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Spot ADIDASHardenVol.1BOOST harden MVP platinum basketball shoes AC8107CG5106

Note: the domestic and foreign versions of insoles are different. The domestic version of insoles and shoebox does not have the word "MVP" and so on, with the counter as the standard.

discount 70% in 2018-08-14 to 2018-08-16
price: USD$ 838.60
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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[sincere guarantee]:

       All the goods sold are authentic, and accept any form of professional inspection, such as suspected friends can go to the major professional shoes forum identification or inspection to the counter, accept supervision, never break the promise(all goods in this store are shops and marking code camera shipments, please respect party.)     
The [style]: ADIDASHardenVol.1BOOST MVP harden platinum basketball shoes
The [material]:Artificial leather / rubber  
The [number]:CG5106 AC8107 
The [color]: grayPlatinum(such asBecause of the light and technical problems, the picture will have slight color difference)  
The counter price: 15991399 []
The new counter [status]: original box
[] - Inventory: a friend before making the consulting service to verify good size

If the customer is suspicious of genuine goods after receiving the goods, please post it to the forum for verification or check the counter!

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Shopping note: online shopping discount is low, the shop products are not used 7 days can be returned; once the use of the site does not support the exchange service, please confirm the error after the use of actual combat

Basic understanding:Not all styles of shoes are all tag; different styles of design and materials of different soft comfort are different; each a genuine packaging is the original box, this box also specialized factory production, material independent independent plate; shoes are non art goods production,Hope that businesses and guests are mutual understanding, and jointly safeguard the genuine marketMost of the shoes are made in Asia, and even American mail is not necessarily produced in the United States, which is produced by processing plants and then sold around the world.

About quality:Our products are subject to inspection in any form and subject to supervisionEven if you wear rotten, you can verify, as long as it does not affect the sale, the store supports 7 days no reason to return, and has joined the rest assured AmoyIt is recommended to verify channels: counters or professional forums, Tiger flutter, new new, global and nikefans, etc. are more professional forumsWelcome the supervision of all the guests.

Matters needing attentionDearWhen you receive the goods, please carefully check whether the shoes are damaged and other quality problems. On the premise of not affecting the two sales, the non quality problems caused by the returned goods,Need yourselfTake the postage back and forth


1, buy the shoes, please try to buy good.
2, regular cleaning shoes, wipe with a wet cloth, clean the upper shoe should be dry, do not brush with a strong brush.
3, cortical sports shoes should be applied oil for leather protection.
4, avoid shoes soaking, explosion drying and fire baking, so as to avoid shoe deformation and shoe breakage.
5, avoid shoes contact with solvents, acids, alkalis, oil and other perishable products.
6, attention should be paid to special shoes, vulcanized canvas shoes, casual shoes, sandals should not do strenuous exercise, indoor sports shoes can not do strenuous exercise in outdoor venues.
7, not wearing maintenance should begin, shoes or newspapers can keep the shoes inside the shoe tree type. Cover the vamp with a protective film to maintain its beauty
8, try to avoid extrusion, so that shoes remain in the original state. If you don't wear it, you should take out the insole and put the shoes in the ventilated place, so that the shoes can be heated and returned to the original state.
9. Never wash or soak with washing powder!
10, in order to extend the life of shoes, as little as possible wash, put in ventilated dry place to dry, to avoid direct sunlight, sunshine long time irradiation will make vamp discoloration or damage vamp organization, shorten the service life