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Emerson S48120, Emerson indoor power cabinet 48V120A, Emerson indoor cabinet 48V120A

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Emerson S48120, Emerson indoor power cabinet 48V120A, Emerson indoor cabinet 48V120A

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PS48120/1800The intelligent high frequency switching communication power supply consists of AC distribution unit, DC distribution unit and rectifier module(R48-1800A48V/30A)Monitoring moduleM500DA kind of cabinet height which is composed of cabinet and cabinet2.0mPower supply system. It is suitable for the wide fluctuation range of power grid such as base station, small capacity switching board, satellite communication and data communication.
   PS48120/1800Intelligent high frequency switching power supply system
2.  System characteristics
l               The rectifier module adopts the active power factor compensation technology, and the power factor value reaches0.99
l               The AC input voltage is normal and the working range is wide85V300V
l               Rectifier module adopts total soft switching technology, rated efficiency is as high as91More than%.
l               Ultra low radiation of rectifier module. With the advanced EMC design, the rectifier module can meet the requirementsCENEBSYD/T983And other domestic and international standard requirements. The conduction and radiation of the rectifier module can be achievedClass BRequirements.
l               The design of the rectifier module conforms to the safety regulationULCENEBSStandard.
l               Rectifier module using lossless thermal plug, plug and play, the replacement time is less than1min
l               The rectifier module has output overvoltage hardware protection and output overvoltage software protection. There are two options for software overvoltage protection: one overvoltage lock mode and two overvoltage lock mode.
l               Perfect battery management. Battery low voltage protection function and electric load function, can realize temperature compensation, automatic pressure adjustment, stepless limiting, battery capacity calculation, online battery test function.
l               recordable200A history alarm record; recordable10Battery test data.
l               Network design, to provide a roadRS232Interface、ModemIt can be used for remote monitoring and unattended operation.
l               Perfect lightning protection design of AC and DC side.
l               Complete function of fault protection and fault alarm.
3.  Technical parameters of power supply system
3.1 PS48120/1800The system has the following2Species allocation mode
1).PS48120/1800-X1Two way AC manual input, no user AC output, DC output7The road;
2).PS48120/1800-X2Two way AC automatic input, user AC output, DC output7The road.

Monitor moduleM500D1platform
Rectifier moduleR48-1800AStandard configuration:4Table number:24platform
AC distributionlightning protectionII/CGrade lightning protection
AC inputTwo input AC, AC input circuit breaker specifications:
AC outputNo user AC outputTwo way three core sockets, all the way16A/1PTheMCBcontrol
DC distributionlightning protectionDC side lightning protection
BatteryTwo way battery input fuse:2×100A NT00
Load output7Road load output, total load current≤100A. Among them:
1×63A/1PMCB),2×32A/1PMCB),1×10A/1PMCB),1×100A NT00FUSE),1×50A NT00FUSE),1×6A NT00FUSE
Optional partsTemperature sensor and its cable,DC/DCModule, remote monitoring component

