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Emerson embedded power 211-C46, Emerson embedded power 48V20A, embedded power 40A

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Emerson embedded power 211-C46, Emerson embedded power 48V20A, embedded power 40A

Contact: Zhou Qing

Telephone number: 15321333136


System configuration of Emerson NetSure211C46 embedded power supply system

Rectifier module type: R48-1000 configuration: 4

Monitoring module type: M522B, M523B or M221B standard configuration: 1

Input mode: LNPE/220V AC AC power distribution

DC distribution 7 load breaker: 4 * 16A/1P, 2 * 32A/1P, 1 * 50A/1P

2 Road branch battery battery input: 2 * 63A/1P,

Other: 2 digital input interface, 2 dry contact output interface, 2 temperature sensor interface



2. System characteristics

The standard 19 inch structure design has good versatility

Small size, light weight, embedded installation, save the machine room area and installation cost

Full front operation, easy maintenance

Wide range of input voltage, strong adaptability of power grid

The rectifier module has wide working temperature range and strong environmental adaptability

Nondestructive thermal plug, on-line maintenance, convenient and quick

It has a wide range of lightning protection design, providing multi-channel DC power distribution output

With perfect battery management function, effectively improve the service life of the battery

It provides many communication interfaces, such as RS232, network port, dry contact point, and so on. The network is flexible and can realize remote monitoring

Through the CE, UL, TLC and other domestic and foreign related certification


Daily fault handling method

1 AC blackout

When the power failure time is not long, the DC power supply is charged by the battery. If the cause of power failure is unknown or the time is too long, it is necessary to start the oil engine power generation. It is suggested that the oil turbine generator be switched to the power supply system at least 5 minutes after starting, so as to reduce the influence of the starting process of the oil engine on the power supply equipment

2 AC overvoltage

The setting value is too low, if too low, should be changed. The general overvoltage does not affect the system work, and when the power voltage is greater than 305V, the rectifier module will stop working. Therefore, for long-term overvoltage power supply network, it is necessary to consult with relevant power network maintenance personnel to improve the power grid

3 AC undervoltage

The setting value is too high, if too high, should be changed. If the mains voltage is lower than 176V, the rectifier module will limit the power output, lower than 80V will stop working. Therefore, for the long-term undervoltage power supply network, it is necessary to consult with the relevant power network maintenance personnel to improve the power grid

4 DC overvoltage alarm

1. check the DC output voltage and monitoring module "DC overvoltage alarm" setting value, if the set value is unreasonable, please change. 2. find the rectifier module that causes overvoltage alarm. The AC input switch of all rectifier modules is disconnected under the condition that the battery can be supplied normally. Then, the AC input switch of the module is connected one by one. When the AC input switch on a module is switched on, the system appears overvoltage alarm again, then the module is over voltage, please replace it

5 DC undervoltage alarm

1. check the DC output voltage and the monitoring module "DC undervoltage alarm" setting value, if the set value is unreasonable, please change. 2. check whether the city power outage, such as power outages, disconnect part of the load to extend the working time of the entire power supply system. 3. check whether the rectifier module exits, that is, there is no output current, if necessary, please replace the module. 4. check the total load current. If the load current exceeds the total float total output current rectifier module, you need to remove the part load, or increase the total current of the rectifier module, rectifier module over load current of 120%, and at least 1 rectifier module redundancy backup

6 load branch break, battery branch break

Check the branch circuit breaker or fuse is disconnected (check the open position of the handle, or the measurement of dissolved silk voltage, the voltage is close to normal 0V fuse). If you disconnect, look for the cause and troubleshoot it. Otherwise, the alarm circuit fault, please contact Emerson

7 battery protection

1. check whether the power outage, the battery voltage drops to the battery protection voltage set value or discharge time to the battery protection time setting value. 2. check whether manual control of battery protection

8 module failure

The red indicator light on the rectifier module panel is lighted. The AC input of the rectifier module is cut off, and then the module is restarted after a period of time. If it is still warning, replace the module

9 module protection

Check whether the mains voltage is greater than the AC overvoltage point (305V) or less than the AC undervoltage point (80V). For long-term overvoltage or undervoltage power supply network, need to consult with the relevant power network maintenance personnel to change


Main features of Emerson NetSure211C46
One, Emerson NetSure211C46 rectifier module using active power factor compensation technology, power factor value of 0.99.
Two. The AC input voltage of the power supply system is normal and the working range is 90Vac to 290Vac.
Three 、 rectifier module adopts comprehensive soft switching technology, rated efficiency as high as 91%. Ultra low radiation of rectifier module. Using advanced EMC design, rectifier module can meet the requirements of CE, NEBS, YD/T983 and other domestic and foreign standards. The conduction and radiation of the rectifier module can meet the requirements of ClassB.
Four, rectifier module safety design comply with UL, CE, NEBS standards. Module power density is high. Rectifier module using lossless thermal plug, plug and play, the replacement time less than 1 minutes.
Five 、 rectifier module has output over-voltage hardware protection and output over-voltage software protection. There are two options for software overvoltage protection: one overvoltage lock mode and two overvoltage lock mode.
Six. The monitoring module has perfect battery management function. The battery has low voltage protection function, which can realize temperature compensation, automatic voltage regulation, stepless current limit, battery capacity calculation, online battery testing and other functions.
The monitoring module seven, Emerson NetSure211C46 can record 200 alarm history records; record 10 battery test data. The monitoring module of network design, to provide a RS232 interface, Ethernet, dry contact multiple communication interfaces, flexible networking, remote monitoring, unmanned.
Eight, Emerson NetSure211C46 power system with fault protection, fault alarm functions.