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Japan Kobe KOBE battery 12V38AH UPS/EPS DC panel emergency special package mail

discount 70% in 2018-10-15 to 2018-10-17
price: USD$ 250.60
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Factory introduction:
Kobe Electric Corporation belongs to Japan
HITACHI(Hitachi group), specializing in the production of forklift trucks, car batteries, so complete specifications. There are three factories, such as SAITAMA, NABARI and HIKONE. The total area of the factory is 300 thousand square meters, with a total construction area of ninety-five thousand square meters. In July, 97, SAITAMA factory rate of Japan lead-acid battery manufacturers first, first access to ISO14001 environmental certification. Then, the other 2 factories through this witness and have received ISO9001 quality certification.
Kobe Electric Corporation, in addition to the production of forklift trucks, but also the production of automobile and motorcycle, golf carts, electric car batteries, small portable cadmium batteries, mobile phone batteries, notebook computer batteries, battery used to industry, such as power plant power supply equipment and UPS equipment etc..

Japan's new KOBE motor co., LTD production of KOBE KOBE battery (battery) is suitable for the electric forklifts, golf car, truck, bus, storage battery, engineering machinery, engineering vehicles, and so on. With its own strength to win the world each big famous forklift manufacturing enterprises trust and support. Company through Japan JQA quality check, ISO9001 quality certification, ISO14000 environmental certification. My company agent for KOBE forklift battery, as the only all Japan original installation import battery, 100% of Japan's gross domestic product, suitable for all kinds of brand electric forklift, such as: Toyota of linde force God steel komatsu eternal force of modern TCM, daewoo, mitsubishi, nissan Yale BTATLET electric forklift at home and abroad, such as one of Japan's big three battery manufacturer

The new kobe motor co., LTD

The factory is introduced:

Application area and classification of storage battery:
The maintenance free and without replacement; - UPS uninterruptible power supply;
The small resistance, large current discharge performance; - Fire standby power;
We adapt to the wide temperature - safety protection alarm system;
The small self discharge; - emergency lighting system;
The service life is long; the electricity, telecommunications system;
They charged the factory, easy to use; -
ElectronicsInstruments and Apparatuses
The safety explosion-proof; - electric tools, electric toys;
The unique formula, good performance of deep discharge recovery; - portable electronic devices;
It is no free electrolyte, side can still use the photographic equipment;
The product through the CE, ROHS certification, all batteries - solar and wind power generation system;
In line with national standards. Patrol bicycles, red and green warning lamps, etc..

In line with national standards. Patrol bicycles, red and green warning lamps, etc..


Voltage (V)

Capacity (Ah)

Reference size (mm)

Reference weight (kg)



Total height




















































Long-Life Technology

Through the computer design of precision resistance alloy grid corrosion calcium tin, ABS corrosion resistant material shell, high strength and tight assembly process, improve the battery assembly tightness, prevent active material loss, improve the service life of the battery, the battery will not increase acid design, to ensure that due to electrolyte depletion and shorten the service life of the battery.

High performance

(1) weight, small size, high energy, small internal resistance, large output power.

(2) high charge and discharge performance. With high purity raw materials and special manufacturing process, self discharge can be controlled below 2% a month and stored at room temperature (25 C) for more than half a year, and it can still be used normally.

(3) the recovery performance is good. When the deep discharge or charger fails, the short circuit can be charged for 30 days, and the capacity can be recovered.

(4) no equalization charging is needed. Because of internal resistance, capacity and floating charge voltage consistency, high frequency machine must be carried out from three aspects: performance, price and customer service. Make sure the battery is in floating state without a balanced charge.

Battery features:

1 when maintaining simple charge, most of the oxygen produced inside the battery is absorbed by the plate and reduced to electrolyte, and there is no electrolyte reduction

2 the liquid holding high electrolyte is absorbed in the special clapboard and keeps no flowing state, so it can be used even if it falls down. (not more than 90 degrees beyond)

3 excellent safety performance, due to extreme overcharge operation errors caused by excessive gas can be released, to prevent the battery rupture.

4 self discharge electrode uses special lead acid alloy to produce grid, and the self discharge is controlled in small.

5 long life and good economy, the grid of the battery adopts the special lead calcium alloy with good corrosion resistance. At the same time, the special clapboard can keep the electrolyte, and at the same time, it can press the active material of the positive plate to prevent falling off, so it is a kind of battery with long life and economy. 6, small internal resistance, because of small resistance, high current discharge characteristics. After deep discharge, there is good recovery ability, in case of long-term discharge, as long as the full charge, basically no capacity reduction, can quickly recover. No free acid, battery 90 degrees of safe use, low ratio of electrolyte.

Application range: communication equipment, uninterruptible power supply, emergency light, electronic system, alarm system, solar system, toy control equipment

For users, the battery maintenance is very important, is the necessary measures to prolong the battery life of the battery is different, however, different maintenance methods can not be generalized, should be based on the characteristics of battery use, adopt various methods for maintenance, so as to achieve the expected results.

The company has always adhere to the "quality, customer first, quality service, abide by the contract," the purpose, with a high-quality products, good reputation, high quality service, the best-selling products in more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, with a number of retailers and manufacturers to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations, the strength of the company, re credit, keep the contract, to ensure product quality, variety of operating characteristics and the principle of small profits, won the trust of our customers

KOBE battery is the only domestic brand battery imported from Japan at present. The original use of purity of up to 99.99% of lead as raw materials, equipped with advanced automatic production equipment, a long history of production experience, the manufacture of high quality, high performance batteries. The battery can be used in all battery forklift trucks, not limited to Europe, the United States, Japan or china. In addition, KOBE battery has the characteristics of short charging time, long service life, high temperature resistance, not afraid of frequent use and so on.