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Japan Gen DAISO sponge puff brush cleaning agent 80ml

No plastic packaging bottle capacity 120ML containing detergent 80ML, are dissatisfied with the bottle, this is a protective design, to prevent foaming during transport overflow, please understand. The texture is thin like detergent like, slightly foaming, will need to be washed or soaked and then puff paint, 3-4 drops of lotion, slightly water gently rub, finally rinse clean, ventilated place to dry the lunar calendar.

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[name]: a large commodity Daiso puff makeup brush cleaning agent cleaning agent is an excellent helper potent bactericidal 80ml

Product specifications: 80ml []

[origin]: Japan

[packaging]: no box plastic

[date]: Japanese goods batch no solution, keep fresh. Because of different batches, date and description will vary, please prevail in kind. Thanks for your understanding

[details]: Japan's largest commodity puff sponge cleaning liquid,
Can be used for make-up sponge puff, daily cleaning brush out, cheap and easy to use, cost-effective!
Ingredients: natural plant oils, emulsifiers, surfactants... Etc.. No fragrance, colorless!

You puff the wash? A lot of women every day make-up, but never wash puff, you know? Puff is a breeding ground for bacteria, because it
With the face of the skin, it is easy to breed bacteria, and puff body sweat and grease, dirty degree is like the home use
The dirty rag, once infected, there is likely to be cellulitis. Through the microscope to see a dermatologist, aged
Puff how dirty? What a white puff was originally a piece of black and yellow? Over the other side or as dirty, too lazy to master the powder puff
With the light, but never wash puff, you will never know, the sweat on the face, the oil keeps 4 and 50 thousand bacteria inside, let health
People worry.
Puff as long as half did not wash, covered with Escherichia coli, yeast, and fungi, the number of bacteria even more than on a rag, even
The toilet is 2 times of bacteria. To see a microscope, sponge surface has a large black part is dust, into the crevice, and black
The same hypha, and white dot part, is the face of the bacteria inside their dander.
As long as a makeup, face skin sweat into bacterial meal, including yeast, Escherichia coli, and even the emergence of fungi, bacteria
Two times the number of dirty or toilet, so the puff you dare to use it? But according to the survey, Taiwan is also a lot of girls do not wash puff, doctor
It is suggested that the best habit, wash once a week puff best, avoid the growth of bacteria

[Methods]: 1, first with warm water to wet puff (the best for a few minutes)
2, a few drops of a detergent powder puff puff, gently wipe.
3, to puff in water to hand out of the bubble, repeated three to four times
4, wash puff, washed clean so far
5, will be put to puff towel or dry towel to lock moisture, air dry
Paint cleaning method: find a suitable container, a few drops of a cleaning agent, adding proper amount of water will be painted in circles in the container,
Let the powder stains dissolve, finally clean water rinse, lock moisture, air dry.
Method: wash the air puff for a moderate bag, pour half water, half cleaner, and then soak them for powder puff.
After repeated flapping soaking repeatedly by hand pinch puff, puff in the make-up make repeated washing, and finally rinse, lock moisture, air dry.
[] reminder: This is not the full tank detergent tank, about 1/4 of the bottle is empty. Because of his texture, itself if shake or shock
Dynamic bubble. So you must have a large space, deliberately put the bottle to enlarge, liquid flow more space. The amount of 80ml is enough
The mind taken