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Clamp 4 inch 6 inch 8 inch 10 inch 12 inch industrial heavy benchvice national shipping by drilling milling machine

discount 70% in 2018-09-17 to 2018-09-19
price: USD$ 1237.32
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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We do not engage in sales trap (our sales and reputation are true, never brush, and made a 1000 yuan deposit, please rest assured to buy. With regard to the freight issue, the goods must be paid in accordance with the delivery, we will inform you. Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang. Tibet, Hong Kong, Qinghai, Gansu, Hainan, Heilongjiang and some other regions, some of the goods to pay the freight, shipping is not in the scope of the specific circumstances, please contact customer service)
  • Zx50c multifunction small milling machine, gear drive power foot, left and right automatic tool three axis digital display
    RMB: 5500
  • ZXTM40 drilling and milling machine small milling machine, 40 drilling milling boring grinder, high quality vertical milling machine, drilling machine factory direct sales
    RMB: 3900
  • Single column hydraulic press, YL-40 ton press straightening machine, customized hydraulic special machine, factory direct selling, national joint guarantee
    RMB: 17800
  • Radial drilling machine Z3032 automatic lifting small drilling machine, six gear speed change, GB copper core motor power foot
    RMB: 5800
  • Four column hydraulic press, YQ32-100 tons, 160 tons, 200 tons, 315 tons, 500 tons can be non-standard custom
    RMB: 32000
  • Single column hydraulic press, 100 ton press, small oil hydraulic shaft straightening machine, special hydraulic press for automobile maintenance
    RMB: 32000

★★★Please read the following terms carefully. When you take the goods at the same time, the default is that you have agreed to accept the terms of the shop.★★★

[about us]

All goods in this store, with a sales price. The imitation work in a lot less than the original authentic procedure, so they cost much lower than our original product cost, in order to sell fake goods stores and other competition, all goods are sold. Please kindly understand that the price is too low to accept the price!

Those who provide a purchase of goods receipt of our purchase of the goods receipt can be for you, also covered with a red seal, convenient for your reimbursement. (receipt of payment receipt can contact customer service)

Sincerely welcome your call 13561185829Or communicate with us through various forms, such as wangwang.

[about delivery and transportation]

1Because the goods sold in this shop are all original and genuine.

2Our small commodity (within five kg) default tact or excellent speed express,The big US bes express.For SF, please pay the freight difference debon.

3The arrival time is the reference time, most of the arrival time is3Around the sky, the remote areas are determined according to the actual situation. Bulky goods that need to be shipped (weight over five kg),In case of natural disasters and other non resistance factors lead to delays in goods, please understand. Because the third party logistics company operation time and service shop can not be constrained, this shop can cooperate with buyers to communicate with the logistics company, please buyers understand.

4We promise to pay the bill after the payment2Within one working day for your delivery (general)24Delivery within hours. Our shipments per day, even if you are buying a few dollars commodity, we have to offer you carefully packaged, so packaging goods occupy a large part of the time, the afternoon3Before the point of completion of payment, the goods can be delivered later than in the afternoon3Some payment customers to second days for your delivery, in special cases, and timely customer communication, according to the specific situation to decide whether to go to the hair. The courier takes Monday to Friday afternoon4Point, Saturday, pick up time is afternoon2Point, holidays and other special circumstances, please consult the customer service.

5If, due to out of stock due to stock, such as to you we apologize for the inconvenience, customer service staff will promptly contact you for delayed delivery or unconditional refund, good customer service service for you.

6Before photographing, according to the area referred to in the category, photographed, transportation query:We can fill out the waybill number on the transaction order, and we can do the self-service inquiry.

[about commodity receipt]

1We promise to send you every piece of goods are passed the factory inspection qualified products, to ensure that before shipment is intact. In your sign for the goods that moment, it means that you default our goods are intact, so please confirm before you sign the goods, packaging intact products without damage after the receipt, in order to avoid unnecessary problems. If you do not carefully check clear goods, after the courier left, then to the owner complaints of goods is damaged or missing, feel shy, we are too far away, can not be identified. If you encounter any problem please contact us or deal with the courier for communication to solve for you, we understand each other communication, Friendliness is conducive to business success!

2This shop, the daily shipments of large, there will be the wrong goods or leakage of the situation, in case of the above, please don't worry, we will bear the costs of replacement goods or replacement of goods for you.

[principles of return / exchange]

Quality is the survival of the enterprise, there is no quality assurance, there is no room for development. Our aim is: product quality, customer first.

1Because the shop sold most of the goods are large volume weight of goods, in addition to the value of the product itself, we spend a lot of time, packaging materials, transport trucks and other related costs of packaging personnel. In case of special circumstances, the buyer shall communicate with the owner, return the goods after negotiation and return the agreement, and the courier freight shall be borne by the buyer. If you need to return the goods, if you need to return the goods, please pay the express freight when purchasing the goods. Another: according to the total value of the goods and the actual situation, the return of goods buyers need to pay the total value of the goods30%Return cost.

2After the owner agrees, the goods must be returned to meet the following conditions:
1There is no fouling deformation, no influence on the two sales, the following can be exchanged, and can not be recycled many times exchange;
2The goods which need to be returned are required to have the complete package of the commodity, the label, and the explanation of the reason for exchanging the goods;

3Due to the express to the shipping charges need to add20%-25%That's why we don't accept the freight to pay. If the goods are returned by the owner without permission, they will be rejected.

[after sale service]

1From the date of acceptance, the seller is responsible for the warranty12Months. In case of improper use, the parts cost will be charged.

2After the warranty period, our shop provides equipment for lifetime maintenance.

3The company to the user first, the spirit of quality, in line with the goal of zero failure; strict control in the equipment material, in order to achieve high stability of the machine tool, high precision maintenance; accessories procurement on strict checks, using domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers supporting products. To win the trust and respect of customers with high quality products!

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