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CRONY's official business shop to play 2.2 meters high-grade titanium grips snakehead halleluyah rod Lei Qiang

Berlusconi professional production, men play noble, excellent touch, very tough, height sensing, shot design, strong waist, global top raw materials, exquisite craft, high cost. Nine Shiquan beauty, waiting for you to enjoy!

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[read] fishing fishing life guide man to play "MAN`STOY" halleluyah rod series is Berlusconi specially designed for domestic fishing snakehead development, series contains gold, wood, water, fire, soil and other special road price and grade of different sub fish pole, the introduction of the "men play titanium" series of corresponding "gold", is the highest level in the series flagship style, the highest level of material with high level technology combining model of high-grade and high performance is the perfect fusion of Koniere strong rod. Next, you read the life editor for you to carefully read the Kony Lei Qiang pole flagship product, "male play titanium gold MTT-C73XH"

Design position 

"Men play titanium MTT-C73XH series" Lei Qiang is fishing rod, Berlusconi male playing "MAN`STOY" Lei Qiang special road and pole of the flagship product, in addition to the use of high technology and high standards of material specifications, the design is also quite characteristic, almost the whole body with dark golden rod embryo paint coating, moisture rich texture the sun is shining, the rod embryo tail section also uses four axis carbon cloth coating process and wire winding decoration, ensure the strength and appearance of high waist.


The design of rod hardness of XH super hard, adjustable in speed, the first 2.7 mm diameter, 13 mm in diameter, this design element, the fishing rod has a stronger force in fishing, fast can quickly resolve to force adjustable waist, with giant old black can be handy, even "shenglayingzhuai", a strong rod will give the embryo your confidence; the rod weight is 238 grams, can be used as a "Ray" Lei Qiang rod has been very light. Overall, the ability of man to play titanium MTT-C73XH "have to deal with the giants, tough and strong waist pole, suitable for large area and heavy obstacles to fish, and lighter weight make it have more widely used ability, but also more suitable for long time use.


Material technology

As a male play Lei Qiang series products, "male playing titanium gold MTT-C73XH" selects the highest level of material and accessories, the use of Corni fishing gear highest level pole manufacturing technology, strive for perfection, every detail has strict control.

"Men play titanium MTT-C73XH in appearance painting extravagant, mostly in the rod body with dark golden paint, gold and silver decoration, winding rod, embryo tail section is divided into window type four axis carbon cloth and wire winding area of the exposed area of two parts; the rod block" MAN`STOY coated titanium "name Berlusconi and" CRONY "metal logo card, and the necessary parameter information and electric mark.

 Rod embryo and technology
"Men play titanium MTT-C73XH" 2.21 meters in length, with a semi design, is the best choice for balanced performance and portability, the embryo pole used Japanese imports of Dongli high modulus carbon fiber material, application of new gear Berlusconi carbon cloth processing and four axis carbon cloth rod coating technology, super hardness reaches XH hard, manufactured by the 10 kg heavy fishing waist test, excellent strength, with the first design to match the tonality and size, so that the smooth throw fish back strong.

Accessories configuration

1, guide ring

In terms of guide ring configuration, "male titanium gold MTT-C73XH" is equipped with 9 FUJI titanium rings and 1 anti winding top rings, and the strength and durability are strongly guaranteed. The overall layout of guide rings is stable and neat, and the larger overall guide eye is easy to operate in and out of coarse PE line.

 2. Wheel seat

The wheel seat is still equipped with FUJI type professional standards in Japan, adding metal buckle, more adapt to the violent operation, Lei Qiang that in addition, the wheel seat as a whole are chameleon painting style, buckle knob is wrapped carbon fiber material, the overall coordination of collocation aesthetic, superior appearance.

 3. Hand handle

"Men play titanium rod MTT-C73XH" Lei Qiang is a semi independent design, hand as part of a festival, produced by the Portuguese import 4A natural cork, and other forms of hand painted black block; the extended design as a whole, has caused the change of the thickness of the actual use, fit the palm grip is very comfortable; the wheel seat above an assistant handle, convenient to fish the hands hand force; the tail section by the compression of soft wood and metal pad composed of anti-collision tail, reduce the damage to the fishing rod fishing process.

Editorial Reviews

"Men play titanium rod MTT-C73XH" Lei Qiang as man to play "MAN`STOY" Berlusconi fishing snakehead halleluyah pole in a series of special products, high-quality materials and application of Dongli Fuji titanium ring, relying on mature and professional Berlusconi fishing halleluyah rod design and manufacturing system, high performance and high strength, beautiful appearance of the combination. It can be said that "male playing titanium gold" is born for Lei Qiang. It is a real all weather and all-weather Lei Qiang pole. It is a high-performance professional Lei Qiang rod product produced by Kony fishing tackle for domestic fishing friends. Lei Qiang, you can't miss it.