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Junction box box plastic lock box anti tank fibox plastic box hinge type connection box

Please contact the customer service to modify the shipping cost, because the box size is not the same.

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Model 1:HB-01 hinge type

2. size:

3. material

The new material new imported, high quality thermoplastic ABS or polycarbonate (PC), or you can choose materials according to customer requirements, customized resistance fuel, anti ultraviolet material,The upper cover has two forms of transparent and opaque (material is non corrosive, antistatic and good insulating).

4. box thickness

 The average thickness of the thinnest part of the box3mmThe thickness of the important part is strengthened (not deformed)Impact strengthIK07(press not broken) ;Easy to use and easy to followMoving position of meaning.

5. waterproof performance:Super waterproof, reach the protection levelIP66Above, even in the operation of heavy rain will not be flooded, very safe.

6. certification:

Products through CE, RoHS certification, materials can be done (environmental protection, flame retardant, UL materials and other certification), waterproof grade IP66 certification passed.

7. loading mode:

    1.The inside is loaded - there is a circuit board inside the box orDINThe mount of the rail element and its own copper wiring nut (each with a minimum of two or more conventional M4 copper nuts)

2. external installation - through mounting holes of the lower part of the box body is directly fixed on the wall (the four corners of the box, with screws or nails fixed on the wall or by the board.)

8.Inlet and outlet holes

 The waterproof box can be freely opened according to the customer's requirements, and the opening position and the opening size can be processed according to the customer's specified requirements After opening the hole can be equipped with supporting waterproof clamping joint, to achieve the best waterproof effect. (for detailed steps, please refer to the picture below)

Service life of 9. waterproof box:

Conventional materials are usually used for about 5 years, depending on the environment, if the material is added with flame retardants andAntiaging agent[Antioxidants can reach life10Above year. Thermal deformation temperature:-40~~85Degree.

10. uses

Terminal BoxMain junction boxSuitable for indoor and outdoor electrical, communications, fire fighting equipment, iron and steel smelting, petrochemical, electronics, electric power, railway, construction sites, mines, quarries, airports, hotels, ships, large factories, coastal factories, dock equipment, sewage treatment facilities, environmental pollution facilities etc..

       Please contact the customer service to modify the shipping cost, because the box size is not the same.



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