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Used band saw machine machining with saw blade, do not try, do not know a jump

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discount 70% in 2018-09-22 to 2018-09-24
price: USD$ 52.50
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Second hand saw blade itself is small profits, no bargaining, no mail, thank you understand, second-hand processing is more trouble, please reserve a large amount in advance, so as not to affect the use of parents.
 Material diameter50mmJust use it4/6 toothMaterial diameter50mm-150mmBetween use3/4 toothMaterial diameter150mmAbove use2/3 tooth-Saw pipe seamless steel pipe with good tensile tooth
Shop specifications tooth type complete, please parents assured to buy saw blade problems, please contact 13645788607 If there is nobody in the shop, please prepare the length and the tooth shape of the saw blade
This shop featured more than seven or eight new second-hand imports (a motor resistance, saw, Eber, Mr R ttgen, 100 Lennox, solid, Tolstoy, harksen and other domestic high-end) double varitity by four pass strict inspection to ensure the tooth tip (no wear, no off teeth, saw plate without crack, flat sawing plate deformation) and grinding refinement, quality trustworthy. Only the price of the new saw blade 1/4 can get more than half of the new saw blade, which is the first choice for economic application
Dear buyer!This shop sells second-hand saw because it is used again, and we request the tooth part strictly, tooth loss, tooth breaking part we all should be cut, so it is possible to have multiple interfaces (1-3), parents who want to understand.
Our commitment: 100% genuine, not satisfied with 7 days unconditional return refund (used or tested except) and freight the seller (no quality problems except). (Note: we do not receive pay freight, if we pay the freight, the buyers payment after receipt of the goods. We will give you a refund by Alipay) thank you for your cooperation!
Matters needing attention:
1When you purchase the saw blade, please specify or inform the tooth profile of the customer band saw blade
2The left column brand. The band saw blade are spot kept, if the demand for other brands with saw blade, please want to ask if there is kept, the shop also provides other brands with saw blade.
3According to the customer's production requirements, we can make any length band saw blade
4When using, we must use the normal sawing speed of twenty percent to thirty speed to test saw. Thanks!
Postage: this store in Jinyun County town pot Huihui bandsaw business department office is located in Chinese Changshouzhixiang, China Ponkan Township, township of Lishui China bamboo carbon China sawing machine base in Zhejiang - pot town, because of the sale of goods for the metal products, heavy weight exceeds the number of kilograms, depending on the actual postage (excluding shipping).
Explanation of return:Because the band saw for consumables, not on the machine tested with saw blade, does not affect the re sale unconditionalreturn tried on the band saw blade has been produced due to wear, losing the original quality of new products, will not be returned.
The store in Jinyun County town pot Huihui bandsaw operating the Department ofIs a metal band saw blade processing and sales for the logistics center, professional agents, distributors from Europe and the United States and world well-known brand with domestic brand metal band saw blade, saw blade for national wholesale products.
Various varieties, complete specifications. According to the requirements of customers to customize the length of the saw blade, and the band saw blade grinding as one of the machining center.
We always adhere to the lowest price, the best products, best service, the "customer first, honesty first" principle, with the high quality products, professional processing and salesAfter sales technical team! Adhering to the "first selling reputation, after selling products" business philosophy. Strive to create excellent quality, fast delivery speed. The shopkeeper will work harder to serve the buyers!

Application and running in of band saw blade
High efficiency cutting is not a user and operator want to, however high efficiency cutting must be based on the correct use of saw can bring the case.
The new band saw must be cut after running in order to avoid premature damage to the saw tooth.

The correct use of "proper sawing belt" should pay attention to the following points:
1)Too fast a line speed causes too much heat to make the serration blunt or knock out the saw tooth.
2)Feed speed too fast feed speed will cause teeth or saw belt fracture; feed speed is too slow, insufficient pressure, will harden the material, so that the wear accelerated.
3)The tension is too large the tension will cause the saw belt fracture; lack of tension, will damage the sawing strip or lead cut, slightly exceeding the prescribed tensile force band tension ratio below the specified tension is better.
4)The incorrect use of the sawing machine or the correction of the saw belt wheel will damage the saw band or shorten the service life of the saw band.

The new band saw must be cut after running in order to avoid premature damage to the saw tooth. The tooth tip has normal wear and tear after running and running, and does not run and cause premature tooth damage.

1.The feed rate during running in is 20%-30% of normal feed
2.The running in period is about 5%-10% of the expected life
3.The running speed should be 20%-30% during normal cutting
4.Band began to gradually transition to the normal cutting from the running in period, the amount of feed each increase with speed are not too large, such as 45# steel round bar cutting knife with a diameter of 100 mm 20 after normal cutting, such as cutting the material hardness is higher or larger, the number of running knife can be reduced, on the other hand, grinding knife number increased.