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Authentic WAX YOCANEVOLVEPLUS dual core spray burn cream / quartz ceramic atomizer core

discount 70% in 2018-10-20 to 2018-10-22
price: USD$ 17.50
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Essential information:

Product Name: YOCANEVOLVEPLUS atomizing core

Brand: excellent new YOCAN original genuine goods

Type: atomizing core

Material: Metal

Specifications: Double quartz atomizing core, ceramic atomizing core

Packaging: 5 / box, 5 boxes for sale, not a single sale




Electronic cigarettes are fundamentally different from other conventional cigarettes:


1. it's a green product. You can smoke anywhere, smoke anytime, without any restrictions.

2. it's much cheaper than other traditional cigarettes.

3. almost tasteless, taste close to tobacco

4. use disposable smoke and multiple smoke does not hurt anything

5. will not pollute your teeth and hurt your skin

6. no tar, ash, no need not put cigarettes, carbon monoxide, cyanide free chlorine lead, arsenic, other carcinogens or not.

7. easy to use (no matches, lights or cigarettes)

8. for different preferences, cigarette shells can be used many times or shrink nicotine content.


Characteristics of electronic cigarette:


1. no ash or other carcinogens.

2. doesn't hurt other people or the environment

3. use two times without any danger

4. you can use electronic cigarettes in places where smoking is not allowed

5. can make smokers quit smoking without pain

6. can save 80% of the cost per year

7. do not smoke, do not worry about the accident or injury caused by fire

8. not suitable for pregnant or nurturing women

9. applies to persons over 18 years of age.


Maintenance of electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarette placement
The electronic cigarette is placed should comply with a reason, there is smoke when placed inside the atomizer holder should be upward, when no smoke is relatively
Casual, but better not inverted, to prevent residual oil with atomizer.

Battery maintenance
Lithium ion battery maintenance is very important, because the electronic cigarette battery is one of the main components, lithium ion batteries to run out of power after charging, charging a full, not half-way off, lithium ion battery with half an hour out, close the power electronic cigarette is not used for a long time,
General electronic cigarette is 2 seconds 5 combo switch, switch machine; stand up smoking time not too long, to prevent overheating of lithium ion battery
Lithium ion battery life.

The atomizer is the core of core atomization, atomization core is composed of resistors and lead wick and some accessories. The most common problem of atomizer
Yes, the atomizer produces burnt taste. The reason is the resistance heating will burn the oil guide. So in the process of using, should pay attention to smoke
Surplus, don't burn. Adjustable pressure cabin to appropriate voltage regulation, not the pursuit of high voltage, suitable taste is good, if you want to smoke
We must pay attention to oil smoke, fog, smoke generally remaining in the above 2/3, 5-6V voltage is not prone to smell, with smoke reduced
Slow down the voltage.

Some treatment of oil leakage and oil in smoke
1, oil leakage
Conventional atomizer usually has a guide hole at the bottom, which is used to guide air. But for a long time, there will be a little smoke (but
It doesn't leak the fuselage, it doesn't feel outside. It's normal. Every time the smoke and suggestions
Separate the lithium ion battery and atomizer and wipe it with paper towel. Because the general day a day of smoke,
Wipe it once;
2, smoke has oil
There are two main conditions
A, the cigarette holder and the mouth contact place has the oil, the reason possibly is the refuel mistakenly joins the smoke mouth to cause, has wipes wipes to be able to
B, smoke has oil, but there is no oil at the cigarette holder.
3, there is oil at the outlet
The core atomization wipe down, with a paper towel rub into strips into a smoke hole in the smoke can be dry. Maintenance of health electronic cigarettes in Japan
Often used in the easy to overlook some places, as long as everyone in accordance with the above aspects of maintenance, you can ensure healthy electricity
The quality of the flue gas does not decrease, and the service life of the healthy electronic cigarette is prolonged.

