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Emerson GXE series UPS uninterruptible power supply 3KVA genuine licensed joint venture 2 years 1600W delay 10 minutes

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High quality Emerson GXE series tower high performance UPS Yunnan gold dealer, Emerson inherited a consistently high quality style, in 2014 launched the latest online GXE series of high quality and low price of UPS, with high load power, power factor, leading a wide range of normal operating voltage derating, elevation 2000 meters without derating, super operation overload ability, perfect monitoring interface is a new era of the most worth of UPS models, suitable to meet the small server cabinet, small equipment room, server etc..



GXE series UPS is Emerson based on the IT industry AC uninterrupted power applications, the use of new topology, R & D and production of a new generation of tower, single input, single out, online high-performance UPS products. Through highlighting the performance and environmental protection features, to meet the latest application of IT equipment in small and medium-sized computer room, comprehensively enhance the business competitiveness of small power tower UPS.

Application object:
Server, storage, network equipment, VolP, communication equipment, automation equipment, precision instrument, medical diagnosis equipment, OFFICE office terminal, inter network exchange equipment and server, small computer room, etc.

Applicable industry:
Telecommunications, finance, government, health care, education, manufacturing, postal, logistics, transportation, business / retail

Functional characteristics:
Breakthrough ultra compact design: smaller size than the same type of product 30%~70%;

Large screen LCD display, more direct and convenient settings;

The input voltage is between 120 and 288V, and the output is not decreased. The probability of battery conversion is greatly reduced, and the battery life is improved;

Super overload capacity: rated under the city power, 130% can 10 minutes, 150% can 1 minutes, to meet the customer sudden load requirements;

8A long machine charging capacity, charging capacity can be set to meet the long delay battery fast recharge, improve battery life;

Excellent environmental protection, energy saving characteristics, efficiency of 3-4 percentage points higher than the same product, full load of 1K a day can save nearly one kilowatt hour.

Save space (
With advanced topology design, the power density of the product is greatly improved, and the volume of the product is reduced.
The volume of the 1KVA marker is only 156mm*255mm*295mm, which is suitable for all kinds of occasions with higher requirements for volume.

Green energy saving design (
Using the new topology technology, the input power factor is as high as 0.99, which can improve the utilization of electric energy and reduce the cost effectively.
Super load capacity, full range of input voltage, according to 0.8 output power factor, full load work.
The efficiency of the whole machine is as high as 90%, and the ECO mode is provided. The energy saving effect is obvious.

Friendly human machine interface (
Users can easily access UPS status information, including work mode, etc..
The user can query the battery capacity and load capacity in real-time through LCD.
The fault status is clearly displayed and the problem solving speed is improved.

Managing relaxed intelligence (
The intelligent fan can automatically adjust the speed according to the load condition, reduce power consumption and reduce noise.
Standard RS-232 and USB communication interface, convenient for user communication management of UPS.
Providing dry contact can realize remote shutdown function, which makes the user more convenient to operate.
With different monitoring cards, it can meet and realize the diverse management functions of users.

