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Authentic American QCT tungsten alloy reamer straight edge interval of 2.3-3.5mm 0.1mm high precision resistance

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QCT alloy reamer in the United StatesMetricDimensional drawing

QCT alloy reamerInchDimensional drawing

The alloy reamer has one or more cutter teeth, which is used to remove the rotary cutter on the machined surface of the thin metal layer. After processing after the hole reamer
Precise size and shape can be obtained. The alloy reamer is used to reaming the hole after reaming (or reaming)To improve the machining accuracy and reduce the surface roughness of the hole, it is a tool used for finishing and semi finishing of holes, and the machining allowance is very small.

Reaming is one of the finishing processes of holes, which is widely used in production. For the smaller hole, reaming is a kind of relative to internal grinding and fine boringA more economical and practical method.

   Uses:Matching holes for reaming iron parts and steel parts of castings.

    Performance:Suitable for processing high hardness quenching products, suitable for processing of chilled cast iron and alloy heat-resistant alloy steel, precision machining can also be suitable for ordinary iron, high wear resistance, good strength.

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