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Sawing machine saw blade 27*3505 huge flying talcom

The introduction of imported new material, based on satisfying back fatigue on high price. Heat treatment has a number of patents, with high speed steel gear material red hardness and wear resistance. The integrated production of heat treatment can greatly improve the stability of product quality. Is a low cost, a more economical choice of sawing. Suitable for wide sawing.

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Band sawing machine saw blade 3505*27 fly FICUT huge high speed steel saw blade M42 double metal band saw machine

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Flying saw huge FICUT27/34/41/54MM broadband

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The installation and use of band saw special tips (important)

1. before installation, check the direction with the sawtooth, sawing direction and rotating uniform band sawing machine.

2. check the saw tooth type and number / belt inches, and whether it was consistent with the size of material cutting materials.

3. adjust the tension of the band saw to moderately tight, easily broken belt, too loose easily broken teeth and cut.

4. cutting fluid by cutting materials according to adjust the concentration of the carbon steel is rare, stainless steel is strong. And regular replacement.

5.All of the new saw before in cutting, must be running in. Refueling, will raise the blade to a certain height, avoid severing saw.

The new blade running

The new blade before applying to run. One is not running or not running in good blade is the life of a good run in the blade of 1/3 or less.

Feed 1. during the run for normal feed 20-30%.
2.In length about 5-10% life expectancy.
3.During the running belt speed should be normal when cutting 20-30%.
4.The band saw from the running in period began to gradually transition to the normal cutting. The amount of feed each increase with velocity is not too large.

Such as 45# steel round bar cutting knife with a diameter of 100 mm 20 after normal cutting. Such as cutting material hardness is higher or larger, the number of running knife can be reduced. On the other hand, the running knife number should be increased.