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Application of LC-X1224CH/12V24AH UPS power battery Sundt DC power supply screen EPS fire engine

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Adopt the multi alloy formula, unique control grid mold, using imported equipment and casting pieces of independent research and development through the strict temperature, thickness and weight of the grid not only good uniformity, long service life, low self discharge float.

Adopt the imported automatic computer control ceruse machine, automatic control program to ensure strict lead oxidation degree, particle uniformity and stability, but also with the high current battery discharge characteristics to adapt.

The paste is the core of battery technology. Unique lead paste formula to better meet the high power discharge and other deep cycling performance requirements, applicable to float and other fields, and fully automatic paste system and temperature control to ensure the performance and stability of paste.

The use of self-developed technology to import the smear machine, so that the plate is more uniform, more suitable for UPS battery plate requirements.

Adopt the curing technology, temperature and humidity automatic control technology of high temperature and high humidity, wind direction and flow through precise design, OTP battery is not only the maximum guarantee the plate curing effect, and ensure the uniformity of each plate, the battery life is better than conventional curing.

Using the quantitative acid adding process, the precision of adding acid reaches 0.1ml, which ensures the uniformity between the battery and the battery.

At the same time, the unique formulation of the electrolyte enhanced the deep cycling capacity of the battery. And because the use of imported epoxy, end piece and type 0 drawings, so that the battery is more reliable.

The multiple charging and discharging cycles that must be passed before the factory make the OTP battery more uniform and reliable. At the same time, 100% of the internal resistance, open closed circuit, tightness test, further ensure the quality of the factory battery.

In the main features:

Design for USP applications

- long life (25 degrees Celsius float, the design life of up to 5~8 years)

More safe (shell using flame retardant material, product safety certification through UL)

Self discharge is small (storage time is 1~2 years)

Good sealing (sealing efficiency up to 99.9%)

About warranty: more than 24AH warranty for three years, used in solar energy system for one year, used in UPS power system for three years.

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