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Hardware tools bowl type diamond white 1502 hole 53 gold wheel running promotions

The grinding of hard alloy, special grinder.

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Bowl type diamond grinding wheel

150 mm in diameter

Thickness 35 mm

Aperture 32 mm, variable diameter

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Grinding of cemented carbide with diamond grinding wheel. Glass polishing. When we supply large enterprises with large quantities, we need to pay only ten percent tax when we need VAT invoice.

The diamond bonded abrasives, which are made of diamond powder, resin powder, ceramic and electroplated metal, are used as diamond bonded grinding wheels.

The structure of diamond grinding wheel is generally composed of three parts: working layer, substrate and transition layer.

The working layer is also called diamond layer, which is made up of abrasives, binders and fillers. The transition layer, also called non diamond layer, is composed of bond, metal powder and filler. It is the part that firmly connects diamond layer on the matrix.
The matrix is used to undertake the abrasive layer and is firmly clamped on the spindle of the grinding machine with flanges. General metal bonded products selection of steel and alloy steel powder as matrix resin binder; selection of Aluminum Alloy, bakelite as matrix. Made of aluminum, steel or bakelite processing, supporting layer and clamping abrasive role. The quality of grinding wheel forming quality and the use precision have a great relationship with the matrix.

One.SD: synthetic mandiamond
SDC: metal coating of synthetic diamond
CBN: cubic boron nitride
Coarse grain: 80#/100#/120#/140#/170#/200#/240#/270#/325#
Particles: 400#/500#/600#/800#/1000#/1200#/1500#/2000#/3000#
Two. Binding degree: refers to the bond soft and hard degree
Three. Concentration: refers to the percentage of diamond weight and diamond layer volume, which according to the provisions of IDAS-703, the diamond layer of the volume of 1cm containing 4.4CT abrasive called concentration, and the ratio as the benchmark to indicate concentration.
Four. Manufacturing methods and bond differentiation:
Mark: BMVE
Bond: resin bond / metal bond / porcelain bond / plating method
The electroplating method is to use metal nickel to fix the diamond or CBN abrasive particles on the surface of the substrate by electroplating, and usually combine the electroplating method (E) into a metal bond form.

The characteristics of diamond grinding wheel include the type, particle size, concentration, bond and shape size of diamond abrasive.

Due to the characteristics of diamond abrasive (with high hardness, high compressive strength, good abrasion resistance), make diamond tools become an ideal tool for grinding hard brittle materials and hard alloy in grinding process, not only high efficiency, high precision, and good surface roughness, abrasive consumption, long service life, but also can be improved working conditions. It is widely used in ordinary abrasive machining to low iron content of metal and nonmetal hard and brittle materials, such as hard alloy, high alumina ceramics, optical glass, agate stone, stone and other semiconductor materials.

The diamond grinding wheel can be divided into resin bonded diamond grinding wheel, vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel and metal bonded diamond grinding wheel (bronze bonded diamond grinding wheel)
The diamond grinding wheel can be divided into sintered diamond grinding wheel (resin bonded diamond grinding wheel, vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel, metal bonded diamond grinding wheel), electroplated diamond grinding wheel and brazed diamond grinding wheel according to the production process.
According to the diamond wheel grinding method can be divided into: diamond grinding wheel with diamond; diamond grinding wheel grinding hard alloy (diamond grinding wheel); grinding diamond composite sheet with diamond grinding wheel; coreless grinder centerless grinding with diamond grinding wheel; grinding of ceramic products with diamond grinding wheel; cutting with diamond wheel (also known as the diamond cutting blade); diamond saw blade.
The diamond grinding wheel according to the appearance or shape can be divided into: parallel grinding wheel; grinding wheel; cup wheel; cup wheels; disc grinding wheel; grinding wheel; grinding etc..

Diamond grinding wheel used for glass, ceramics, ferrite, semiconductor materials and other hard brittle materials and metal materials, grinding hard alloy material shape processing, electrolytic grinding, diamond drill grinding and other heavy load cutting and grinding machining centers, grinding has good abrasion resistance, high efficiency, long service life.

