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Emerson GXE0060L Emerson UPS UPS power supply 6KVA 1 hour delay machine

Ultra high power density, the 2-3U ultra wide input voltage / frequency range, the bad power grid environment output power factor up to 0.9, with a capacity to enhance the efficiency of 20-30% is as high as 92-94% single-phase three-phase compatible, suitable for a variety of applications compatible rack / tower installation support parallel extended operation (maximum 4) provide a rich frame option distribution / convenient frame.

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Tips: Because the UPS battery power and heavy, General Logistics since, for delivery, please contact customer service before photographed! Thank you (additional delivery charges)

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  • Applicable objects

The server, storage, network equipment,ATMVoIPAnd communication equipment

The preparation, automation equipment, precision instruments, medical diagnostic equipment etc..

  • Applicable occasions

Small and medium sized data centers, communications room, network, business hall,

Laboratory, instrument room, control room, office environment, billing

Heart, precision control room, process control center etc..

  • Product features

Ultra high power density, the2-3U

Super wide input voltage/The frequency range, the bad power grid environment

The output power factor up to0.9With the load increase,20-30%

High efficiency92-94%

Single phase compatibility, suitable for a variety of applications


High input power factor up to0.99And to achieve high power utilization

The efficiency is as high as92%Above, a significant energy saving benefits

Meet the EURoHSEnvironmental directives

AdaptseriesUPSProduct positioning?

Applicable to the server room area, protection of key equipment and network communication server

Completely, Emerson Yi RuiTMThe overall scheme of the room

Black body design highlights and collocation, the harmony of server cabinet

AdaptseriesUPSHow to ensure the high reliability of the power supply?

Double conversion on-line design, electric power down without interruption

SupportN+XRedundancy mode, significantly improving the reliability of the system

DSPFull digital control, high output accuracy

Using the latestIGBTThe realization of the input devices, ultra wide grid fluctuation range

Input standard anti surge circuit, anti surge of extraordinary ability

AdaptseriesUPSHow to bring green?

The efficiency is as high as92%Above, a significant energy saving benefits

The input power factor up to0.99, high utilization rate of electric energy

Meet the EURoHSInstruction materials/The process of toxic substances

Intelligent fan speed, fan speed adjustment adaptive, effective energy saving and noise reduction

provideECOMode of operation, high efficiency up98%Obviously, such

AdaptseriesUPSHow to save your money?

The height is0.9The output power factor, hanging more load

Support and extended operation, and without machine frame

The system of high efficiency, energy saving, low operation cost

The high power density, small occupied space frame, save frame number

AdaptseriesUPSHow convenient maintenance?

Large sizeLCDandLEDShow that all kinds of operation data/system state/The historical situation at a glance

Design of operation display panel rotation, with different installation free angle adjustment, convenient and intuitive

AdaptseriesUPSHow to improve the usability of the programme?

Compatible with three single/only(5/10KVA)Three, single/33(16/20KVA)A variety of applications

Support up to4Taiwan and machine, the capacity of the system scalability

Can easily extend the backup time through the cascade battery module

AdaptseriesUPSHow to meet the needs of various monitoring?

Provide the latestUSBMonitor port

Provide a collection of environmental quantitySICThe network adapter support server automatic safety shutdown function

The software is compatible with a variety of operating system(Windows/Linux/HP-UX/Sun Solaris/IBM AIXetc.)

Compatible with Emerson computer monitoring platformSiteMonitorSupport.WebMonitor

provideMibConvenient access to all kinds of library.NMSnms

AdaptseriesUPSHow to protect and extend the battery life?

Super wide input voltage/The frequency range, effectively reduce the battery discharge rate, prolong life

The function of temperature compensation and reduce the effect of environmental temperature on battery life

Super charging capability, shorten the battery recharge time

Battery number set flexible battery system used for(16/20KVA)

Support common battery(16/20KVA)Save battery, investment

Standard warranty repair or replacement within 3 years

UPS as a sudden power outage computer "lifeguard", has been used by more and more users, but as a relatively sophisticated equipment, how to properly use and maintain?