Parameter ( model
/ GXE01K00TS1101C00
/ GXE02K00TS1101C00
/ GXE03K00TS1101C00
Model grade1000VA/800W2000VA/1600W3000VA/2400W
inputVoltage range (rated)120VAC~288VAC, rated 220VAC, can be fully loaded in full input voltage range
Power factor0.99
frequency45HZ~65HZ; adaptive
outputVoltage220Vac ± 1%,220Vac/240 Vac ± 3%,
Power factor0.8
frequency45Hz~55Hz (50Hz system); 55Hz~65Hz (60Hz system)
wave formsine wave
Current peak factor3:1
Voltage distortionLess than 3% of rated load is less than 5% of rated load of linear, nonlinear,
Overload capacityRated input: 105%~130%, 10min; 105%~130%, 1min; > 150%, 500ms;
Quantity "voltage" capacity3*12V*7AH (standard machine)6*12V*7AH (standard machine)6*12V*9AH (standard machine)
Battery backup time> 4 min
Charging currentLong machine 8Amax (automatically matching the maximum charging current according to the battery capacity set by the user)
Recharging timeWith load 100% discharge to UPS automatic shutdown, 6 hours charge to the battery capacity of 90% (standard machine)
Environmental Scienceworking temperature0℃ ~ + 40℃
Storage temperature-40℃ ~ + 70℃
relative humidity0%RH~95%RH without condensation
Working altitudeAt 40 degrees centigrade, up to 6600 feet (2000M), without derating
Communication and managementcommunication interfaceD8-9RS-232, B USB
SNMP remote managementOptional external SNMP
Installation method www.poweryn.comTower
Switching time0ms
Overall efficiency (electricity mode)≥91%≥93%
Safety regulation www.poweryn.comEN62040-1:2008
electromagnetic compatibilityCE/REIEC/EN/AS 62040-2 2nd ED=CISPR22 Class A
surgeIEC/EN61000-4-5, Level3 (2KV) (L, N to earth), Level2 (1KV) (L, N)
Size mm
(width * height * depth)
Bare pager156*255*295 (standard machine)156*255*466 (standard machine)156*255*466 (standard machine)
156*150*295 (long machine)156*150*466 (long machine)156*150*466 (long machine)
Weight (KG)Bare pager12 (standard machine) /4 (long machine)22 (standard machine) /7 (long machine)25 (standard machine) /7 (long machine)
Packing13 (standard machine) /5 (long machine)24 (standard machine) /8 (long machine)27 (standard machine) /8 (long machine)
colourBlack RAL7021 (

This information is for reference only. Please refer to the product manual or Emerson official website for specific parameters


External battery load and delay time (

Battery (group by group)1KVA
Standard machine12m (a) /4.8m (full)12m (a) /4.8m (full)11.5m (a) /4.5m (full)


Communication card optionsDescription (
External SNMP card boxIt is used in conjunction with GXE1~3KVAUPS for the installation of smart matching cards
RUD-SIC cardState monitoring system of intelligent equipment, record and alarm events, via email or SMS to inform the user, through the built-in WEB interface parameters and check the equipment status, and will be monitoring equipment status through the SNMP protocol to the network management software
MODBUS cardSelection of UPS access to building monitoring system
RS-485 cardRS485 card, to achieve the RS232 signal to the RS485 signal conversion, for UPS and Emerson RDU-A computer room intelligent monitoring unit connection
Dry cardProvide 4 way relay signal output and 3 switch signal input
Dry contact extension cardProvide 4 relay signal output and 3 switch signal input, but also provide RS232 and RS485 communication function, to provide 4 analog acquisition function


Matters needing attention:

1) the use of UPS environment should pay attention to good ventilation, conducive to heat dissipation, and keep the environment clean.
2) do not bring inductive load, such as currency counter, fluorescent lamp, air conditioning, etc., so as not to cause damage.
3) the output load of UPS is controlled at about 60%, and the reliability is the highest.
4) UPS carrying too light (such as 1000VA UPS band 100VA load) may cause deep discharge of the battery, will reduce the battery life, should be avoided as far as possible.
5) appropriate discharge, contribute to the activation of the battery, such as long-term stop electricity, every three months should be UPS with artificial broken electricity load discharge time, so you can extend the service life of the battery.
6) for the majority of small UPS work, open UPS, boot to avoid load startup, the work should be closed for UPS; the network room UPS, because most of the network is 24 hours of work, so UPS must also be all-weather operation.
7) UPS discharge should be charged in time to avoid damage to the battery due to excessive self discharge.

Warranty service content:

1, our store sales products enjoy the factory standard warranty period and warranty service

2, the warranty period provided by us free repair or replacement service (shipping by the buyer)
3, our shop provides free technical advice and troubleshooting; if you need engineers to install, debug or repair, you need to collect the corresponding travel expenses and installation fees.

If it is one of the following circumstances, it is not included in the warranty:

A does not operate and use according to the user's manual;

B failure to change the machine without consent;

C natural disasters, earthquakes, lightning and human irresistible natural factors


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