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Fleek FLECK3150SM control valve STFT20 tons of water flow softening type control valve head

Fleek control valve flow control valve type 3150SM type 3150ST/ type 3150FT filter for softening mechanical time control valve of water production with 13916173468 tons of 15-22 consulting parameters

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3150FT filtration quartz sand activated carbon price 6800

3150STNT softened water valve price 8500
3150SM flow type softened water valve price 8500

3150ST time softened water valve price 7200

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Name: type 2 3150 inch control valve


Product features:

Five step regeneration steps, backwashing, salt absorption and slow elution, quick flushing, salt box replenishment, time can be adjusted
General purpose overhead / side mounting is more suitable for commercial or industrial systems
It can be made into 60 "diameter soft water system."
The valve body is made of lead-free brass, high strength under high pressure
The NEMA3R certified sealed cover can be waterproof, rainproof, corrosion resistant and ultraviolet radiation
Optional adjustable 7 or 12 day time triggered or flow triggered regeneration



It can be used as backwash filter valve
Flow triggered regeneration
Running valve controller
It can be installed on the side
Electronic controller (ET controller, NT controller, Systemax controller)
Can be used for hot water system, water temperature time is less than or equal to 180 degrees F (82 degrees C), flow valve temperature is less than or equal to 150 degrees F (65 degrees C)
It can be used as manual control regeneration
It can be equipped with bypass piston without hard water
Counter current regeneration options
Auxiliary switch


Control valve specification

body material

Lead free brass

Inlet / outlet pipe diameter


Regeneration process


Flow range(0.35MPa inlet pressure)

Installation method

Top mounted type

Side loading type

Continuous water inflow (pressure drop 0.1MPa)

21.59 m3/h

22.72 m3/h

Peak water inflow (pressure drop 0.175MPa)

28.18 m3/h

29.31 m3/h

Water resistance coefficient Cv



Backwashing flow (pressure drop 0.175MPa)

23.85 m3/h

24.76 m3/h


Upstream / downstream

Both are available

Program adjustment

All regeneration steps can be adjusted

Larger regeneration time


Electromechanical control: 164 minutes / each program

ETControl: 0-999.9 minutes

SystemaxControl: 0-999.9 minutes


Flowmeter accuracy

0.68-34.07 m3/h±5%

Flowmeter range

Standard: 4.73-80.49m3

Increase: 23.67-402.46m3

ET: 0-37852.11 m3

SystemaxControl: 0-378521.15m3

Main dimensions

Central tube diameter


Diameter of blowdown pipe


Diameter of salt suction pipe


Tank interface diameter

Top mounting: 4 '-8UN

From the top of valve body to the height of tank interface


Fitting tank diameter

Softening: 24 "- 63"

Removal of iron filtration / sand filtration / activated carbon filtration / multi media filtration: 24 "- 42"

Other reference coefficients

regeneration system


Power parameter


Greater power


Estimated weight of transportation

Time type: 39Ibs flow type: 46Ibs

Pressure parameter

Design pressure: 2.1MPa working pressure: 0.14-0.84MPa

working temperature


*Certified drinking water plant materials

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