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EVA, TPR, PVC plastic foaming agent, plastic Toner, baking soda additives, white foaming agent 39 yuan /KG

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Name: foaming agent, white foaming agent

Color; white powder

Decomposition temperature: 150 (c)

Effective substance content: 99 (%)

Category: plastic blowing agent

Gas output: 120 (ml/g)


Product characteristics

White solid powder. It belongs to endothermic blowing agent, and the decomposition depends only on the heat suppliedmachiningCondition, friction and pressure. The decomposition of foam is relatively gentle, and its decomposition products are mainly CO2, which will not corrode the production and processing equipment. This product is white solid powder, its decomposition residue is white, does not affect the color of the product, its product whiteness is good. There is no pollution of the three wastes in the production process. It is a green environmental protection product.

Technical index

The decomposition temperature is 110-160 degrees centigrade
The gas output was 115 + 5ml/g (STP)
The average particle size was 15 m

Main application

Mainly used in PVC and PS profile, sheet, sheet extrusion, injection foaming, such as shutters, frames and other low foaming plastic products, TPR soles and high-end PVC injection slippers, sandals. Can replace a large amount of exothermic foaming agent (ACADC) and exothermic foaming agent, effectively reduce foaming costs.


25KGEach package


It has no odor, no poison, good storage and self extinguishing. It does not decompose at room temperature, but must be stored in a cool and dry place. Keep away from hot steam pipe, fire source, avoid direct sunlight. No direct contact with acid and alkali! It is recommended that the storage and mixing areas have good ventilation conditions to avoid inhalation of dust, deep skin contact and swallowing. If you have contact with the skin, rinse immediately.


1, under normal conditions, the product should be based on the performance of products, appropriate add activator (such as: Zinc Oxide, stearate, carbonate and phosphate) to regulate the decomposition temperature, activator dosage, depending on the type of activator, white bubble agent quality and product properties, determined by the test. 2, the amount of foaming agent also depends on the performance of the product. Generally from 0.1-30 copies. For example, there are about 5 pieces of light compound substance, 15-25 pieces of pressed foam sponge, soft hard sponge and 0.1 pieces of polyethylene metal wire


Storage: in ventilated, shady and dry place. Packaging: plastic composite bags, 25 kg per bag.


Processing sponge rubber products, generally from 1-20 copies. Depending on the performance of the product. The curing conditions of model products were determined by the small matching test

ACfoaming agent

Chinese name:ACFoaming agent orADCfoaming agentScientific name: azo two formamide, also known as azo formamide

English name:AzobisformamideorAzodicarbonamide

Molecular formula:C2H4N4O2        Molecular weight:116.08      Appearance: pale yellow crystalline powder.

Product characteristics:

Light yellow powder, can be stored at room temperature, should not be bad, not caking. This product is non-toxic, odorless, no pollution, this product in high temperature120Lower decomposition.


A foaming agent for making various foamsPVCEVAPPPEPSFoaming plastic, especially suitable for leather and artificial leather, high dense and uniform pore size of plastic products, the use of the product the product has good elasticity, pore uniformity, good strength, large volume of gas.ACFoaming agent is widely used in foaming process of polymer. It can be used to make tool handles, furniture, automotive parts, closed cell leather, flooring, wallpaper, carpet lining, seals and soles. Storage and processing attentionACThe foaming agent has good stability, no combustion and self extinguishing. Ventilate, dry, keep away from heat source. Storage time should not exceed12Months. Otherwise, there will be caking phenomenon. It is easy to produce dust during processing, and should be ventilated well in the processing place to avoid dust inhalation and long time contact with the skin. Flame only burns when exposed to flame,ACIt will burn out automatically, but it will support combustion in a large amount. You can use water, foam.CO2Extinguish fire.

Technical indicators: gas output (MLG):≥218MLG      Average particle size (diameter)UM):≤12UM

Decomposition temperature):195-210℃                    Heating reduction (%):≤0.10

Ash content (%):≤0.50                          Purity (%):≥98.0

Packing: woven bag, net weight25Kg / bag;20Kg / carton;25Kg / carton

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