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[Li Xiangfang, Lin Xingxiang]Sodelicious! Learning foreign cuisine (22)

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Sodelicious! The first book to learn foreign cuisine

  • Pricing:480element

    Content introduction

    Understanding, from the basic ingredients of broth to cook,
    To the advanced 120 recipes, the wind is delicious and representative,
    The foreign cuisine that the novice must learn,
    Stepbystep, beginners can cook Chef Level delicious!

    Want to know how to make his debut in the Japanese stock?
    Want to learn to make Korean dishes Piebu standing?
    Want to know how to make the best use of spices, cooking finishing touch to the Middle East?
    And the use of all kinds of ingredients,
    And the secret of cooking spaghetti and delicious traditional stewed rice......

    The book is classified into 7 major themes: Japanese, Korean, Thai, Italian, Middle East, Spanish and Western food,
    120 foreign cuisine recipes,
    Gradual and step-by-step teaching of diet,
    Satisfy your craving for exotic cuisine once!

    Japanese Cuisine: Salmon Roe Gunkan sushi, tempura, wild herbs beef sukiyaki......
    Korean Cuisine: sweet and spicy rice cake, seafood scallion cake, ginseng chicken soup......
    Thai Cuisine: the moon shrimp, steamed fish with lemon and pepper chicken......
    Italian dishes: cream mushroom, smoked Bacon, noodles, basil, seafood, flat noodles, tomato wild vegetables stew rice......
    Spanish cuisine: traditional seafood soup, vegetables stewed eggs, what new traditional Spanish Seafood crispy rice......
    The Middle East Cuisine: Turmeric chicken meal, Arabia pizza, stewed beef and vegetable Zuoku Secretary treasurer......
    Western food: cream mushroom soup, red wine stewed beef, Provence roast lamb row......

    Features of the book

    7 kinds of dishes, experts in various fields willing teaching!
    Experts in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Italy, the Middle East, Spain, Western food and so on, teach you a complete learning of 7 kinds of exotic delicacies.

    100+ recipes, cooked delicious delicious exotic meal!
    This book has more than 100 recipes, followed by steps stepbystep, to complete a rich and delicious exotic cuisine.

