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RITAR RA12-120UPS 12V120AH original battery battery Rita Rita 1zk47a

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Product advantage: Battery pool shell all standard flame retardant pool shell, even if there is short circuit sparks, will not lead to a significant risk of loss of customer room and equipment (such as fire or explosion); high tin plate formula really ensure the deep cycle life and the number of cells; excellent and polar plate in the formation process, the plate is not easy the contamination of impurities, can reduce the self discharge of battery, ensure the battery capacity of the long-term stability is better than general products


1, safety performance is good: under normal use no electrolyte leakage, no cell expansion and rupture.


2, discharge performance is good, stable discharge voltage, discharge platform.


3, good shock resistance: the state of the fully charged battery is completely fixed, the amplitude of 4mm, 16.7Hz frequency vibration for 1 hours, no leakage, no power


Cell expansion and rupture, the normal open circuit voltage.


4, good impact resistance: the state of the fully charged battery from 20cm high natural fall to 1cm thick hard wooden boards 3 times. No leakage, no cell expansion


And rupture, normal open circuit voltage.


5, high discharge: 25 degrees Celsius, the state of the fully charged battery constant resistance discharge 3 weeks (resistance value corresponds to the battery 1CA


The electric resistance requirements), recovery capacity above 75%.


6, anti overcharge is good: 25 degrees Celsius, the state of the fully charged battery 0.1CA charge 48 hours, no leakage, no cell expansion and rupture, open


The normal voltage, the capacity to maintain at a rate above 95%.


7, high current is good: 2CA full battery charge discharge state for 5 minutes or 5 seconds 10CA discharge. No part of conductive fuse, no appearance




[installation and maintenance]


The battery is connected:


The actual capacity of the battery or the battery of the same formula can be used in series;


The actual voltage of battery or battery has the same can be used in parallel;


The connecting part should be close to prevent sparks, poor contact, wash with soda water contact surface.


Positive and negative may not be reversed or short.


The battery charging:


Float (limit voltage, current control): charging voltage 13.56-13.8V,


The maximum current shall not exceed 1.75A; 25 DEG C, the battery charge current to the whole small


In 2mA/AH;


Recycling (full stop, put the electric charge charging voltage: 14.1-14.7V/),


The maximum current is not greater than 2.1A;


Note: the battery can not be used in a closed or high temperature environment, away from fire!


Note: when the ambient temperature is below 20 DEG C or higher than 30 DEG C, the battery charging voltage adjustment


The standard for the 18mV/ C.


The preservation:


The battery for storage in low temperature, dry and ventilated, clean environment, charge storage


Aoteduo battery OT (6V/12V) series of product characteristics


Tank formation to ensure the battery capacity reached 100%, and the optimized battery equalization.


High reliable pole double seal structure, the impact resistance and the sealing performance is greatly improved, to ensure the electrolyte leakage, improve the reliability of the product.


Safe and reliable, with domestic advanced explosion-proof safety valve has considered acid tablets, opening and closing the valve pressure and explosion proof, acid mist filtering function accurately, once the overcharge, can release the excess gas, does not make the battery burst, mist escape.


The electrolyte of ultra pure raw materials and additives, special formulation, with little resistance, high rate characteristics, good charge acceptance ability.


The use of advanced technology (alloy process, paste process, electrolyte formulation, epoxy sealing technology), to ensure good performance of products.


The main features of the battery:


The design for USP applications


- long life (25 degrees Celsius float, the design life of up to 5~8 years)


The safety (shell using flame retardant materials, products through the UL safety certification)


The small self discharge (storage time of up to 1~2 years)


- good sealing (sealing reaction efficiency is as high as 99.9%)


- excellent service (3 year warranty, quality assurance)


1, battery anti deep discharge capability, 100% discharge may continue after connected to the load, in four weeks can restore the original charging capacity. 2, because the battery for colloidal solid, so there is no uniform electrolyte concentration, acid stratification. 3, the acid concentration is low, the plate corrosion is weak, and the tubular plate unique, so long battery life. 4, the battery plate with no antimony alloy, low self discharge of battery. 20 ~ C for two years, there are more than 50% of the capacity in two years without electricity. 5, super deep discharge and withstand high current discharge capacity, overcharge over discharge and self protection performance. 6, gel electrolyte, no internal short circuit. Heat capacity, heat dissipation ability, can avoid the runaway phenomenon is easy to produce general battery heat in high temperature operation is very reliable, the battery will not produce the "dry" phenomenon, wide range of working temperature. 7, using high sensitive low pressure umbrella type valve (patent SunShine Co, Germany) the battery use more safe and reliable. 8, multilayer acid resistant rubber ring sliding sealing, ensure the service life of the late post sealing performance during growth.