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PVDF screw back pressure valve safety valve DN681015202532405065

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Metering pumpWhen the constant volume pump works under low system pressure, excessive delivery will occur. In order to prevent similar problems, it must be at least in the import and export of metering pumps0.7BarBack pressure. Through the installation of back pressure valve in the metering pump outlet pipe can achieve the purpose.

2,major function

1. Provide pressure difference for both ends of back pressure valve

2. It can be used as a safety valve in a system that is not very strict.

3. Combined with pulsating damper, the damage of water hammer to the system is reduced, and the velocity wave is reducedThe peak value of the movement, the protection pipeline, elbow and joint are not affected by the pressure fluctuation.

4. Create a good working environment for the metering pump and improve the performance of the pump.

Three,Working principle

Back pressure valveIt works by the spring's elasticity. When the system pressure ratio is set up

Low pressure diaphragm under the spring plug pipe; when the system pressure than the set pressure, the diaphragm compression spring, the pipeline connected to the liquid through the back pressure valve.

Four,The use of back pressure valve

In the outlet pipe, the back pressure valve should be used simultaneously with the pulsating damper, and the peak value of the flow between the pump and the back pressure valve can be absorbed by the pulsating damper. When there is no pulsation damper, the backpressure valve will be opened and closed quickly with the stroke of each pump. When the damper is used, the back pressure valve will oscillate on the half open and half closed positions, so the pulsation damper can reduce the wear speed of the back pressure valve.

For the large flow pump, and the outlet pipe is long and thin, the installation position of the back pressure valve should be close to the filling point, so as to reduce the trend of siphon.

When the transport medium containing suspended solids like installation with pipe plugging three should pass back pressure valve in the entrance end (or four pass), the pipeline can be cleaned without removing the case.

Back pressure valve is only a kind of pipeline element, only with other pipeline components (such as pulse)

Dynamic damper, safety valve, check valve, stop valve can be used in full play.

There is pressure at the inlet0.3MPaand1.0MPaThe two series, the inlet and outlet pressure difference can be adjusted by adjusting the length of the spring.

The import and export connection way provides the internal thread, the flange, the hose joint three kinds of ways to choose.

Based on prior experience of the company, available professional information and user providedProcess information, our company will recommend materials to the user contact parts material; decided by the user material selection, ShanghaiInlet valveThe company does not undertake the loss due to wear or corrosion and the warranty of the damaged parts or products.

Six, matters needing attention

1Avoid resonance with the system.

2When the damper is used simultaneously, the pulsation damper should be installed between the pump and back pressure valve to absorb the peak value of flow between the pump and back pressure valve. Slow down the wear rate of back pressure valve.

3Outdoor shelter should be equipped with protective shelter or protective cover.

The back pressure valve prior to any maintenance, equipment operation should be stopped, release the pressure, close the back pressure valve valve associated with the system, while recognizing that there is no pressure pulsation damper. Pay attention to prevent the transported liquid from hurting the human body during the maintenance.

4If the back pressure valve inlet and outlet connection, back pressure will increase exponentially, causing harm to the system and may be dangerous.

5Operation, found back pressure valve failure, should promptly cut off the power supply.

6If you have any questions, please contact our company

Structure diagram