4.  Detailed technical specifications of power supply system:

Parameter classParameter namePS48120/1800
environment conditionworking temperature-540
Storage temperature-4070
relative humidity595RH
Altitude≤2000m(exceeding the need for derating)
OtherThere is no conductive dust and corrosive gas, no explosion risk
AC inputInput systemSingle phase three wire system
Rated input phase voltage220V
Input voltage rangePS48120/1800-X185300Vac(error:5Vac
Input AC voltage frequency4565Hz
Maximum input current≤46A
power factor≥0.99
DC outputOutput DC voltage42.257.6Vdc
Output DC current0120A
stabilized voltage precision≤1
Peak to peak noise voltage≤200mV020MHz
Telephone scale noise voltage≤2mV3003400Hz
Broadband noise voltage≤100mV3.4kHz150kHz);≤30mV150 kHz30MHz
Discrete noise≤5mV3.4kHz150kHz);≤3mV150kHz200kHz);≤2mV200 kHz500kHz);
AC input alarm and protectionAC input overvoltage alarm pointDefault value280±5VacThe monitoring module can be set up
AC input overvoltage alarm recovery pointDefault value270±5VacIt is lower than AC input overvoltage alarm point10Vac
AC input undervoltage alarm pointDefault value180±5VacThe monitoring module can be set up
AC input undervoltage alarm recovery pointDefault value190±5VacIt is higher than the AC input undervoltage alarm point10Vac
Overvoltage protection switching point*285Vac±5Vac
Overvoltage switching recovery point270Vac±5Vac
Undervoltage protection switching point170Vac±5Vac
AC input alarm and protectionUndervoltage switching recovery point185Vac±5Vac
Undervoltage protection point125Vac±5Vac
Undervoltage protection recovery point140Vac±5Vac
DC output alarm and protectionDC output overvoltage protection pointDefault value59.0±0.2Vdc
DC output overvoltage alarm pointDefault value58.5±0.2Vdc   The monitoring module can be set up
DC output overvoltage alarm recovery pointDefault value58.0±0.2Vdc    Alarm point below overvoltage0.5Vdc
DC output undervoltage alarm pointDefault value45.0±0.2Vdc    The monitoring module can be set up
DC output undervoltage alarm recovery pointDefault value45.5±0.2Vdc    Higher than undervoltage alarm point0.5Vdc
Battery protection action pointDefault value43.2±0.2Vdc    The monitoring module can be set up
Rectifier moduleCurrent sharing characteristicsThe rectifier module can work in parallel, and has the capacity of load sharing according to the load, and the imbalance should be better than that of the rectifier module±3Output rated current value of%Test current range10%~100Rated current
Input limiting power45176VacInput, the maximum output power of the module is100% rated power, i. e.1740W
110VacInput, the maximum output power of the module is50% rated power, i. e.1050W
85VacInput, the maximum output power of the module is44.4% rated power, i. e.800W
Rectifier moduleOvervoltage protection modeThe rectifier module has output overvoltage hardware protection and output overvoltage software protection, and the hardware overvoltage protection point is59.5V±0.5VAfter the hardware overvoltage protection, manual intervention can be started. The software protection point can be set by monitoring module, and the setting range is as follows5659VHigher output voltage than required0.5VAbove, factory default value is59V
There are two kinds of software overvoltage protection mode, which can be selected by the background maintenance software:
1An overvoltage lock mode
When the rectifier module output reaches the software protection point, the rectifier module is shut down and maintained, and the manual intervention is needed to restore the work;
2Two overvoltage locking mode
The rectifier module is protected and shut down5Reboot in seconds, if in the set time (default is5Second times over voltage can be set up by monitoring module setting, the rectifier module is shut down and maintained, and manual intervention is needed to start the system. Manual intervention method: through the monitoring module reset rectifier module, can also be removed from the power supply system from the rectifier module to reset
Output delay functionWhen the module is switched on, the output voltage can rise slowly and the rise time can be set up
Fan speed can be setThe fan speed of the module can be automatically adjusted or set at full speed
Temperature limited power45Below the ambient temperature, the module can be full power1740WOutput;
45Above the ambient temperature, the module output uses linear limited power:
55Ambient temperature, module output power1450W65Ambient temperature, module output power1160W
70Ambient temperature, module output power is zero
EMCindexConduction emissionClass A     Reference standard:EN55022
Radiation emission
EFTLevel 4     Reference standard:EN61000-4-4
ESDLevel 3     Reference standard:EN61000-4-2
surgeLevel 4     Reference standard:EN61000-4-5
radiated immunityLevel 2     Reference standard:EN61000-4-3
Conducted immunityLevel 2     Reference standard:EN61000-4-6
Lightning resistance characteristicsLightning resistance characteristics of AC sideThe AC input side can withstand the simulated lightning impulse voltage waveform10/700μsThe amplitude is 05kVPositive and negative polarity shocks5Second, the simulated lightning impulse current waveform is as follows8/20μsThe amplitude is 020kAPositive and negative polarity shocks5Times, and can bear8/20μsSimulated lightning impulse current40kA1Time. Each test interval is not less than the shock interval1min
Lightning resistance characteristics of DC sideThe DC side can withstand the simulated lightning impulse current waveform8/20μsThe amplitude is 010kAShock once
OtherSafetyaccord withIEC60950-1:2001standard
NoiseIn the ambient temperature is25When not more than55dBA
insulation resistanceAt temperature1535Relative humidity≤90RHIn the environment, the test DC voltage is applied500VThe insulation resistance of the AC circuit and the DC circuit to the ground and the AC part to the DC part is not lower than that of the DC circuit10MΩ
Insulation strengthThe lightning protection unit, monitoring module and rectifier module should be removed temporarily during the test, and the AC circuit will be used in the DC circuitAffordability50HzAnd the effective value is3000VacThe leakage current is one minute after the AC voltage≤10mANo breakdown and no arcing phenomenon.
AC circuit to groundAffordability50HzAnd the effective value is2500VacThe leakage current is one minute after the AC voltage≤10mANo breakdown and no arcing phenomenon.
DC circuit to groundAffordability50HzAnd the effective value is1000VacAC voltage, one minute, leakage current≤10mANo breakdown and no arcing phenomenon.
Auxiliary circuit not directly connected with main circuitAffordability50HzThe effective value is500VacAC voltage, one minute, leakage current≤10mANo breakdown and no arcing phenomenon
OtherMTBF200 000hr
Mechanical parametersSize (mmCabinet600(width)×600(deep)×2000(high)
Monitor moduleM500D87(high)×85(width)×287(deep)
Rectifier moduleR48-1800A87.9mm(high)×85.3mm(width)×272mm(deep)
Weight (kgCabinet (excluding rectifier module and monitoring module)PS48120/1800-X1≤110
Monitor moduleM500D0.76
Rectifier moduleR48-1800A≤2.0