UPS as a sudden power outage computer "lifeguard", has been used by more and more users, but as a relatively sophisticated equipment, how to properly use and maintain?

1. switch sequence

In order to avoid the impact of load current generated in the starting moment of the damage to the UPS power supply, in use should be the first to the UPS power supply, which is in the bypass state, one by one and then open the load, thus avoiding the impact load current of UPS, so that UPS can effectively prolong the service life of. The shutdown sequence can be viewed as the inverse process of the first boot sequence, shutting down load, and then close UPS.

Prior to the start of the 2.

Before starting, first need to confirm the polarity of the input electrical wiring is correct, in order to ensure personal safety. Note that the total load power cannot be greater than the rated power of UPS. UPS should be avoided in the overload condition, to ensure that UPS can work normally.

3. after the shutdown

In the power interruption after UPS, powered by a battery pack and automatic shutdown, stop using UPS battery powered boot, in order to avoid the damage due to excessive discharge. When the power is abnormal and converted to UPS battery power supply, should be promptly closed load and shutdown, power to normalize and start to use.

4. the use of the environment

Similar to computer work environment, UPS requirements of the environmental temperature also is not very high, usually at 0 DEG ~40 DEG can work normally. But the dust problem also plagued UPS UPS, the use of environmental requirements of clean, less dust, dry dust and humid environment will cause UPS is not working properly. UPS battery requirements on the temperature is higher, the use of standard temperature of 25 degrees centigrade, usually do not exceed 15 of the range of ~30 DEG C. The temperature is too low will not only reduce the capacity of battery, will further affect the service life of UPS. In addition, UPS antimagnetic ability is not very good. It should not be the strong magnetic objects on UPS, otherwise it will cause damage to the machine is not working properly or UPS.

5. battery maintenance

The UPS battery pack will exist the phenomenon of self discharge, if not placed cause damage to the battery, so the need for regular discharge. If you are using the electrolyte absorption system of battery maintenance free, will not produce any gas in normal use, but if the user caused by improper use of the battery overcharge will produce gas, and increase the pressure within the stack, which will make the battery drum up, deformation, leakage or even rupture, user if it is found that this phenomenon should replace the battery immediately.

6. Caution!

The battery voltage of UPS is very high, there is a certain risk of electric shock to human body, so it has security in handling electrical connection and output line should be used, the tool should be insulated, especially the output contacts should have set to prevent electric shock.

7. charging voltage

In the charging process of UPS, if the charging voltage is too high will lead to excessive battery charging, or it would cause the battery shortage. When the charging voltage is not normal, may let the battery configuration data errors. So in the installed battery, attention must be paid to the correct battery specifications and quantity, different specifications, different brands of batteries should try to avoid mixing, the external charger also do not use low-cost low-quality products.

8. charging current

Similar to the UPS voltage requirements in the charge and discharge of UPS battery should avoid excessive current through. Although sometimes UPS battery large current to a certain extent, but in the actual operation should avoid as far as possible, otherwise it will make the battery plate deformation, resulting in serious increase of the internal resistance of the battery, the battery capacity will lead to serious decline, greatly shorten the battery life.

9. depth of discharge

Influence of discharge depth of UPS on the service life of the battery is large, the battery discharge depth, cycle times less, depth of discharge should therefore be avoided when using the battery. Although some brands have UPS discharge protection function, but if the UPS is in light load or no-load discharge discharge, will allow the battery to discharge depth, thus affecting the service life of the battery pack.

10. load

Ordinary users may think that the load capacity of UPS, the protective effect on the computer will be better, so at the time of purchase, the high load capacity of high price products. While the user load in practical application is UPS rated 30% or less, it will also affect the life of UPS, after all, the internal battery often cannot completely normal work. Of course, does not mean that 100% of the rated load is good, if so, UPS any small problems will cause major damage, the actual operation shows that the load 50%~80% as well.