Purchase notes

Dear friends please buyers, before the purchase of our products, we must take a few minutes to read the following content to avoid our transactions occurred some unnecessary misunderstanding.
1, the choice of the express on

The company is in default Yuantong, STO, please make sure that you are within the scope of delivery default delivery, because every day there are more orders, we will not address each one of the customers to inquire whether to take, as long as the courier, is accepted by STO, tact, tact, Shen Tong to cause the loss of time this shop is not responsible! We can also send SF EXPRESS (23-28 yuan outside the province, 13 yuan in the province, limited delivery range)!
2, about the delivery time -
The time of purchase to the buyer to pay the time, under normal circumstances, we will arrange the day of issue 16 every day before the order, if you encounter special circumstances, we will promptly contact with the buyer, parents at the time of purchase can also consult customer service.
3, about the sign to remind you
When I sign or sign for buyers need to entrust the third party to sign, please buyers sign you need to see the packaging is intact, if damaged, obvious extrusion deformation, check the number of purchased goods and the appearance of a problem, if you have any questions please contact us immediately or refuse to sign, a sign is the default received thing is flawless and perfect. If there is a loss, should be borne by the buyers themselves! Check the sign face, please buyers friends couriers, check goods before delivery staff, first check the packaging is intact, and then open the package, check whether you buy parts and consistent product and quantity, if there is any abnormal, please do not sign the receipt, but do not let the courier leave and immediately picked up the phone and call us on a telephone bill, informed of the actual situation, we can confirm the receipt after phone case, can sign the receipt, let the courier left, then contact us as soon as possible on-line customer service customer service to confirm as soon as possible; if the courier requirements must be signed, then sign after word please when his face unpacking, confirm the accessory, if have the wrong place please inform us to contact the courier address! Please let the distributor leave without confirming the quantity or appearance of the goods. We refuse to accept the loss. Please forgive. Unable to personally sign the customer, we suggest to buy time by giving our customer service message, tell us what time you sign the convenience of their own, we give you a note in the express list above, let the courier delivery within a specified period of time! Be sure to do personally check and sign, all because of the guard, security, family, friends and other express collection will be regarded as my receipt. Due to logistics reasons, before you sign, appear damaged or lost, we will be in the logistics confirmation within three days to reissue you

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Due to the problems caused by the product itself or the mistakes we return, we bear the return postage, but that is, no matter how many customers are sent back to the buyer postage, we return to the postage does not exceed customers purchase the actual charges by Fei Jine (for example, buyers buy a product 50 yuan and postage 10 yuan, a total of 60 yuan, if the product causes led to return, no matter how many buyers have sent back freight, we only take buyers sent back 10 yuan postage, if the purchase discount, just 8 yuan postage, we can only assume the highest buyers sent back 8 yuan postage) due to the buyer's own do not love, and so have to buy the wrong postage, all buyers themselves, send back, please contact line to fill the post and postage, we received The first time after the good change;
All return the transaction, please friends must leave a note in the package, clearly written clearly: want name (ID), name, address, telephone number, order number, return, as buyers sent back the express, in the package can not find the message word or note fuzzy to see clearly, we cannot in the background query to the buyer transaction information, which is caused by the replacement of the refund delays, we do not assume responsibility, please forgive. Please customer friend must carefully read our above terms before buying.
Once the purchase goods in the shop as we accept the above terms, buyers cannot in any way refuse to fulfill the above terms, not to buy before didn't see it as an excuse to refuse to fulfil the terms. Because you purchase goods, it is your duty to read the purchase terms carefully. Both you and we must abide by the rules of the trade. If you do not agree with the above point of view, we do not recommend that you buy the goods in our store! Because of the commodity problem sent back the courier, by the buyer to pay the postage paid in advance, all refused to sign, such as change or return, we pay when you buy postage amount according to us, play money to Alipay account or apply for refund postage to contact us, thank you for your understanding and cooperation!