    Basic to advanced, beginners can easily get started!
    Understanding, from basic to advanced boiling soup ingredients, recipes, beginners can learn more easily, and exotic cuisine.Directory
    Chapter1 Japanese cuisine
    Basic chapter
    Common ingredients of Japanese cuisine
    Common tools for Japanese cuisine
    Common sauce for Japanese cuisine
    Japanese cuisine making soup
    Japanese style sauce and boiled juice
    Advanced articles
    Salmon eggs, Navy Sushi
    California sushi roll
    Ming Prince yam noodles
    Seaview Chawanmushi
    Wine steamed prawns
    Round cod salt burning
    Wild herbs tempura
    Crisp fried pork chop
    Hokkaido garlic fried scallops
    As the roasted pork rib
    Pearl mushroom red miso soup
    Bottle steaming
    Beef beef
    Seafood cheese pot
    Japanese buckwheat Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce
    Stir fried Oolong noodles with Japanese style
    Chapter2 Korean cuisine
    Basic chapter
    Commonly used ingredients in Korean cuisine
    Advanced articles
    Kimchi fried rice
    Sweet spicy rice cake
    Nutritious stone pot rice
    Seafood scallion cake
    Korean cold noodles
    Oyster omelet
    Fried pork with pickled vegetables
    Squid stuffed glutinous rice
    Spicy fried Octopus
    Korean barbecue
    Roast beef ribs
    Honey beans
    Kimchi in Korea
    Spicy conch
    Vinegar fresh squid
    Sweet and sour kelp buds
    Seafood miso soup
    Kimchi pork soup
    Ginseng chicken soup
    Chapter3 Thailand cuisine
    Basic chapter
    Common ingredients of Thailand cuisine
    Advanced articles
    Moon shrimp
    Sugarcane shrimp
    Fried soft shell crab with golden crisp
    Hot and Sour Shrimp
    seafood salad
    Steamed lemon fish
    Tom Yam Gung
    Stewed fish head in casserole
    Pesto fried perch
    Korea shrimp dish
    Spicy Sauteed Green Beans
    Cloud jam eggplant
    Stir-Fried Rice Noodles Thai
    Shrimp casserole in winter
    Thai Beef Coconut Juice
    Cumin pig
    Throwing pork
    Green Curry Chicken
    Pepper Chicken
    bubur ca-ca
    Chapter4 Italian cuisine
    Basic chapter
    Italian cuisine fresh spices
    Italian cooking spices
    Special seasonings of Italian cuisine
    Italian vinegar
    Italian food special canned food
    Italian dairy products
    Italian cooking oil
    Introduction of pasta varieties
    Pasta cooking method
    Top 10 golden rules -- pasta with boiled elastic teeth
    Preservation of pasta
    Advanced articles
    Fried chicken twist with lemon cream
    Seafood noodles with hot and sour seafood
    Capon Bernard La mushroom tender chicken nest surface
    Cream mushroom smoked Bacon pen tube noodles
    Basil seafood noodles
    Greek seals, tomatoes, tuna, chickpeas
    French mozzarella sausage pasta
    Italian Risotto
    About the meaning of Milan of Italy
    Understanding the meaning of Taiwan rice and Milan of Italy
    Cooking style of risotto in Italy
    Top 10 golden rules -- cook delicious traditional Italian stew
    Advanced articles
    French grilled duck breast pesto Risotto
    Stewed chicken with French mushroom and chicken liver
    Stewed clams with clams in Boston
    Stewed rice with tomato and vegetable
    Stewed Bacon with cream smoked
    Stewed fish with black cuttlefish
    Braised rice with mushroom
    Stewed rice with tomato sausage in Spain
    Chapter5 Spanish cuisine
    Basic chapter
    Recommended ingredients for Spanish cuisine
    Advanced articles
    Traditional seafood soup
    What new vegetables stewed eggs
    Traditional Spanish omelet
    The traditional Boletus scrambled eggs with black truffles
    The traditional Galician Octopus disc
    Stewed chicken with traditional assorted pine nuts
    Stewed rice with traditional Spanish ink squid
    The traditional Spanish Seafood crispy rice
    A traditional stew with a mother's taste
    Traditional Spanish Caramel cinnamon sponge cake
    Chapter6 Middle East cuisine
    Basic chapter
    Common ingredients and spices in Middle East cuisine
    Advanced articles
    Morocco red pepper hummus & type
    Lebanese salad
    Goat cheese salad
    Braised vegetables
    Sauteed Green Beans stewed in Tomato
    Algeria fried triangle
    Morocco soup
    Saffron Rice
    India vegetable rice
    Turmeric Chicken Rice
    Arabia pizza
    Braised beef and vegetable soup Division
    Braised lamb with Okra in the Middle East
    Pakistan Curry Shrimp
    Minced chicken wrapped with cauliflower
    Fried fish in Palestine
    Kuwait style shrimp
    Milk cake
    Thousand layer school
    Chapter7 Western food
    Basic chapter
    Western food ingredients
    Vanilla and spice used in Western food
    Advanced articles
    Vegetable Stock
    Chicken bone white soup
    White fish soup
    Thousand island salad dressing
    Tartar sauce
    Italian oil vinegar sauce
    Chicken rolls with raspberry sauce
    Fish Mousse with Blueberry Yogurt sauce
    Bacon lettuce tomato sandwich
    Hungarian goulash soup
    Diced chicken with vegetable diced vegetables
    Cream mushroom soup
    Waldorf Salad
    Caesar Salad
    Club Sandwich
    Stewed beef with red wine
    Roast lamb row in Provence
    Florence chicken with wild mushroom rice

    Detailed information

    • ISBN:9789869359177
    • Series series:Exotic cuisine
    • Specification: /256 /16k/19x26cm/ common page paperback edition / printing /
    • Place of publication: Taiwan