze metal, make it deformation, forming internal thread. Internal thread of metal fiber extrusion is continuous, tensile, shear strength high, the processing of the surface roughness is also good, but require a higher extrusion tap hole: too large, base metal less, causing the thread is too large, the strength is not enough. Too small, closed squeeze metal nowhere to go, resulting in broken tap.

Routine maintenance
1, tapping the end of the hole should be chamfered; tap with the workpiece hole coaxial; tapping start should be applied to the axial pressure, so that tap into the cut, cut into a few laps after the axial force no longer need to be applied.
2, when the tap calibration part into the screw hole, each positive half turns to a circle to return 1/4, 1/2 ring, the chip broken down again after school; take the through hole, often exit tap chip.
In 3, the steel workpiece tapping on to cutting fluid tapping in cast iron workpiece, can add a little kerosene; with a taper, and then two attack and three attack, must be screwed in the screw tap.
4, the end of the workpiece should be chamfered, the end of the tooth should be perpendicular to the axis of the workpiece; when the thread starts, the axial pressure should be applied; the rotation pressure should be larger; when the screw thread is cut on the workpiece, no pressure should be added.
5, in order to make the chip broken, timely discharge, should often reverse the tooth.
6, the work should be firmly fixed in the clamp, a clamping device; when the tap is broken, a hand to touch off don't clamp, chisel or punching out, broken wires must wear protective glasses.

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