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UPS power battery 12V17AHSEHEY battery SH17-12 West Fire host battery

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Technical features of sail storage battery:prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"

1, concise shape design, novel battery overall structure design, to ensure that the battery is beautiful, easy handling, apply for national patent.

2, choose high quality and durable imported separator, choose smaller resistance, more corrosion, smaller aperture, higher hole rate of imported PE separator.

3, the scientific plate grid structure uses the middle ear radiation plate grid design, reduce the battery internal resistance, more effectively improve the battery's high current starting ability. Greatly improve the performance of the battery.

4. Advanced alloy formula adopts high purity multicomponent lead based alloy, which makes the grid have good corrosion resistance, small gassing capacity, low water loss, small self discharge, and long battery life.

5, sufficient battery capacity, to ensure good battery high rate, large current start discharge performance, good performance

6, excellent power supply performance, battery after adding electrolyte can be used for loading, free of charge, easy to use

Sail accumulatorUse common sense

   1.Before the new battery is installed, please clean the battery connector, tray and bracket corrosion, these corrosion easily cause bad contact, lead to short circuit leakage.
  2.Please disassemble the battery when disassembling the batteryGround polePlease install after installationGround pole
  3.The lead and sulfuric acid contained in the battery are environmental pollutants, should be carefully stored, to avoid impact, not greater than45Don't turn it upside down so that the electrolyte leaks out of the hole.
  4.High temperature will cause the battery self discharge speed, to avoid the battery in the environment of high temperature storage.
  5.Avoid mixing with alkaline substances.
  6.Once the vehicle stops running, it's over20For example, the negative electrode of the battery should be removed so as to avoid leakage accident.

Sail accumulatorMaintenance and maintenance

   1The electrolyte surface should always be kept in placemax andmin Between,Check once a month,And as
  2Liquid level drop,Proper supplement of distilled water(pure water) * Don't add acid *
  3When the voltage of the battery is not enough and the light is dim and the starting is weak,The car should be charged in time Electric.
  4And to prevent the battery from overcharge or long-term loss of electricity, overcharge will make active material loss, loss of electricity To ensure that the regulator voltage can not be too high or too low.
  5In the process of using,Check the exhaust hole regularly,To prevent battery deformation or burst.
  6Batteries should be far away from heat sources and open flames,Ventilation should be kept during charging and using,In case of burning.
  7To prevent the battery from discharging for a long time and large current, the starting time of each time can not be greater than that of the battery5Seconds, Two continuous start-up time, intermediate interval10-15Seconds.

Sail accumulatorInternal short circuit phenomenon

   (1)When charging, the voltage remains low and sometimes drops to zero;
  (2)The end of the charge, the battery bubble rarely occurs or too late;
  (3)The electrolyte temperature is too high and the liquid temperature rises rapidly when charging;
  (4)Electrolyte density does not rise or rise very slowly when charging;
  (5)The termination voltage occurs prematurely during discharge;
  (6)Low open circuit voltage.
  (1)The expansion or fall of the active material of the plate;
  (2)Diaphragm damage or perforation;
  (3)The conductive material falls into the battery or between the two plates;
  (4)Too much sediment, resulting in bottom short-circuit.
  (1)Remove swelling or sediment;
  (2)Replace damaged partitions;
  (3)Clear the falling foreign body.

6-GFMSeries product features:

1.Totally sealed, no fluid infusion, no maintenance

2.Small size, high energy density, high output power

3.Low internal resistance and low self discharge

4.No pollution to the environment, no corrosion of equipment

5.No free electrolyte can be placed in any direction