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"Sodelicious"! The first book to learn foreign cuisine

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Sodelicious! Learn the first book of foreign cuisine: Japanese style 64 Korean 64 Thai 64 Italian 64 Middle East 64 Spain 64 Western food, one learn seven theme cuisine
Authors: Li Xiangfang, Lin Xingxiang, Lin Lijuan et al
Publisher: food for astronomy creation Co., Ltd.
Publication date: 2017/08/07
Language: Traditional Chinese
Price: 480 yuan
Content introduction

Understanding, from the basic ingredients of broth to cook,
To the advanced 120 recipes, the wind is delicious and representative,
The foreign cuisine that the novice must learn,
Stepbystep, beginners can cook Chef Level delicious!

Want to know how to make his debut in the Japanese stock?
Want to learn to make Korean dishes Piebu standing?
Want to know how to make the best use of spices, cooking finishing touch to the Middle East?
And the use of all kinds of ingredients,
And the secret of cooking spaghetti and delicious traditional stewed rice......
The book is classified into 7 major themes: Japanese, Korean, Thai, Italian, Middle East, Spanish and Western food,
120 foreign cuisine recipes,
Gradual and step-by-step teaching of diet,
Satisfy your craving for exotic cuisine once!
Japanese Cuisine: Salmon Roe Gunkan sushi, tempura, wild herbs beef sukiyaki......
Korean Cuisine: sweet and spicy rice cake, seafood scallion cake, ginseng chicken soup......
Thai Cuisine: the moon shrimp, steamed fish with lemon and pepper chicken......
Italian dishes: cream mushroom, smoked Bacon, noodles, basil, seafood, flat noodles, tomato wild vegetables stew rice......
Spanish cuisine: traditional seafood soup, vegetables stewed eggs, what new traditional Spanish Seafood crispy rice......
The Middle East Cuisine: Turmeric chicken meal, Arabia pizza, stewed beef and vegetable Zuoku Secretary treasurer......
Western food: cream mushroom soup, red wine stewed beef, Provence roast lamb row......
Features of the book
7 kinds of dishes, experts in various fields willing teaching!
Experts in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Italy, the Middle East, Spain, Western food and so on, teach you a complete learning of 7 kinds of exotic delicacies.
100+ recipes, cooked delicious delicious exotic meal!
This book has more than 100 recipes, followed by steps stepbystep, to complete a rich and delicious exotic cuisine.
Basic to advanced, beginners can easily get started!
Understanding, from basic to advanced boiling soup ingredients, recipes, beginners can learn more easily, and exotic cuisine.
Author introduction

Brief introduction of the author


Korean drama "Dae Jang Geum" cooking Consultant
1976 opening incense garden Chinese traditional cuisine shop
1980 professor of Chinese cuisine at Kyung Hee University
1984~2003 Korean KBS / MBC / SBS TV station Chinese Cuisine Teaching
1987 Li Xiangfang Institute of Chinese cuisine opened
1993 honorary president of Shanghai cuisine School of China
1994 Yonsei University food industry at 2
Yonsei University Food Industry Association
1995 Seoul University of Korea food industry at 2
Vice president of food industry, Seoul University, Korea
2000 join special members of Korea China Exchange Association
2002~2004 Korea EBS TV "top cooking tips" cooking performance
2002 Korean FoodChannel "CookingChina" performance
2002 ~ 2004 ottogi food company referee
2003 Jasmine chain restaurant business set up
2003 Chinese cooking course in Sejong University
2003 / August China Shanghai Jinjiang group cuisine Consultant
2003 / September Li Xiangfang Jasmine Restaurant opens in China


Since childhood, I like to cook, so collected a lot of newspapers and magazines in the recipes, in Japan when the design of clothing to understand the husband, in 1979 accidentally married to Kuwait, opened the life in the middle east. The housewife's identity must be in the kitchen to brandish a shovel, and also the local neighbors and relatives learned a lot from the Middle East dishes, also have three times to the king of Kuwait, has received a lot of praise, and inspire the enthusiasm of cooking.

When living in North America and Britain, the acquisition of more exotic cuisine, motionless is 30 people banquet dishes more is normal life. When out of the family living in the United States, actively participate in the activities of overseas Chinese, opened a culinary teaching life.

Lisa Lin

The delicacy and information shared curious Gemini, senior media reporters have written 23 years experience of delicacy.