Diamond grinding wheel is a special tool for grinding hard alloys, glass, ceramics, gemstones and other hard and brittle materials. In recent years, with the rapid development of high speed grinding of ultra precision grinding technology, put forward higher requirements on the ceramic grinding wheel, resin bonded grinding wheel has been unable to meet the need of the production of metal bonded grinding wheel and because of its high bonding strength, good formability, long service life and other significant characteristics of the production has been widely used. There are two types of metal bonded diamond grinding wheel, which are sintered and electroplated according to different manufacturing methods. In order to give full play to the role of ultra hard abrasive, a new type of grinding wheel, namely single layer high temperature brazed superhard abrasive wheel, has been developed from abroad in the early 1990s.
Ceramic diamond grinding wheelThe common characteristics of vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel with diamond and vitrified, compared with ordinary corundum, silicon carbide grinding wheel, grinding force it, grinding temperature is relatively low, the wheel wear is relatively small; can adapt to all kinds of cooling liquid; grinding wheel shape keep good, grinding a workpiece with high precision grinding wheel; there are more pores, grinding for chip removal and cooling, is not easy to be blocked, not easy to burn the workpiece; the wheel self dressing better, dressing interval time is long, easy dressing. Therefore, the vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel has been used more and more in some developed countries.
Sintered diamond grinding wheel
Sintered metal bonded grinding wheel is made of bronze and other metal as binder and sintered at high temperature. It has high bonding strength, good formability, high temperature resistance, good thermal conductivity, good wear resistance, long service life, and can bear large load. Because the shrinkage and deformation of the grinding wheel inevitably exist, the grinding wheel must be shaped before use, but the dressing of the grinding wheel is difficult. The common grinding wheel is not only trimming but also trimming
It is time-consuming and laborious, and the diamond particles fall off more in the dressing process. The dressing wheel itself consumes much, and the truing precision is low.
In recent years, scholars in various countries have carried out the research work of dressing metal bonded diamond grinding wheel by special processing method, mainly electrolytic dressing method, EDM dressing method, composite dressing method, etc.. Electrolytic dressing method is fast, but the plastic precision EDM shaping method; high precision, can be plastic and plastic dressing, but slower; composite dressing method has ECDM dressing method, mechanical and chemical composite dressing method. The dressing effect is good, but the system is more complex, so the sintered diamond dressing problems are still not solved very well.
In addition, the grinding process determines that the surface topography is random, the geometry and distribution of each abrasive grain and the height of the cutting edge are inconsistent. Therefore, only a few high cutting edges are cut into the workpiece when grinding, which limits the grinding quality and further improves the grinding efficiency.
Electroplated diamond grinding wheel
Advantages of electroplated diamond grinding wheel:
Electroplating process is simple, less investment, easy to manufacture;
No need for dressing, easy to use;
The single layer structure determines that it can achieve very high working speed, and now it has reached 250 ~ 300m/s abroad;
Although there is only one layer of diamond, there is still enough service life;
For higher precision requirements, grinding wheel, electroplating manufacturing method.
Because of these advantages, high speed and ultra high speed grinding of electroplating wheel occupies an indisputable dominant position. Electroplated diamond wheel flaws: metal coating and substrate and abrasive combination surface does not exist strong chemical and metallurgical bond, in fact only by abrasive mechanical burying inlaid metal coating, so hold small diamond particles, heavy load and high efficiency grinding easily (or coating into spalls) caused the overall increase of the coating thickness for the failure; must increase the holding force, the abrasive exposed height of chip space is reduced, the wheel prone to clogging, the cooling effect is poor, prone to burn the workpiece surface. At present, the grinding wheel topography has not been optimized in accordance with the requirements of processing conditions, and the inherent disadvantages of single-layer electroplated diamond wheels will greatly limit its high efficiency grinding application.

Wear problem

Any grinding wheel has its certain wear and tear requirements, the wear situation to a certain extent, we must replace the new grinding wheel. In order to save materials, excessive wear is required. This is a very unsafe violation. It is generally stipulated that a new grinding wheel should be replaced when the grinding wheel is worn to a diameter of 10mm larger than the diameter of the chuck.

Period of validity

The new grinding wheel from the warehouse is not necessarily a qualified grinding wheel, and even a new grinding wheel bought from the manufacturer is not necessarily a qualified grinding wheel. Any grinding wheel has a certain period of validity, used within the validity period, it is a qualified grinding wheel; more than the validity of the use, it is not necessarily a qualified grinding wheel. It is stipulated in the regulation that the grinding wheel should be used within the period of validity, and the resin and rubber bonded grinding wheel must be tested after rotation for one year, and qualified persons can use it".

quality problem

In the use of the process, if the cracks appear in the grinding wheel, it should be stopped immediately, replace the new grinding wheel, so as to avoid the grinding wheel crushing injury accident.
Maintenance aspect;Warranty and maintenance: if the diamond surface falls off, it can be replaced and repaired: if it is made into a groove, it can be modified with carborundum wheel.

Risk commitment

This product is underwritten by Ping An insurance company, safety problems occur, please contact promptly, to speed up for you to solve.

Side grinding problem

In the daily use of the sand turbine, we often find that some operators do not use the type of grinding machine, regardless of the type of grinding wheel, and use the side of the grinding wheel at random, which is a serious violation of safety operation rules of illegal operation. According to the rules, the grinding wheel with circular surface is not suitable for side grinding. The radial strength of the grinding wheel is large, the axial strength is very small, and when the operator is too large, the grinding wheel will be broken and even hurt, and this behavior should be prohibited in the actual use process.

Positive operation problem

In daily use, many operators used to grinding operation, the reason is that this direction can use anything, in fact, this kind of behavior is grinding machine operation should be specifically prohibited behavior. According to the operating rules, using a grinder grinding workpiece, the operator should stand in the wheel side, not in the front wheel operation, so as to avoid wheel failure, wheel or wheel broken fly flying out.

Forced operation problem

Some operators in the use of grinder, and especially the young operator, for the sake of grinding speed, force too much too fast, this is a very unsafe behavior. Any wheel body has a certain strength, it is likely to be caused by the broken wheel, even flying out to hurt people, but also a should be prohibited.

Common operating problems

In the daily operation of the actual, also have this happen, people catch the production task, grab the working time, two people share a grinder operation at the same time, this is a serious violation of operating behavior, should be strictly prohibited. A grinding machine with enough time, can be used to add a grinding machine solution, are not allowed to share a grinder.
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