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OPPOA59 A57 full screen printing film toughened glass membrane OPPOA59 carbon fiber membrane mobile phone

discount 70% in 2018-09-21 to 2018-09-23
price: USD$ 14.56
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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[introduction] strong Thai factory:

This factory production and processing all types of mainstream: apple, Samsung, millet, HUAWEI, Meizu other source of supply tempered film, data line, mobile phone holder, charging head, ring bracket, stylus, undertake electronic parts assembly processing, low price, quick delivery cycle, quality guaranteed! Welcome to the next line of the major mobile phone accessories manufacturers, traders, foreign trade business, Tmall Taobao online business, business stalls etc.InquireOr,Come to visit our factoryTo discuss cooperation!

We adhere to high quality products, sincere service, good price, to win every customer's heart, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win. Strong strength of Thai factories focus on follow up with the service of pre-sales and customer service,All day long 8:00-23:00 long time onlineSure, buyers receive a timely response and answer any questions such as pre-sale customer service consulting.

Contact the hotline:181 2857 7702   : 2486144225

On behalf of Tmall or Taobao on behalf of a merchant please copy the following address to open the browser, the application can be a key distribution!



[packing] configuration:
Nude configuration:Toughened film + shockproof foam bag. Bare about 9-13 grams
Carton configuration:Toughened film + shockproof foam bag + carton + alcohol + white dry bag dust stick. About 40~45 grams
The crystal packing box configuration:Toughened film + shockproof foam bag + box + alcohol + Crystal dry bag dust stick. About 40~45 grams
Note:The factory to undertake any type of mobile phone protection film can be customized according to their own customized Logo brand packaging, please consult the online customer service!


[notice](very important):
1、Product link optionsThe film does not indicateperhapsAfter the filmAllBefore the film
2、Not specified film thicknessThe default is 0.26mmThe plane is not marked, arc /The default for 2.5D arc
3、If the mobile phone screen is"2.5D curved screen"orCurved screen"That does not indicate the link options"Full coverage"、‘Full screen surface.or"Full screen"All for only postThe plane of the screen [part]The
Non covering film (non screen film)!
At the time of purchase please ProSee the product options carefullyFor more details and to shoot, or directlyContact customer service online
4、Note: the picture of this link all effects (including the main map and details) for reference, some models of real holes and not necessarily the main figure / details renderings, pleaseThe details of the [map] will prevailOr, inProvide customer service line kind shooting figure
ifThe hole Weiyou special requirementsThe buyer, pleaseContact customer service after consultation with clear ordersThe default, photographed by receiving the kind prevail!!
5、Since most of the current mobile phone screen isLarge radianSome models, in order toSo the film edge does not become warped edge (i.e. white edges)So, we will be the production of mobile phone filmIs smaller than the screen (the industry is)The film, part of the screen than the plane fieldEach side edge of the small 1MM is normalDon't take care! You can chooseFull screen printingorFull carbon fiber (soft edge)Steel film!
6、Take the customer orders, if there is abnormal freight, pleaseContact the customer to modify the freight
7、If you receive the goodsFound any quality problemspleaseOur first contact customer service processingAnd we will give a kissA satisfactory answer or solutionBecause, we always believe that any problems can be settled through friendly negotiation!
If on our products and service satisfactionPlease give 5 received supportAnd we will be indebted forever, disposable single month or up to a certain amount,The price oh


[a] logistics:
During the working dayBefore 16 p.m.Take orders,Usually the same day issued(except for special reasons),16 orders after second days of delivery. Most types of large quantity, less amount of ordersPlease contact customer service to confirm shipment deliveryOh ~
2、Domestic customersThe default sent through courierThe goods, more than25 kgFirst, Guangdong ProvinceWith excellent speed expressorAneng Logistics(packet delivery).
3、Hong Kong and Macao and overseas customers clear transportation contact customer service online consultation.


[return] rules:
Non quality problems returnBy,The buyerReturn freight. And according to the goodsReturn the original packagingTo ensure that the goods and packaging appearance.Flawless and perfectDoes not affect the second sales
2、The quality problem of the returnFor buyers,Provide relevant photos to proveThe product, andAccording to the original package and send backTo ensure that products and packaging appearance.Flawless and perfectDoes not affect the second sales. fromThe company undertakesReturn freight;
3、If the concession periodShipping goodsNon quality problems returnAll.Buyers bear the freight back and forth
4、If the returnBuyers need to use paper, note the following information and products with good return.Note the details are as follows:Buyers want receipt number, contact person, telephone, order number, product type, quantity etc..

5、The factory refused to pay all the pieces!Buyers can find the ordinary express,The first bear return shippingquality problemReturn the factory received return, please.Contact customer service registration and return


[about customer service]:
All dayWhen the line is long9:00-23:00(Sunday service on duty 9 hours)
ensureWhen there are no buyersThe pre-sale, sale, customer service serviceTimely response and answer


Strong [film] advantages and functions of taigang:
The originalGlass, the performance is more stable, better transparency;
2、UseHigh quality abExhaust, better, no imprint;
3、More than 4 hours of tempering timeEven if the broken glass, there is no need to worry about damage to the screen cracked glass. To fully ensure the film toughness, surface hardness, temperingThe hardness of 9H
  (on the market are mostlyToughened 1~2 hoursTempered, the effect is very general, and even some businessesWithout temperingProcess)
4、The high-end fingerprint oilThe plasma spraying technology, anti fingerprint layer better wear resistance, better effect;
(Note: in the industry, the current technical conditions,Anti fingerprintyesImpossibleBut the film can be tempered,To improve the anti fingerprint effect maximum limitReduce fingerprint residuesEven if there is, fingerprint residues, only need to gently wipe it.)
5、Use2.5D arc edgeDesign,Large arc edgeHigh technology, mobile phone film and a perfect fit, feel more smooth edge;
6、Definition: optical transmittance, light transmittance of 99% or more(high transmittance),Extremely low reflectivity, high permeability and high;
7、Film thickness:The use of 0.26MM/0.33MM.
8、Easy to paste: fool paste method, respectively, 1, 2 alcohol wet and dry cleaning, and use the stick after cleaning dust,As long as the holesStick, canAutomatic adsorptionandEmptying the air inside