Yunnan overseas Chinese in Burma, 15 years old to study in Taiwan, after graduation, in the introduction of friends, opened the cooking career. The Nanyang flavor of food is popular in Taiwan, with a taste of familiar memories, let him use master and seasoning to the Thai food very handy, craft quickly was sure, finally opened his own restaurant "Yuncheng", the years of Thai cooking experience, willing to share reader.

Served in the Taipei youth center, Taichung Plaza International Hotel foreman; Evergreen Laurel Hotel Taichung chef; Grand Hi Lai Hotel Italy hall, central kitchen chef; Kaohsiung Grand Formosa Regent Hotel executive sous chef, Papa Kaohsiung Amy Oh Italian restaurant Executive Chef Feng Maoshi, Taichung technology products Co. ltd.. The technical director of global food and Beverage Development Co. Ltd. and the Yi group cooking workshop.

And repeatedly went to Hongkong, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Shanghai and other places to participate in the international cuisine competition, won numerous medals, also won the National Republic of China Golden chef award.

In addition to assist Yunlin County women's Association for the protection of a breakfast shop, to provide disadvantaged children breakfast, hired for the Wang Pin group "Pinzhi Wang Shi, should be invited to make the Cultural Palace hsilo Fuxing thirteen Township Chiayi County special dishes and assist the healthy diet a Township food recipes, production, participate in the southern United States cuisine cooking skills training, to assist the domestic food and beverage industry development and spare no effort to engage in charitable activities.

Angela Cheng

After graduating from college with his mother Fu Peimei is cooking, has been 30 years of culinary teaching experience, hosted television cooking teaching programs for many years, has presided over the "Fu Peimei time", "Taiwan", "delicacy Master Sun TV, Singapore TV" Yomiuri China dish "famous kitchen", "national treasure" and other national delicacy TV cooking show. Now also often invited to perform in the demonstration delicacy program, kind and careful teaching and careful explanation, loved by many viewers.

Author: FDHs "learn to do", "Home Dishes saute stir fried hot hot 64 64 on the table", "convenience", "easy cooking sauce", "treat health", "single alkali hands", "food" vinegar pickles, "super popular Chinese", "light food meal", "hot", "a halogen halogen earthshaking change", "Shanghai", "daughter of the Home Dishes do at home", "catch Western-style food taste", "fish" and "stir fried chicken in every pot" and so on more than 40 recipe book.


A love Italy cuisine chef, graduated from the Department of information management Tainan Kunshan University of science and technology, foreign trade association, brand brand all-round talents program of graduation, won the Italian ambassador C.P.I.C certification, 2002 Chiayi delicacy delicacy exhibition gold kitchen awards, is currently the two Italy Restaurant operators.

There is a set of traditional ways of thinking for pasta and stew cooking; he also hopes that traditional Italian cuisine in Taiwan can be recognized by more and more people, and that he will spare no effort to promote and participate in Italian food culture promotion in Taiwan.


Aquarius, who likes to play the wisdom in the free situation, has 18 years experience in Japanese cooking, and is now the general manager of Fukuno's delicate Japanese cuisine seafood restaurant and Taichung empty kitchen Limited by Share Ltd.

Daniel 64, grea (DanielNegreira)

Daniel grew up in a predominantly rural island, he love all kinds of natural ingredients, stick with fresh ingredients. He believes that the value of the ingredients is not at the price level, but the creative use behind it. He is good at starting from traditional Spanish dishes, extracting nutrients from ancient recipes, through improvement and innovation, using Taiwan in the ground and imported ingredients, make the original Spanish cuisine. "Passion" and "originality" are the two pillars of his artistic creation.

Daniel followed a few Spanish chefs, won several awards, including Bagiz (Bocused'Or) international cooking contest Basque Country best young chef award, after stayed in several European restaurant moved to Taiwan, began to engage in personal care creation on this island.

