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Automobile air conditioner refrigerant meter high and low pressure quick joint R134a snow seed adding fluorine meter conversion joint adding fluorine tool

discount 70% in 2018-10-15 to 2018-10-17
price: USD$ 11.90
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Please read the following terms carefullyClearAnd agreed to take another shot       

[material pictures]

We make sure that the goods are exactly the same as the pictures, and that the baby describes the reality for the real object, and there is no false, what you receive is what you seeBuyers can not feel bad, color is not bright and other reasons for the return of goods. The same product in different batches in packaging, labels, colors and other details of the change is normal, does not affect the performance of the product. Accessories have great versatility, please fully understand the baby specifications, performance, some accessories to have a certain professional level can be installed on the use, do not understand, please professional and technical personnel to confirm that you can use to shootIf you have any questions, please contact the phone:13380154156

[delivery time]

Normally, parents12:00Shipment before payment day,12:00-18:00It's a single time,18:00-20:00Is the delivery time, the store is synchronized with the entity shop, if the store inventory is insufficient, manufacturers can not supply within 2 days of the special circumstances, the store will be eager or telephone contact buyers to discuss late or refund matters

[delivery mode]

The default express delivery is rhyme, Shen Tong, Zhong Tong, full peak. If you are in the region, Yun, Shen Tong, Zhong express can not deliver or not satisfied,You can choose SF or EMS. freight to pay.Please be sure to tell the customer to choose where you can arrive or satisfied with the express (general, flexible) freight is based on the original basis per kilogram plus 1-2 yuan, generally2-5The arrival of the day, you can deliver to the door (in remote areas will be longer). If the goods shipped by STO are in1Kilo toInternal standard chargeThe excess weight should be charged according to the actual charging standard.Large goods can choose to send Logistics. There are other requirements that can be dealt with by both parties before negotiation.
[after sale service]

We attach great importance to every transaction with you, when the customer receives the goods, don't rush to sign, please deliver the goods in the face of the delivery personnel, check the confirmation, and then sign again. Such as the discovery of commodity packaging cartons have been open or find the goods distribution error or serious damage to the goods, after receipt of the goods may refuse to sign, and contact us directly, to ensure that your interests, please contact again reflect the loss of the goods, the number of discrepancies, the appearance of serious damage to such problems will not be able to handle this shop.


Please buyers carefully read baby description, do not buy wrong. If there is no clear place, you can send pictures to us, we can analyze and judge with you, but the final decision is in the buyer. If you buy something wrong, you can exchange goods, you can also return, you can also refund, but the return to freight is responsible for the buyers themselves. Courier fee should be responsible for the buyer, and if the warranty product has problems during the warranty period, can help you exchange goods, do not bear the round-trip freight, freight by buyers. The exact time is after receipt of the goods24Contact within hours, and in48When the goods are returned within the hours, they will not be accepted for the time being. (the exchange must be kept as the original appearance, opened or broken without permission, damaged internally, damaged by others and not enjoyed after sale service).
[special reminder]
Please specify the detailed delivery address so that the courier can deliver it accurately. In addition, the telephone you provide is also very important, please ensure that effective and smooth! At present, the work of domestic express varies greatly, so we can not express the delivery instructions to determine the arrival time! We can only ensure on-time delivery within the specified time, unable to determine the specific arrival time, if the arrival time requirements are relatively high, please contact with us before purchase confirmation! Express delivery can be limitedAvailable SF or EMS express.
[payment methods]

All goods can be passed directlyAlipay"Credit card"Payment is equivalent to payment after receipt of goods, absolutely guarantee your shopping safety. No friend can also be a collection of money by courier or bank remittance. Collection limit in Guangdong province.

important clause:We understand very well that we hope to receive the goods as soon as possible.But we can't control the speed and service attitude of the express company,Please understand and forgive each other,Don't keep asking us. It is recommended to seize the time in your hands, if you are in urgent need of arrival, please choose SF ExpressEMSExpress。


We can not confirm the arrival time, please friends, please wait patiently, if it is urgent, please call the courier company to rush the goods, express single number inThe treasure that has been boughtThe logistics status can be viewed,The telephone can be sent to express company online inquiry