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Easy secret service frequency UPS uninterruptible power supply EA8810 emergency power supply 10KVA external battery original product

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Product introduction

EA880 digital frequency double conversion UPS power is a new intelligent AC uninterruptible power supply system in high performance digital control, double conversion on-line structure with input power factor correction, DSP advanced control technology, perfect protection, super network management, reasonable man-machine interface and a series of sophisticated design. All walks of life to meet the high reliability requirements of uninterruptible power supply, set the reliability, security and maintainability of a new generation of AC uninterruptible power supply.

Performance characteristics

Full digital control technology of DSP
The core circuit uses high speed DSP digital signal processor, with high speed and high precision
Full digital control to improve the reliability, flexibility, safety and stability of control
High input power factor, green environmental protection and energy saving
The input power factor correction (PFC), the input power of more than 0.99 INTHA
Improve the utilization of power grid, reduce the operation cost of UPS
The input current harmonic loss THDI (<5%) reduces harmonic pollution to the grid
Strong adaptability of power grid
Wide input voltage range and wide input frequency range
Input lightning protection and surge prevention design, implement international safety standards, adapt to various climate and geographical environment
Convenient fuel generator or other power generation equipment access
Redundant parallel technology
There is no master-slave adaptive parallel design, and the process is simple and convenient
The battery can be shared by the parallel machine to reduce the cost of the unit
The advanced parallel current sharing control technology is safe and reliable
Standard output isolation transformer
The harm of DC component of UPS output voltage to equipment is prevented
Effectively reduce the output zero earth voltage, to meet the special industry for the zero earth voltage special requirements
Effectively reduce the direct interference of load harmonic current to UPS, and improve the reliability of inverter
Industrial grade UPS, suitable for industrial manufacturing and other occasions, more widely used occasions
Super powerful network monitoring management function
RS232 and RS485, USB and other communication interface to facilitate computer connection, monitoring the operation of UPS
Remote SNMP management function, support TCP/IP protocol, realize Internet remote monitoring
Flexible and diverse networking program, convenient anytime, anywhere supervision and management of UPS
Perfect protective measures
Surge protection, short-circuit protection and other kinds of protection are all available to ensure the reliability of UPS work
IGBT special drive circuit, IGBT over-current soft shut off technology and other new technology, improve the reliability and safety of inverter
With battery overvoltage, overcharge, reverse connection and other protection functions, the maximum protection of the battery is not damaged
Cold start and city power start function
The abnormal state of electricity can start UPS directly with battery to meet the emergency demand.
Without battery status, UPS can be directly used to start the power supply, which can be used as a high-precision regulated power supply.
Easy maintenance design
Large screen English and Chinese LCD display and LED status indication.
UPS dry junction remote signal, 2A relay output capacity, easy to drive all kinds of alarm equipment.
Built in manual maintenance bypass, maintenance without interruption to load power supply.
Changing battery does not need to interrupt UPS operation.
Trunk alarm card.
RS485 remote monitor.
SNMP communication card for network management.

application area

Used in the field of power line protection network room, IDC data center, network servers, storage devices, finance, securities, medical, transportation, petrochemical, manufacturing etc..

Conversion time
Input voltage range
Rectifier input: 120 ~ 285Vac, 160 ~ 285Vac / A, with bypass input: 170 - 275Vac
Input frequency range
Output voltage range
220Vac + 1% (steady state)
Output frequency range
50/60 + 0.1Hz (battery inverting)
Working noise
<55 (distance machine 1m)
Appearance size
Environmental parameters
Operating temperature: 0~40 degree C/ relative humidity: 0% ~ 95% (no condensation)
Other properties
Working mode and principle: power line, static bypass switch (continuous switch), double conversion technology / standard: single-phase input / output single-phase rated voltage: 220Vac/ frequency: 50/60Hz (set) / input power factor: current harmonic distortion >0.99/: <5%/ soft start: 15 - 20sec/ frequency tracking range: 5%/. Float voltage: 220VDC/ charging current: 8A (6 - 12A adjustable) protection: input, output voltage protection, short circuit protection, overtemperature protection / nominal battery voltage: 192VDC/ phase: L+N+G/ power factor: 0.8/ peak output current waveform distortion ratio: 3:1/ <3% <5%/; linear load, overload ability of nonlinear load: 105% ~ 130% load 30s; >130% load 200ms/ alarm display: LED+LCD/ protection function: short circuit, overload, output over-voltage, low voltage, over temperature protection / communication interface: RS232 and USB (standard), RS485 and SNMP (optional) / cooling: intelligent wind Fan speed control / input / output connection mode: connection line / surge protection: IEC60664 - 1 Classification Protection / electromagnetic compatibility: conform to GB7260.2 - 2003/ structure: Tower, protection grade IP20