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EAST EAST battery 12V65AH (NP65-12) UPS/EPS/ DC screen and other power equipment

EAST EAST battery 12V65AH (NP65-12) UPS/EPS/ DC screen and other power equipment

discount 70% in 2018-10-13 to 2018-10-15
price: USD$ 280.00
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EASTBatteryProduct characteristics:
1, free water, simple maintenance
The special design has overcome the phenomenon that the battery loses water during the charging process. The volume and the proportion of the electric liquid have almost no change during the use of the battery. Therefore, the battery does not need water supply during the service life, and the maintenance is simple.
2, sealing safety, simple installation
No electricity liquid flowing in the battery, the battery can be installed using the vertical, lateral, no electric leakage of patients, but not in the normal battery charging process of acid fog. Therefore, the battery can be installed in the office or ancillary equipment room, without the need to build a special battery room, reduce the project cost.
3, long service life
A lead calcium alloy grid with good corrosion resistance was used25 C ambient temperature, normal floating life up to 10 years.
4, high power discharge performance is good
The high quality plate and glass fiber separator with small internal resistance are adopted, and the assembly is tight, which makes the inner resistance of the battery extremely small. stayThe discharge of high current in the temperature range of -40 C ~60 C is about 15% higher than that of the conventional battery.
5 、 easy to install and use
The battery has been fully charged and can be installed and put into use after the user has got the battery.

EASTBatteryProduct advantages:
1, good safety performance: normal use without electrolyte leakage, no battery expansion and rupture.

2, discharge performance is good: discharge voltage is stable, the discharge platform is gentle.

3, good vibration resistance: fully charged state of the battery is completely fixed, with 4mm amplitude, 16.7Hz frequency vibration for 1 hours, no leakage, no battery expansion and rupture, open circuit voltage is normal.

4, good impact resistance: fully charged state of the battery from 20cm high drop to 1cm thick hardwood board 3 times. No leakage, no battery expansion and rupture, open circuit voltage is normal.

5, good resistance to over discharge: 25 degrees Celsius, fully charged state of the battery for constant resistance discharge 3 weeks (resistance value equivalent to the battery 1CA discharge resistance requirements), recovery capacity of more than 75%.

6, over charge good: 25 degrees Celsius, fully charged state battery 0.1CA charge 48 hours, no leakage, no battery expansion and rupture, open circuit voltage is normal, capacity maintenance rate is above 95%.

7, good resistance to high current: fully charged state of the battery 2CA discharge 5 minutes or 10CA discharge 5 seconds. No conductive part fuse, no appearance deformation.

Application range:
The telephone exchange, office automation system
The electrical equipment, medical equipment and instrument, radio communication system
The computer uninterruptible power supply, emergency lighting
The power transmission station, switch control and emergency lighting that portable electrical appliances and mining system
The fire alarm and safety monitoring, traffic lights and beacons
The car battery and ship starting.

Warranty service Service content:

1, our store sales products enjoy the factory standard warranty period and warranty service

2, the warranty period provided by us free repair or replacement service (shipping by the buyer)

3, our shop provides free technical advice and troubleshooting; if you need engineers to install, debug or repair, you need to collect the corresponding travel expenses and installation fees.

If it is one of the following circumstances, it is not included in the warranty:

A does not operate and use according to the user's manual;

B failure to change the machine without consent;

C natural disasters, earthquakes, lightning and human irresistible natural factors


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