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YUASA battery NP7-12UPS long delay special battery new original authentic

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discount 70% in 2018-10-21 to 2018-10-23
price: USD$ 70.00
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 Normal use of battery and nursing knowledge:

(1) when the battery is not used for a long time, it should be stored enough electricity, and every three months to do not less than 24 hours of supplementary charging.

(2) when the battery is charged, it should be carried out in the air circulation environment. Avoid close to the fire source. When charging, it is better to remove the battery pack so as to dissipate heat.

(3) the best working environment temperature of the storage battery is 15 -40. In addition to this temperature range, the normal operation of the battery will be affected.

(4) can not make the battery positive and negative short-circuit, so as to avoid danger.

(5) the manufacturer can only use the special charger for charging.

(6) the battery is a special battery. Please do not use it as a power source outside the electric bicycle, so as not to cause damage to the battery.

(7) the battery can not be cleaned by organic solvent. Accidental fire, carbon dioxide fire can not be used, but should use carbon tetrachloride and other fire extinguishers.

(8) if the electrical storage unit fails, please send it to the manufacturer's authorization office or the relevant organization for proper handling. Please don't throw it away so as not to cause environmental pollution.

(9) when the ambient temperature is higher than 40 or lower than -10, the battery life will be shortened. So batteries should avoid direct sunlight during summer heat. In winter, the battery should be stored indoors and charged indoors. When the battery is full of electricity, it should be extended for 2 hours.