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Spot EAST EAST 12V38AH lead-acid battery model NP38-12 spot sale UPS special

Spot EAST EAST 12V38AH lead-acid battery model NP38-12 spot sale UPS special

discount 70% in 2018-10-14 to 2018-10-16
price: USD$ 241.50
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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EAST battery:

The diaphragm is used to isolate positive and negative plates and prevent short circuit, which can be called "third electrode"". As a carrier of electrolyte, it can absorb a large number of electrolyte, and play a role of good ion diffusion (ionic conduction). The sealed maintenance free battery separator, as the positive plate produce oxygen to the negative plate "channel", which successfully established the oxygen cycle, reduce water loss. Ultra fine glass fiber is the key to maintenance free of clapboard type battery.
3. The electrolyte is mainly composed of pure water and sulfuric acid, mixed with some additives.
Main functions: one is to participate in the electrochemical reaction, is one of the active material of the battery; two is the conductive effect, using the accumulator through the transfer of ions in the electrolyte, the conductive effect, the chemical reaction can proceed smoothly.
4, the safety valve is one of the key components of the battery, located at the top of the battery, it has four functions:
(1) security role, namely when the gas generated in the process of using the battery internal pressure reaches the safety valve pressure, open the valve the pressure release, prevent cell deformation, rupture occurs.
(2) the sealing function, when the valve closed pressure safety valve close the battery internal pressure below the safety valve, prevent internal gas mist leaked out, but also to prevent air entering the cell causing adverse effects.
(3) to ensure the normal internal pressure of the battery, to make oxygen in the battery compound, reduce water loss.
(4) explosion-proof function, some equipped with a safety valve, anti riot acid tablets. Panasonic battery.
When the battery is not used for a long time, the battery should be separated from the charging equipment and load, preferably removed and stored separately. For substation, the order time and the best storage time of the equipment should be considered to improve the performance of the battery. Installation of 3.2 storage battery (1) inspection and measurement. Before installation, check the packet number on the box is the same, should be installed on the same packet battery connected together, batteries of different capacity and different manufacturers use prohibited interconnection. The battery box, should first check the battery has no physical damage, and then use the three half million meter of each battery voltage is balanced, value meets the certificate requirements of open circuit voltage. The battery should be marked when the voltage does not meet the requirement. Then check the battery mounting rack is fixed, there is no tilt phenomenon, the battery rack installation also check each hierarchical layer support meets the requirements of strength, to ensure that the adjacent battery room must have at least 5mm clearance placed after the battery, the battery pole and the metal frame to keep a safe distance from a certain. Prepare insulation conductor for storage battery connection, ensure moderate length and specification of joint. If the battery does not meet the requirements of the voltage after the initial charge retest, if it does not meet the factory voltage requirements, should be promptly to manufacturers
Seek exchange.

There are many types of safety valve, mainly cap type, umbrella shape, flake and so on. One of the most common is the hat raft, which is made of elastic rubber to make hat type. The structure is simple and the failure rate is low, so it is widely used, such as Panasonic, Haibao, ultra micro, solar energy, giant identity battery.
Manufacturers of different batteries can not be linked together to use.
● The same capacity of the storage battery or battery can be used in tandem.
● The storage battery or battery can be used in parallel with actual voltage.
● Battery connection and extraction, please use the appropriate wire.
● The power supply must be cut off when connecting and dismounting, otherwise the danger of electric shock and explosion will occur.
● Positive and negative poles must not be connected to the reverse or short circuit, otherwise the battery will be seriously damaged and even explode.
● Connecting parts should be locked to prevent sparks; if the contact surface is oxidized, wash with soda water.
● The new battery installed shall be 72 hours to float charging the battery internal power balance before use, can be tested or used.
2Battery charging and discharging
● When using the float charging parameters set


Float voltage
The maximum charge current
Single temperature compensation coefficient
2.27 ~2.30V/cell


● Setting of charging parameters during cycle operation


Charging voltage
The maximum charging current
Single temperature compensation coefficient
2.35 ~2.40V/cell


● Discharge current and discharge termination voltage


discharge current
Discharge termination voltage


Remark: "C" means rated capacity
3Handling and storage
● The battery is heavy and the shell is crisp. When handling, it should be handled with light. It is prohibited to roll and drop the battery. At the same time, pay attention to not to make the terminal subjected to external force.
● The storage battery should be stored or installed in the dry and ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight, and should be far away from the heat source and the place where the sparks are easy to produce.
● Battery should be fully charged before storage, not allowed to store after discharge.
● The battery should be stored at 0 to 30 DEG C environment, storage battery should be every three months should be a supplement of electricity, the longest storage time should not exceed one year, otherwise the battery capacity and life will be reduced.