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EAST UPS power supply EA9015H/15K long machine / delay need external battery pack / EAST 15K long machine

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The second generation of EA900 series 1kVA-20kVAUPS is the EAST company in the latest research results and application experience, a new generation of universal design and manufacture of the UPS power supply, adopting advanced DSP digital control technology, improve the product performance and system reliability, and achieve higher power density integration and miniaturization. At the same time in order to fully meet the individual needs of users, online high-end small power UPS power supply products for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises and small power supply environment specifically introduced, as users of the departmental servers, LAN, workstation, computer, small medical equipment, and other small precision electronic instruments provide high reliability power protection.

Application domain:
Small and medium-sized enterprise data room, financial system small network, industrial automation control system, local area network server, communication base station server, Internet cafes, shopping malls cashier, etc.


Performance characteristics:

DSP digital control technology

 The advanced DSP digital control technology can effectively improve the performance and reliability of the system, and realize the integration and miniaturization of higher power density.


Active input power factor correction (PFC)

 The digital control of active power factor correction technology makes the input power factor as high as 0.98, so as to avoid the pollution to the grid environment, achieve the purpose of energy saving and reduce the cost of the system.


Digital control of battery mode DC-DC converter

1~3KVAUPS uses digital control to transform the original battery mode DC-DC converter from analog control to digital control, thus improving the reliability.


Green environmental protection

This series of products for green environmental protection products, in line with the EU environmental protection directive RoHS requirements and national electronic information products pollution control management standards requirements, in the normal use of products, will not cause harm to the human body and the environment.


Wide input voltage frequency range

Extremely wide input voltage and frequency range, even in remote areas where the power environment is very bad, can also power supply normally, reduce the number of battery discharge, improve the service life of the battery.


Friendly man-machine interface

 Rich display of UPS information.

 LCD display and LED status display.


Frequency conversion function

 Support 50Hz input /60Hz output or 60Hz input /50Hz output frequency conversion mode, to meet the special needs of users.


Panel setting function

 ECO setting.

 The EOD point of the battery can be flexibly set up by the panel, and the utilization ratio of the battery can be maximized.

 Output voltage setting 208V/220V/230V/240V.

 CF frequency conversion mode setting.

 Output frequency setting in OPF frequency conversion mode.


Perfect protective measures

It has many functions, such as AC input overvoltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, inverter overheating protection, IGBT over-current protection, battery undervoltage early warning protection and battery overcharge protection, etc., which greatly ensures the stability and reliability of the system operation.

With bypass function, when the output overload or UPS fault occurs, it can go to the bypass work state without interruption. The power supply continues to load the power supply, and provides alarm information.


Cold start and city power start function

 The abnormal condition of city electricity can start UPS directly with battery to meet the emergency demand.

 Without battery status, UPS can be directly used to start the power supply, which can be used as a high-precision regulated power supply.


It can be used with generators

 The input voltage and frequency range is wide, which can effectively isolate the bad power generated by the generator, and provide clean, safe and stable power for the load.


Zero handover

 The dual conversion online design makes the output of UPS as a pure sine wave power supply with frequency tracking, phase locking, noise filtering and disturbance free from grid fluctuation, providing more comprehensive protection for the load. When the power supply is unstable, the switching time of the UPS power supply mode is zero, which ensures the safety and reliability of the load operation.


Intelligent battery management

The intelligent battery management technology, the use of automatic charging design float switch.

 Battery overvoltage, overcharge and other protection functions, the maximum protection of the battery is not damaged.


Powerful extensibility

 Smart slot can provide a wide range of scalable functions, you can choose SNMP card, RS485, AS400 card, EMD environment monitor.


Adaptive 50/60Hz power supply system

 Automatic identification, adapt to the 50Hz/60Hz power system, meet the requirements of different power systems.