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Fine grinding of fine grained grinding jade stone white steel alloy grinding glass grinding lathe tool bit of silicon carbide grinding wheel piece

discount 70% in 2018-09-22 to 2018-09-24
price: USD$ 100.69
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Our default: in rhyme every 4 sto express random delivery, such as pro specifies one can express the remarks or contact customer service note! Random delivery no contact and notes, note the non cooperation express invalid random delivery!(About the problem of freight is subject to deliveryWe need to pay the freight.You will noticeInner Mongolia, Xinjiang. Tibet, Hong Kong, Qinghai, Gansu, Hainan, Heilongjiang and other parts of,Some of the goods to pay the freightNo, in the shipping area,Please contact customer service)



Parallel grinding wheel grinding silicon carbide alloy, glass grinding, grinding stone, grinding jade. Grinding drill.
200*20*32 46-60-80-120 particle sizes of -180-240-320 mesh, fine grinding wheel is very difficult to produce, the edge will have off edge, completely does not preclude the use of, regardless of the shot.
Zero risk commitment
1. pro, all products in your home after the receipt of the goods, not satisfied, can be returned within 7 days, or replacement. On the fair principle in the seller
If there is no error, and freight to shout themselves.
2. in the logistics delivery during the break, we are baopei. There will be a fine grinding wheel on the edge off edge phenomenon, because of falling edge to return the postage themselves.
3. our products are determined to create value for you, this is what you need, your satisfaction is our satisfaction. Let us step by step to the exhibition
Shown to you, I said all I can do. If I do, or if you have any questions for me, you have the right to return to you
Pay every penny I. The following is my promise to you:
Within 4.7 days of return commitment: not love freedom, can return the goods have quality problems (including logistics process
The loss of my broken) to bear the return, refund operation immediately return to your account; if I can tell you not to cash, Amoy
Treasure, Taobao will pay for you in advance;
5. products through strict quality control,
6. express and express shipping logistics, we need to pass along with the main
Feng express started 22 yuan overweight plus money, small objects according to baby pricing standard, over 1000 km and express the cost up a baby,.
The appropriate fee waiver, we only can be guaranteed, bulky goods are heavier, suggestions of logistics delivery, the logistics is very convenient, speed
Do not have to express slow, if you require express delivery, freight charges, courier and sometimes fast, a variety of reasons, sometimes a few days do not receive the goods
Please buyers, but also to understand their.
The promised delivery: within 48 hours of delivery for you, if the custom-made product delivery date we will advance.
Tell you. If I do not fulfill their commitments, Taobao will be the first payment to you;
7. free repair / maintenance: if the baby in question the quality of the goods within 30 days, I repair free of charge for you, must according to need maintenance
Description of maintenance time.
Buyers note:
1. please before buying the exchange and then decide to buy the products are not familiar with the buyers;
The color is a slight error, please have received the material object as the standard, is too sensitive to colorcaution buyers purchase.
2. thegoodstaken before, please ask whether the goods required by Pat goods, the answer is valid on the day.
3. please up within 24 hours of payment in the captured goods, overdue will not leave goods and as take not to buy,
The owner has the right to take the initiative to close the special circumstances, please explain in advance.
4. we use the courier company is through courier.
6. Please receive the goods after the first check whether the goods have quality problems, buy family impact two sales
No refund, custom processing products are not returned.

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