Chapter1 Japanese cuisine
Basic chapter
Common ingredients of Japanese cuisine
Common tools for Japanese cuisine
Common sauce for Japanese cuisine
Japanese cuisine making soup
Japanese style sauce and boiled juice
Advanced articles
Salmon eggs, Navy Sushi
California sushi roll
Ming Prince yam noodles
Seaview Chawanmushi
Wine steamed prawns
Round cod salt burning
Wild herbs tempura
Crisp fried pork chop
Hokkaido garlic fried scallops
As the roasted pork rib
Pearl mushroom red miso soup
Bottle steaming
Beef beef
Seafood cheese pot
Japanese buckwheat Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce
Stir fried Oolong noodles with Japanese style
Chapter2 Korean cuisine
Basic chapter
Commonly used ingredients in Korean cuisine
Advanced articles
Kimchi fried rice
Sweet spicy rice cake
Nutritious stone pot rice
Seafood scallion cake
Korean cold noodles
Oyster omelet
Fried pork with pickled vegetables
Squid stuffed glutinous rice
Spicy fried Octopus
Korean barbecue
Roast beef ribs
Honey beans
Kimchi in Korea
Spicy conch
Vinegar fresh squid
Sweet and sour kelp buds
Seafood miso soup
Kimchi pork soup
Ginseng chicken soup
Chapter3 Thailand cuisine
Basic chapter
Common ingredients of Thailand cuisine
Advanced articles
Moon shrimp
Sugarcane shrimp
Fried soft shell crab with golden crisp
Hot and Sour Shrimp
seafood salad
Steamed lemon fish
Tom Yam Gung
Stewed fish head in casserole
Pesto fried perch
Korea shrimp dish
Spicy Sauteed Green Beans
Cloud jam eggplant
Stir-Fried Rice Noodles Thai
Shrimp casserole in winter
Thai Beef Coconut Juice
Cumin pig
Throwing pork
Green Curry Chicken
Pepper Chicken
bubur ca-ca
Chapter4 Italian cuisine
Basic chapter
Italian cuisine fresh spices
Italian cooking spices
Special seasonings of Italian cuisine
Italian vinegar
Italian food special canned food
Italian dairy products
Italian cooking oil
Introduction of pasta varieties
Pasta cooking method
Top 10 golden rules -- pasta with boiled elastic teeth
Preservation of pasta
Advanced articles
Fried chicken twist with lemon cream
Seafood noodles with hot and sour seafood
Capon Bernard La mushroom tender chicken nest surface
Cream mushroom smoked Bacon pen tube noodles
Basil seafood noodles
Greek seals, tomatoes, tuna, chickpeas
French mozzarella sausage pasta
Italian Risotto
About the meaning of Milan of Italy
Understanding the meaning of Taiwan rice and Milan of Italy
Cooking style of risotto in Italy
Top 10 golden rules -- cook delicious traditional Italian stew
Advanced articles
French grilled duck breast pesto Risotto
Stewed chicken with French mushroom and chicken liver
Stewed clams with clams in Boston
Stewed rice with tomato and vegetable
Stewed Bacon with cream smoked
Stewed fish with black cuttlefish
Braised rice with mushroom
Stewed rice with tomato sausage in Spain
Chapter5 Spanish cuisine
Basic chapter
Recommended ingredients for Spanish cuisine
Advanced articles
Traditional seafood soup
What new vegetables stewed eggs
Traditional Spanish omelet
The traditional Boletus scrambled eggs with black truffles
The traditional Galician Octopus disc
Stewed chicken with traditional assorted pine nuts
Stewed rice with traditional Spanish ink squid
The traditional Spanish Seafood crispy rice
A traditional stew with a mother's taste
Traditional Spanish Caramel cinnamon sponge cake
Chapter6 Middle East cuisine
Basic chapter
Common ingredients and spices in Middle East cuisine
Advanced articles
Morocco red pepper hummus & type
Lebanese salad
Goat cheese salad
Braised vegetables
Sauteed Green Beans stewed in Tomato
Algeria fried triangle
Morocco soup
Saffron Rice
India vegetable rice
Turmeric Chicken Rice
Arabia pizza
Braised beef and vegetable soup Division
Braised lamb with Okra in the Middle East
Pakistan Curry Shrimp
Minced chicken wrapped with cauliflower
Fried fish in Palestine
Kuwait style shrimp
Milk cake
Thousand layer school
Chapter7 Western food
Basic chapter
Western food ingredients
Vanilla and spice used in Western food
Advanced articles
Vegetable Stock
Chicken bone white soup
White fish soup
Thousand island salad dressing
Tartar sauce
Italian oil vinegar sauce
Chicken rolls with raspberry sauce
Fish Mousse with Blueberry Yogurt sauce
Bacon lettuce tomato sandwich
Hungarian goulash soup
Diced chicken with vegetable diced vegetables
Cream mushroom soup
Waldorf Salad
Caesar Salad
Club Sandwich
Stewed beef with red wine
Roast lamb row in Provence
Florence chicken with wild mushroom rice
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Detailed information

Series: exotic cuisine
Specification: /256 /16k/19x26cm/ common page paperback edition / printing /
Place of publication: Taiwan
Book classification: diet, recipes, Asian / foreign cuisine