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Magic magic massager vibration push fat machine weight and fat thin waist slimming instrument instrument equipment to reduce belly fat off machine

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The new generation of body massage apparatus on the basis of weight loss in the original plastic body, according to the user's feedback, develop more suitable for the vibration frequency and intensity of ovarian maintenance, with soft leather elasticity in contact with parts of the machine and the human body, its unique bullet shape more convenient to use. Design reflects the concept of people-oriented, users feel more comfortable. This product is strong and strong two files adjustment

[methods of operation]:

1, before using the massager, please first check the power line, switch and machine components are intact, the machine parts can not be loose. Wrap on the film, four corners inserted into the rice hole fixed.

2. Make sure the switch is in OFF (off) position.

3, insert the power socket, check the power supply socket intact, can use. 4, put the machine on the neck, hands clasped the appliance handle, or with a special bandage, close to the body, first with weak file massage for a few minutes, and then choose according to need: massage.

5, massage the abdomen, should be clockwise massage, hands a little pressure, massage effect is better.

6, three only to cushion massager cutin is hard, can be used for acupoint massage.

7, the massager upside down in the carpet, feet gently placed on the massage pad, foot massage can be used.

8, in the need to lose weight parts of the effective weight loss cream, and then covered with plastic film (plastic film), continuous massage for 20 to 30 minutes, 1 to 2 times a day, for 15 to 30 days, you can achieve the effect of local weight loss. Long term use prevents rebound.

9, the body of the abdomen, pubic symphysis part of the "weak" massage, endocrine regulation, comfortable incomparable.

10, the handle of the machine can also massage the palm of the operator, such as felt strong discomfort, can be wrapped on the handle of soft fabric, or with gloves, to weaken felt.

11, because of long time massage, accelerate blood circulation, or underwear on the fiber of the skin, may cause itching, please do not use hands, only need to remake the skin several times, itching will disappear, 2 - 3 days later will meet.

12, massage ends, push the switch to "OFF" (pass) position, unplug the power line plug from the power outlet.

According to the massage effect that has been summed up by users:

1. Regulating endocrine. By massaging the lower abdomen and pubic symphysis, the abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity are contracted violently, and the secretion of ovarian sex hormones is promoted. It can effectively prevent and improve the symptoms of female due to insufficient estrogen secretion: (spots, pigmentation, wrinkles, oily skin, acne, aging, emotional fluctuations, insomnia, upset, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, sexual dysfunction +). Users reflect: uterine hypoplasia, minor fibroids, dysmenorrhea have a very good effect.

2, help digestion, relieve constipation. Long term use around the umbilicus, can strengthen peristalsis, help digestion, effective contact with constipation.

3, breast enhancement. With the breast cream used for a month, can make the double peak, was increased, especially for nursing after breast ptosis, middle-aged women, can effectively improve the 2-3cm.

4, Quick Shake fat to lose weight. With topical ointment, only 30 minutes per day (1 parts) for 14 consecutive days. The local (abdominal, thigh, calf, back, buttocks) weight loss effect is particularly obvious. Abdominal generally reduced 4-6cm, the best reached 13cm. Recently, some people creatively used for face lift, the effect is surprisingly good. Long term use, effective anti rebound, especially suitable for home use.

5. Activating blood circulation and relaxing muscles. The fatigue caused by pain, frostbite, hemorrhoids and other diseases can be removed to the machine. Hemorrhoids need about 10-15 days, sitting on the massage machine for half an hour every day.

6. Lowering blood pressure. Customers use 2 times a day, half an hour later, the head around the expansion of blood vessels, blood pressure in patients with hypertension has declined. Gently massage the top of the head, the hair, hair is very helpful.

7. Massage foot. Machine upside down, not only can foot health care, the effect is strange.

8. Hypertrophy of the prostate. For men with dysuria caused by hypertrophy of the prostate, urinary retention, the use of 10 minutes can ease.

9, 1) of Moqi backache, leg pain, scapulohumeral periarthritis, can quickly relieve symptoms, because all students did not pass the meridian. 2) for long-term bedridden people, can prevent muscle atrophy, but also can solve the drawbacks of artificial massage is not in place. Long term injection of human glucagon,

10, face wonders: most women are afraid of their own face becomes large, skin sagging, if a double chin, the neck is shorter, people suddenly like a few years like, inevitably there will be some trouble. But these are the laws of nature, because of the gravity of the earth, no one can escape. Now cosmetic surgery is the most direct way, but not everyone can accept it. If you're getting tired of it, try magic! It can not only face lift, but also can relax the skin up, with massage cream, anti wrinkle effect is very good.

