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Thread sheath / steel screw wrench / stainless steel braces / tools / Braces tap M8-16.

Product description edit thread braces (also called screw and thread sheath, steel screw, stainless steel screw set screw set, etc.) is made of cold-rolled coil precision forming diamond stainless steel wire with high strength, high precision, smooth surface, high precision of the inner and outer thread concentric thread can form a standard body. The thread sets a good after the formation of a line with international standards of high precision internal thread, its performance is better than the formation of thread tapping. The thread is divided into ordinary type braces

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1 product profiles

2 scope of use

3 specific role

4 working principle

5 representation

6 matching tools

7 use method

8 disassembly method

1 Introduction braces (also called edit thread screw and thread sheath, steel screw, stainless steel screw set screw set, etc.) is made of cold-rolled coil precision forming diamond stainless steel wire with high strength, high precision, smooth surface, high precision of the inner and outer thread thread can form concentric body. The thread sets a good after the formation of a line with international standards of high precision internal thread, its performance is better than the formation of thread tapping. Thread braces are divided into ordinary type and locking type two, can be screwed into the threaded hole of metal or non-metal materials, to form a high strength, wear-resistant, high temperature resistance, anti vibration and anti shock, anti corrosion performance of standard M, MJ internal threads, and can disperse stress, can protect the substrate thread. The performance of the screw, extend the service lifelife

Use 2 use Edit thread braces: mainly used for low strength metal and non metal materials (such as aluminum, magnesium, iron and other low intensity light alloy materials and plastics, rubber, MDF, bakelite, ceramics, glass, wood, steel and low strength of engineering materials, obviously strength and wear resistance threaded connection; prevent screw loosening, thereby improve; repair the damaged inner screw hole. 1. Strengthen the internal thread strength of products. Typical applications: high voltage switchgear, hydraulic machinery, tobacco machinery, microwave communication, auto parts, air separation equipment, coal machine, power machinery, textile chemical fiber machinery, etc.. 2. Repair damaged internal threads. When the thread hole machining error or damaged internal thread hole repair, the use of threaded sheath as a means of repair, without increasing the weight and volume, the rapid economic repair parts, the original thread size without traffic changes. Typical applications: such as injection molding machine template screw repair, engine cylinder thread hole repair, etc..

3, the use of braces for thread thread hole metric conversion. Typical applications: imported equipment or machinery, British thread, due to spare parts supply problems need to be converted to metric thread. 3, the specific role of editing to increase the connection strength: can be used for aluminum, magnesium and other soft low strength alloy materials, wood, plastic, rubber and other easily deformed low strength materials, to avoid sliding, wire, dislocation and other phenomena. Increase the force surface: can be used for strong connection and not increase the diameter of the screw thin body parts. To improve the connection conditions: can be used for connecting and fastening bakelite, ceramics, glass and other hard brittle brittle materials. Effective prevention of fragmentation. Abrasion resistance: it can be used frequently screw disassembly and installation parts and often rotate, prolong its service life. Anti rust knot: can be used in chemical, aviation, military equipment and other requirements of high safety factor occasions. Anti loosening: it can be used in aerospace, aviation, military equipment and other occasions requiring high insurance coefficient. Earthquake resistance: it can be used in instrumentation, precise and valuable power equipment. For maintenance: simple examples, such as diesel engine block, textile parts, all kinds of aluminum parts, lathe knife platform will be scrapped due to damage to a screw hole, as long as its re tapping, installation of screw, scrap is back to life.

 4 the working principle of high quality stainless steel braces to edit thread line manufacturing, cross section of a diamond, a mechanical spring shape screw. The diameter of a threaded sleeve for screw hole, when installed, the sheath is compressed to tighten, snap back after the installation is complete, the sheath is permanently fixed in the screw hole. Because of its large diameter, so the thread tooth has a larger contact surface, and thus more robust than the original thread.

 5 method of expression editing: M6-1*1.5D, that is, thread M6, pitch 1mm, length of 1.5 times the diameter of the screw sheath.

6 supporting tools editing tools include: a dedicated thread (TAP), braces tap an installation tool and a plurality of threads. Screw sleeve installation tool use method: use special installation tool to push down the sheath with light force into the screw hole until the sheath line tail and the workpiece plane distance is not more than
Between circles

Usage method
The drill, drill removing damaged thread
Tapping: using special wire tapping in the drilling has also been tapping
Installation: using special installation tools to push the sheath down to the screw hole with light force until the thread sleeve tail and workpiece
Plane distance not exceeding
Between circles

Cross cut: when the workpiece is through the hole, should be the installation tool pumping, and then placed on the horizontal line, and then beat,
The broken line. You can not cut the horizontal line in blind holes.
Disassembly method
The tip section puller into the screw sleeve hole, pressed down on the handle, anti clockwise to the thread.
Product description
What is a steel screw sleeve?
  Wire insert is a kind of embedded material to protect the threaded hole of nonferrous metal. It is suitable for thread connection. Screw in and fasten in one of the threaded holes of the connecting piece to form a standard internal thread, and the bolt (or screw) is screwed in again. The spiral coil with inner and outer concentric body is made by cold rolled stainless steel wire. The cross section is rhombic, and the shape is similar to the spiral spring. It has higher hardness and better surface roughness. Installation of steel wire sleeve, use special taps and installation tools to tap and install, screw set in the screw hole or nut, to reduce the uneven force of the screw thread and impact vibration, can improve the fatigue strength of the thread, reduce the wear and corrosion resistance of thread. Prolong the life of screw hole. The advantages of steel wire screw sleeve (1) the screw thread sleeve screw thread in the free state, after installing, the wire screw sleeve produces the function similar to the spring expansion, so that it is firmly fixed in the thread hole, and will never bring out with the screw screw out.

(2) increase the thread connection bearing capacity and fatigue strength of steel wire Lo sets between the screw and the installation of steel wire Lo sets of internal thread hole forming elastic connection, thus eliminating the screw pitch and tooth type half angle error between the inner and outer threads, in accordance with the length of each thread so that the load is evenly distributed, thus strengthen the internal thread, and can reduce, thus can improve the fatigue strength of parts of threaded connection. 
 (3) wear: steel screw by hard cold-rolled stainless steel wire winded precision, helical surface hardness can reach HRC43 ~ 50, (like a mirror surface finish is 2 ~ 4 m) reduces friction and wear, can make the screw by friction torque generated by 90%, to the maximum to tightening torque and screw tension with the smallest screw torque, and prevent the bolt from loosening the screws, all kinds of material in the best use of the state.

(4) corrosion resistance: because of the excellent corrosion resistance of stainless steel screw sleeve, it can ensure its performance in a variety of materials and the usual environmental conditions, the use of steel wire sleeve assembly will not be stagnant and rust knot. (5) heat resistance: the steel thread sleeve can prevent the thread connection from scuffing or scuffing at high temperature. (6) material saving: compared with ordinary standard thread, in the same conditions, the use of steel wire Lo sets, as far as possible in order to take advantage of the yield limit, can choose the smaller size, higher strength of the screw, so it can save a large quantity of materials, reduce the weight and volume.


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