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Lsc-936a antistatic temperature regulating constant temperature welding table 936 constant temperature electric iron a1321 heating core

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Package description:

A. Simple version: host + handle soldering station (excluding Luo iron)

The standard version of B. soldering station: host + common line Luo iron + plastic handle

C. high version soldering station: host + line + silica gel handle Aluminum Alloy Luo iron


Power consumption 50W output voltage 24V

temperature range 200-480 Temperature stability ±5

Shell surface impedance >2MΩ Tip to ground impedance <2Ω Welding nozzle to ground voltage <2mv

Product mix

Handle LSC907AOr YOTEC915Iron frame 989 Heating core A1321

Product features

Handle is particularly lightweight, long time use without fatigue.

Welding nozzle and heating element900Series sharing..

Design of formwork welding will make the molten solder tip into soldering iron frame, will not spill on the table.

Rotary temperature regulation, the staff thermostat more convenient and quick.

Taiwan - welding and welding metal frame using split type design, and compact size, easy to display, in particular to save working space.

LSC-936AThe imported white heating core is used in Japan, with long service life and quick return temperature.

Packing list
Equipment host: 1 Units
Handle parts: 1 groups
Iron seat: 1
Power cord: 1 pieces
Clean sponge: 1 copies
Manual: 1 copies

Usage method
1. operation instructions

The temperature control knob moves to 200 centigrade position.
Connect the soldering iron and the console.
Connect the power supply.
Switch on, the power indicator LED is shining.
The temperature control knob goes to the applicable temperature position.
Appropriate use temperature.
Too low temperature will slow the flow of solder, the solder flux in high temperature will scorch into dry white thick, caused by weld or circuit board burn. When the soldering head temperature is properly set according to the welding point, a good welding point can be assured. Solder alloys commonly used in the electronics industry are 60% Sn and 40% lead (60/40). The proper use temperature of soldering head to soldering tin is different according to the difference of manufacturer

Note: the general use should not exceed 380 degrees centigrade. A short period of use is allowed if you need to use a higher temperature.
2. temperature lock
Temperature setting to proper temperature.
Tighten the locking screw clockwise with the screwdriver under the temperature knob until the temperature setting knob does not move.
When the temperature is reset, counterclockwise rotating screwdriver loose locking screw.
The reason why the 3. iron head does not touch tin
The temperature of the iron head is more than 400 degrees centigrade.
The soldering tin is not given to the soldering iron head.
Lack of soldering flux in welding, tin removal, repair, repair welding, etc..
The iron head in high sulfur content or wipe dry sponges and rags.
Contact with organic materials such as plastic, silicon (silicon), grease and other chemicals.
Use solder which is not pure and low tin content.

Replacement and treatment of soldering iron head
The iron head can loosen the sleeve removed. The temperature control table power must be turned off, and the iron head is cooled down, then the lower iron head can be removed, and the oxide dust formed in the fixed position of the sleeve can be removed. Care must be taken to avoid the dust coming into the eyes. Replace the iron head and lock the sleeve with the power of the normal hand.
When the new iron core is replaced, the iron core should be extended out of the stainless steel pipe 23mm, and then the screw core installation screw in the handle is locked
Note: you must be careful not to lock too tight, otherwise you will damage the heating body.

General cleanup
The iron grip or temperature control shell can be cleaned with a small amount of liquid detergent.
Please do not immerse the temperature control station into the fluid or let the liquid flow into the shell.
Please do not use any solvent to clean the shell.

Brand new iron head
Change the soldering iron head, please use the Antai 900M series or choose the imported 936 iron head.
When you use a new iron head at any time, please use the following steps, which will greatly prolong the service life of the iron head.
The temperature control knob to set the low position. Turn on the power switch".
The heating at 200 DEG C, the iron head tin tin wire surface containing flux.
The continuous heating at 200 DEG C for five minutes, then the temperature control temperature to a proper position button.
The arrival of the appropriate temperature, you can start using.
Note: when you use a new iron head at any time, it is better to remove the iron head and clean the internal foreign body every day!

Correct use of iron
Soldering iron grip: A / low temperature iron: hand holding pen writing. B high temperature iron: finger down grip.
The ideal angle between the iron head and PCB is 45 degrees centigrade.
Iron head should be kept clean.
Use hand soldering iron heater.
Strictly prohibit the use of iron (e.g., using iron head to strike hard objects).

Maintenance of iron head
In order to ensure that the temperature control iron works well and normally, please pay attention to the following suggestions. (if the iron or some factors caused by the temperature control station service support services, please contact the most close to the function of the operation is not normal,). The iron heads supplied are all alloy heads, and if used properly, they will have a longer service life.
The disabled before shutdown in the iron head tin surface and a suitable amount of tin, only before welding cashi.
Don't let the iron head stay too high for a long time, easy to make the surface of the iron head plating layer crack.
In welding, do not give the iron head too large pressure friction spot welding, this process will not change the thermal conductivity, but will make the iron head damage.
- never clean iron head with a rough material or file.
If the surface has oxidation of tin, as needed, you can use 600 to 800 to be careful and clear the emery cloth friction with solution B propanol or equivalent, heated to 200 DEG C immediately? Le Cheng Yuan turn Cheng Tun?
Don't use chlorine or acid high flux. Fluxes only using synthetic resins or already active resins.
Note: every 24 hours or at least once a Monday, remove the iron head, clean and remove the foreign body in the sleeve.

Safety code
When the power is switched on, the temperature of the iron head is in high temperature. In view of abuse may cause burns or fire, please strictly abide by the following items:
Never touch the metal part near the iron head.
Never use the iron head near flammable objects.
Inform others of the workshop that the iron head is easy to burn and may cause dangerous accidents. The power should be switched off after the rest or after completion.
When replacing the parts or devices, the iron head should be turned off and the iron head should be cooled to room temperature.

In order to avoid damage to welding table and operation environment safety, the following items should be observed:
This product uses three wire grounding plug must be inserted into three grounding socket. Do not change the plug or use the ungrounded three adapter to make the grounding bad.
If you need to extend the wire, please use the ground three wire power line.
Never use the iron head for welding other than welding.
Never strike the soldering iron on the worktable to remove the residual. This may cause serious damage to the iron.
Never change the electric welding table without permission.
Never wet the welding table or use the welding table when the hands are wet.
It will smoke when welding, and the workshop should have good ventilation facilities.
The use of welding station without any damage may hurt the body or object being.

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