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Panasonic 12v180ah battery lead-acid battery free maintenance LC-P12180ST battery UPS special battery

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panasonic batteryLC-P lead-acid battery product characteristics:

1, good safety performance: normal use without electrolyte leakage, no battery expansion and rupture.
2, discharge performance is good: discharge voltage is stable, the discharge platform is gentle.
3, good vibration resistance: fully charged state of the battery is completely fixed, with 4mm amplitude, 16.7Hz frequency vibration for 1 hours, no leakage, no electricity
The pool expands and breaks and the open circuit voltage is normal.
4, good impact resistance: fully charged state of the battery from 20cm high drop to 1cm thick hardwood board 3 times. No leakage, no cell expansion
And breakdown, open circuit voltage is normal.
5, good resistance to over discharge: 25 degrees Celsius, fully charged state of the battery for constant resistance discharge 3 weeks (resistance value equivalent to the battery 1CA put
The electrical resistance is required, and the recovery capacity is above 75%.
6, over charge good: 25 degrees Celsius, fully charged state of the battery 0.1CA charge 48 hours, no leakage, no battery expansion and rupture, open
The road voltage is normal, and the capacity maintenance rate is above 95%.
7, good resistance to high current: fully charged state of the battery 2CA discharge 5 minutes or 10CA discharge 5 seconds. No conductive part fuse, no appearance

Panasonic battery LC-P series product parameters:

ModelVoltage (V)Capacity (Ah)
20 hour rate 20HR
Outline size (mm)Terminal typeSingle
(about Kg)
Long (L)Width (W)High (H)Total height (TH)
LC-P067R267.21513494100187& 2501.20
LC-P06126121515094100187& 250M1.80
LC-P062006200407173210250M10 T33.5
LC-P127R2127.215164.594100187& 250M2.30
LC-PA121212121519894100187& 250M3.65
LC-PA121612161519899105187& 250M4.10
LC-PD1217121718176167167M5 L& M5 A5.45
LC-P1220122018176167167M5 L& M5 A5.80
LC-P12241224165125175179.5/175M5 L& M5 A8.05
LC-P12281228165125175179.5/175M5 L& M5 A9.40
LC-P12381238197165175180/175M6 L& M5 A12.5
LC-P12421242197165175180/175M6 L& M5 A13.5
LC-P12651265350166175175M6 L19.0
LC-P12751275350166175175M6 L21.5
LC-P1210012100407173210236M8 L29.0
LC-PB1210012100407173210236M8 L36.5
LC-P1212012120407173210236M8 L34.5
LC-P1215012150532.4183.3209235/214M8 embedded copper core45.0
LC-P1220012200533236.5211237/216M8 embedded copper core56.0
LC-P067R2E67.21513494100187& 250M1.26