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ZCZP cast steel flange solenoid valve normally closed / normally open high temperature steam heat conduction oil DN652.5 inch

Material: full steel; pressure range: 0-1.6MPa; temperature range: less than or equal to 200 DEG C; rated voltage: 220V, 24V. Instructions for pre purchase parameters: normally open / closed type? Installation method: vertical / horizontal? Voltage? Medium? Temperature? Pressure? Do you have explosion proof?

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0123456789Overview of ZCZP steam solenoid valve:

ZCZP steam solenoid valve applies to the steam as the hot medium, automatic temperature control of the implementation of the agency. The steam boiler, radiator, dryer and other steam equipment and all kinds of temperature control instrument, steam shaping machine, steam machine, steam resurgence machine and other complete sets of equipment boiler steam pipe two bit automatic control and remote control. Homemade ZCZP steam solenoid valve is widely used in dyeing, textile, printing and dyeing, food, medicine, tobacco, cement, petrochemical, metallurgy and other departments.

Characteristics of ZCZP steam solenoid valve:

Corrosion resistance: the main components of valve plug, valve body, etc. made of stainless steel and cast steel, corrosion resistance is good

Heat resistance: electromagnetic parts, seals part of the special resistance to temperature control electrical materials and sealing materials, and applied a variety of insulation measures.

Wear resistance: material selection is reasonable, valve cup and guide sleeve skillfully use fluid lubrication, reduce wear and tear

Condensation resistance: the condensed water of steam pipe is an important factor affecting the operation of steam solenoid valve, and the valve is not affected by condensate water.

Structure principle of ZCZP steam solenoid valve:

The valve is composed of auxiliary valve and main valve two components of the pilot type two times opening valve solenoid valve. It depends on the opening and closing of the auxiliary valve to control the on-off of the main valve. According to the switch state when the power switch is different, it can be divided into normally closed and constant. Normally closed, often in power when the auxiliary valve port is closed, the main valve is cut off, when the signal into the pilot valve coil, the movable iron core is driven by electromagnetic force vice valve open suction mouth, rapid disappearance of the main valve valve cup pressure, medium pressure to the main valve valve cup holder, open the main valve port work hard, medium circulation. But when the electric signal disappears, the movable iron core is reset, closing the auxiliary valve port, and the working medium self balancing hole enters into the valve cup. When the pressure tends to balance, the valve cup is moved down by the main valve spring, the valve cup self weight and the medium pressure, and the main valve port is tightly sealed, and the valve is closed. Normally open solenoid valve, in the power off position, by the role of the spring, vice valve opening, the main valve circulation. When the signal into the auxiliary valve coil, the movable iron core electromagnetic suction effect, the auxiliary valve port is closed, the working medium by balancing hole into the valve cup, when the pressure tends to balance, on the main valve spring, valve cup self weight and the medium pressure valve sealing cup down, close the main valve port, the valve is closed state. When the valve is powered off, the electromagnetic force disappears, the vice valve opens, the main valve cup pressure disappears rapidly, the medium pressure will be the main valve cup support, open the main valve port, medium circulation, the valve is open.

Instructions for installation of ZCZP steam solenoid valve:

1, when installing the coil up and maintain the vertical position, solenoid valve on the arrow or marker should be consistent with the pipeline flow, shall not be installed in a splash of water or Water Leakage place.

2, the working medium should be clean without particle impurities, the dirt and filter on the surface of the internal parts should be cleaned regularly.

3, in the event of failure, in order to isolate the solenoid valve in time, and ensure the normal operation of the system, it is best to install bypass devices (as shown in Figure 1).

4, in the pipeline system, the solenoid valve installed on the branch should be smaller than the diameter of the main pipeline valve (Figure two).

5, before installation, the pipeline must be cleaned. It is recommended to install filter in front of valve and install drain valve in steam pipe.

6, can not be concave valve installed in the pipeline, so as to avoid condensation of water vapor, impurities deposited on the valve and prevent action.

7, ordinary type can not be used in explosive dangerous occasions.

8, in the case of lack of rigidity of the pipeline, it is recommended to fix the pipeline before the valve, so as to avoid the vibration caused by the solenoid valve working.

9, before installation, should pay attention to see the product signs, carefully read the instructions, to determine whether the product meets the conditions of use.

10, before and after the installation of pressure gauges on the pipeline, in order to observe the pipeline pressure.

Use and maintenance of ZCZP steam solenoid valve:

1, it is recommended that the use of units to send special personnel responsible for the use of maintenance.

2, after installation, you need to enter the media experiment action several times, confirm the normal, can be put into formal use.

3, should regularly clean large valve inside and outside the suction surface, pay attention to do not damage the sealing surface.

4, long time no use, should close the valve before manual valve, when re start, the steam solenoid valve should be condensed water clean, and try several times, before the switch is normal, can be put into use.

5, when the pipeline is unloaded, the parts should be cleaned and stored in compressed air.

6, the use of a long time, such as the piston and valve seat seal is not good, the piston sealing surface can be re polished, and now the valve seat grinding.

7, the work should pay attention to the pressure gauge before and after the valve, requiring the work pressure shall not exceed the rated pressure, the work pressure difference must be within the rated pressure range. When the working pressure exceeds the rated pressure or the working pressure difference exceeds the rated pressure difference, the solenoid valve should be stopped, the manual valve is closed before and after, so as to avoid the explosion and leakage of the solenoid valve.