Method:Turn the massager in the opposite direction (soft face). You must force it up, once every 10 minutes, and do it once every two days.

Effect: face lift people, usually 3 to 4 days is very obvious. Sagging skin (must cooperate with massage cream) usually 6 to 7 days have obvious effect. Note: 1) people with high age, hypertension and heart disease should be cautious. People with skin trauma, cancer and infectious diseases are prohibited. 2) face lift only for fat, not big mandible people. A lot of people are using, beauty salons, gym, sauna, massage room, physiotherapy room, more is home, basically are used to lose weight, ovarian maintenance, health care and other purposes. The new generation of body massage apparatus on the basis of weight loss in the original plastic body, according to the user's feedback, develop more suitable for the vibration frequency and intensity of ovarian maintenance, the use of leather upholstered elastic parts in contact with the machine and the human body, its unique bullet shape more convenient to use. The design reflects the people-oriented concept, the appearance is smaller and more beautiful! Users feel more comfortable. Method of use: strap steps: machine cushion toward the abdomen, bandage burr, pull thorn out. In the machine hands left, through the bandage fixed end fixed end. The bandage from behind around, adjust the end into the right end of the machine to shake hands. Tighten the strap to moderate, adjusted and fixed end. Basic theoretical knowledge

1. what organs are the ovaries? What are the functions?
The ovary is the internal reproductive organ of women. The first is to produce eggs, which bear the function of giving birth to women; the second is the female body of estrogen and progesterone (yellow)
The function of secretion of voxels
2. what are the symptoms of ovarian dysfunction in women?
From the medical research found that, due to the reduction of ovarian function, it is easy to cause bone system, endocrine system, nervous system and some other diseases, such as bone sparse
Pine, white hair, hair loss; liver and kidney function weakened, facial, systemic edema; blood not flourishing, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, uneven distribution of body fat, breast ptosis, waist and buttocks protruding abdomen relaxation; mental depression, poor sleep, dizziness, headache, fatigue, irritability, mood stable, early menopause, gastrointestinal function, fire alopecia, female hormone low obesity, mental depression and other symptoms.
3. what is the effect of ovarian function on female body?
Fat accumulation in many parts of the body produces obesity: breasts, breasts drooping, external expansion, fat flow to the back, the back of the hand and two ribs; hip fat flowing to the legs, and become vertical flat legs become thick, and orange shaped; waist bulge, fire to the former graceful body.
4. why ovarian maintenance?
From the emergence of the Yellow Emperor's Internal Canon to the present millennium, the average life span of human beings has increased to 80 years. And we women go back to menopause
It's only a little bit delayed. The female menopause is about 50 years old, we can count the flexor 80 minus 50, a full 30 years in old age, this long old age how we spend? Is that face rapid aging, serious body type, always let the disease ridden, or through the efforts to shorten the period of elderly women aging, people will invariably choose the latter.



5. are those people fit for ovarian maintenance?
Dysmenorrhea is the torture that many women often experience, severe pain, mental tension, emotional anxiety. The maintenance can promote the further development of ovarian follicles and the secretion of estrogen, estrogen and the reflection of the pituitary gland and hypothalamus, along with the formation of regular ovulation, reduce dysmenorrhea. Chloasma, acne, so many women worry, in order to quickly freckle, blind use of a variety of cosmetics. Epidermal healing is often repeated, through ovarian maintenance, endocrine regulation, so that the internal environment of the antibody tends to stabilize, reduce the male hormone, stimulate the secretion of female hormones, chloasma and acne skin can be treated both inside and outside. Body fat, due to modern work, family pressure, mental instability, will reduce ovarian function. Decreased ovarian function is a sign of decreased estrogen. Low estrogen causes women to gain weight quickly, and breasts droop, waist and abdomen protrude, hips droop, thighs thicken. The ovary stimulate their female hormone secretion, stable mood, reduce stress, maintain a good attitude, and make the breast enlargement, waist and abdomen appears graceful outline. Menopausal women to menopause, the cessation of menstruation is a symbol of the beginning of aging. Therefore, menopause became a middle-aged woman worried about rothschild. Therefore, whether or not to postpone the arrival of menopause, that is, the key to the extension of youth. Women have been seeking to extend the youth but neglected in a ready-made panacea, oneself can really delay the senescence of organs ovary, stimulate the female hormone itself through the ovary, rather than female hormone drugs, coupled with biological source stimulation effect. Can make the body anti-aging ability enhancement. So as to maintain normal physiological needs and delay aging!