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Promotion folding bed, single bed double bed, siesta lunch bed, wooden simple bed, nursing bed, children's adult bamboo

discount 70% in 2018-07-17 to 2018-07-19
price: USD$ 626.65
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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BuyersInstructions:This video is used in Chen Xing style single head made of reinforcement, we default state express, fast delivery, bulky items not easy to transport, where we will arrange shipment or mail automatically to the post office. Except for (Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Ningxia, Gansu), all other non postal packages are post mailed. Products belong toHandmadeAs a non handicraft, it requires perfection and prudenceShoot.

       Our shop for four years, always adhere to customer satisfaction is our service tenet, any quality problems are not satisfied, contact customer service, will help you to deal with, there is no reason to give the poor, we think it is intentional peer existence, malicious slander, also want to buy home not to miss a bad review a high quality goods. I believe that no one will be willing to give bad comments to others, we deal with bad, give us bad evaluation should be, to resist vicious competition. Return Taobao a pure sky, we always adhere to justice, fairness, openness, but also hope that more inclusiveAnd tolerance, are Chinese, no need to do some villain, dirty behavior, I wish the Chinese prosperity.


Special recommendation (Chen Xing) reinforced bamboo bed, we launched a number of bamboo bed, reinforcement using specially produced material details are much better, high requirements of good choice of reinforcement, Handmade has little flaw also hope to understand, there is no free lunch, and the price of goods is proportional to the.

   The reinforcement adopts multi leg design, 0.8 meters, 7 legs, 6 beams, 1 meters, 7 legs, 7 heel beams, 1.2 meters 10 legs design, 9 beams. Can load 800 to 1000 catties, quality first in the peer

 This picture belongs to real shooting, without any PS

Chen Xing double headed reinforcement, the quality is preferential

Upgrade Chen Xing single head reinforcement, paragraph recommended, fruiting




(no paint is specially made of an environmentally-friendly bamboo bed, without any additives, raw material production, pay attention to the need to install ventilation, need moistureproof wet). Pregnant women, newborn baby, skin allergies, respiratory tract is not good, it is recommended to buy


(folding bamboo bed luxury wide piece: 0.6 meters 14 kilograms, 6 legs support, 0.8 meters weight 15.5 kilograms, 6 legs support, 1 meters, 18 kilograms, 7 legs support.1.2 meters weight 21 kg, total length 1.95. diameter 1.9) 

(folding bamboo bed quality narrow piece: 0.6 meters 12.5 kilograms, 6 legs support, 0.8 meters weight 14.5 kilograms, 6 legs support, 1 meters, 17 kilograms, 7 legs support.1.2 meters weight 20 kg, total length 1.95. diameter 1.9)



Double head folding diagram in kind shooting



About quality and defects: we solemnly explain to everybody, the bamboo itself is a natural product, to create the reform through labor, made into a bamboo bed, not so perfect crafts, bamboo tenacious, easy to crack, so the production difficulty is very high, some consumers think that there are cracks, cracks are there, but the pro rest assured that the arrangement of the bamboo bed is used without any influence, belongs to the normal phenomenon of bamboo bed belongs to big ticket items, furniture category, logistics are prone to some, it is difficult to avoid the bump scrape flowers. Also hope to understand, we also use multi-layer packing reinforcement, to prevent falls.


After sale: we all bamboo bed with multi leg structure production, the middle leg in the absence of force is suspended state, force will land, these are normal. If the pursuit of perfection, flawless careful shot. Chen Xing wood, if that bamboo bed any quality problems seriously damaged, in three months on approval, lifetime warranty.

Explanation: the structure principle of the drawing is the same as the hardware material.


Do real factory direct selling, market price. Hand out factory, for the vast number of consumers to save more money,



First, about paint:

Many people buy the bamboo bed is for the children to sleep, I was very sensitive to environmental problems, so is the best imported paint, paint the cost of not less than 78 yuan, as long as the domestic paint to cost 20 dollars, but the domestic paint basically are carcinogenic, formaldehyde exceed the standard, the bamboo bed is my home direct contact with the skin and nose by breathing, safety. But bamboo bed is only low-end furniture, it is impossible to do the process like car or piano baking paint, some bubbles produce slag point can not be avoided, but also please understand!

Two, about bearing:

Many sellers are said to be hundreds of kilograms, actually hundreds of kilograms is certainly, two chopsticks so small Dongdong if stood up, under 100 kg is not a problem, but to see the bamboo bed how to bear the hundreds of kilograms, even bear certainly no problem, but if only to a point, not to mention a few hundred kilograms, is what height falls a few jins may also smashed the bamboo bed, so that the number of pounds bearing little practical significance, I have done experiments, 80 cm of the bamboo bed 6 adults to sit at the same time there is no problem, from the aspects of material, thickness of bamboo bamboo bed structure and hardware design of bearing and thickness, my bamboo bed Taobao is the most stable. We have seen the pole? The pole is just a small piece of bamboo, you can pick a few hundred pounds, although soft, but it is not broken; and the ancient bow, bow and arrow can go like meteors, that bamboo has good toughness, is a good material for bed!

Three, about flaws:

Before the delivery of bamboo beds, I will personally check again, wipe the opposite side, fold, and then personally packed, sent to express delivery. Not affect the life and use of the problem, but the small flaw is inevitable: such as handling minor scratches, paint bamboo adhesive without affecting the life of the small cracks, the delivery process caused by the small problem, does not affect the use of natural bamboo texture or color etc. (especially the old bamboo will be similar to black the markings, old bamboo bamboo products is certainly more durable). Bamboo beds are low priced furniture, I think we should pay attention to the use of environmental protection and durability, picky friends of small flaws, I may not meet you.

Four, about after-sales service:

The bamboo bed is too heavy, high return postage, please see whether to buy, once sold, the quality problem, do not accept returns (unless the buyer return courier fee), if the buyer is used for a period of time (say two or three years) after the discovery of accidental damage because of hardware accessories, accessories special to the hardware store I can not buy, free of charge for the replacement of hardware accessories. Shopkeeper, I am a responsible seller, providing accessories for life, please rest assured to use.

Five, about express:

All the Taobao dispensers, including me, are so wrapped up and delivered to couriers that there is no voice in the delivery process. Express speed and service attitude is not I can control, please be aware of this!