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2525 TEC1-04908 limit voltage 5.78V8A of thermoelectric refrigeration chip for thermoelectric refrigerator

25*25mm refrigeration chip, the maximum limit voltage 5.78V, the maximum allowable current is 8A, 5V voltage is generally used, the maximum thermal surface temperature of 100 degrees, the maximum temperature difference of 66 degrees.

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The nomenclature of refrigerating film in our store

There are plenty of refrigeration chips available for you to choose from

The following is size 10*10mm The following is size 20*20mm 20*20mm TES1-12702 25*25mm TEC1-04906
10*10mm TEC1-00703 20*20mm TEC1-03101 The following is size 23*23mm 25*25mm TEC1-04908
10*10mm TEC1-00706 20*20mm TEC1-03103 23*23mm TES1-07125 25*25mm TEC1-04910
10*10mm TEC1-00710 20*20mm TEC1-03104 23*23mm TES1-07105 25*25mm TES1-12725
10*10mm TEC1-00712 20*20mm TEC1-03106 The following is size 25*25mm 25*25mm TES1-12703
The following is size 15*15mm 20*20mm TEC1-03110 25*25mm TEC1-04901 The following is size 30*30mm
15*15mm TEC1-01703 20*20mm TES1-04930 25*25mm TEC1-04903 30*30mm TEC1-07104
15*15mm TEC1-01706 20*20mm TES1-04905 25*25mm TEC1-04904 30*30mm TEC1-07106
15*15mm TEC1-01710 20*20mm TES1-12708 25*25mm TEC1-04905 30*30mm TEC1-07110

30*30mm TEC1-07113 The following is size 40*40mm 40*40mm TEC1-12709 40*40mm TES1-24106
30*30mm TES1-12701 40*40mm TEC1-12702 40*40mm TEC1-12710 The following is size 50*50mm
30*30mm TES1-12702 40*40mm TEC1-12703 40*40mm TEC1-12712 50*50mm TEC1-12705
30*30mm TES1-12703 40*40mm TEC1-12704 40*40mm TEC1-12715 50*50mm TEC1-12706
30*30mm TES1-12704 40*40mm TEC1-12705 40*40mm TES1-24115 50*50mm TEC1-12708
30*30mm TES1-12705 40*40mm TEC1-12706 40*40mm TES1-24102 50*50mm TEC1-12710
30*30mm TES1-12760 40*40mm TEC1-12706B 40*40mm TES1-24103 50*50mm TEC1-12712
30*30mmTES1-11903 with holes 40*40mm TEC1-12707 40*40mm TES1-24140 50*50mm TEC1-12714
------------------------ 40*40mm TEC1-12708 40*40mm TES1-24105 50*50mm TEC1-12718

50*50mm TEC1-12726 50*50mm TEC1-26303 50*50mm TEC1-26306 50*50mm TEC1-26308
50*50mm TEC1-26315 62*62mm TEC1-12712 62*62mm TEC1-12730 62*62mm TEC1-12740

Here is a rectangular cooling plate

The following is size 15*20mm

15*30mm TEC1-03510

The following is size 20*40mm

The following is size 20*50mm

15*20mm TEC1-02306

15*30mm TES1-06330

20*40mm TEC1-06305

20*50mm TEC1-07905

15*20mm TEC1-02310

15*30mm TES1-06305

20*40mm TEC1-06308

20*50mm TEC1-07908

The following is size 15*30mm

The following is size 20*30mm

20*40mm TEC1-06309

20*50mm TEC1-07910

15*30mm TEC1-03506

20*30mm TEC1-04705

20*40mm TEC1-06312

20*50mm TEC1-07910

Ring cooling plate

Annular TES1-04903

The following is a double layer, three layer, four layer refrigeration film

Double layer refrigerating plate

30*30mm TEC2-19003

40*40mm TEC2-19006

40*40mm TEC2-19008

Three layer refrigerator

20*20mm upper layer

30*30mm middle layer

40*40mm lower layer


25*25mm upper layer

38*38mm middle layer

50*50mm lower layer


Four layer refrigerator












We also have a semiconductor cooler available for selection

All the fixtures are inside 19008 water cooler Three tube radiator / heat pipe radiator 19008 space cooler

19006 space cooler 19006 water cooler 12715 space cooler 12715 water cooler

12712 water cooler 12712 space cooler Miniature space cooler

Cooling water row welcome to buy

60 water drainage 60120 water drainage 80 water drainage 90 water drainage

120 water drainage 240 water drainage Water faucet with 360 rows of water pagoda 360 row of water (internal thread)

Welcome to choose water head / energy exchanger

40*40mm water cooling head 60*60mm water cooling head 76*60mm water cooling head 80*80mm water cooling head

40*80mm water cooling head 40*120mm water cooling head 40*160mm water cooling head 40*200mm water cooling head

40*240mm water cooling head Water faucet for water discharge

Water pumps are welcome

DC12V3W submersible pump DC12V5W submersible pump DC24V3W submersible pump DC24V5W submersible pump

AC220V8W submersible pump Dongyuan core core SC-300T High quality silica gel pipes Hose clamps, clamp

Fans are welcome to choose

40*40mm fan 50*50mm fan 60*60mm fan 80*80mm fan

90*90mm fan 120*120mm fan All net cover

Power supply, power line, temperature controller, thermometer are welcome to choose

DC12V6A switching power supply DC12V10A switching power supply DC12V15A switching power supply DC12V20A switching power supply

DC12V30A switching power supply DC12V40A switching power supply DC24V6A switching power supply DC24V20A switching power supply

Thermal grease, heat insulation pad are welcome.

Smiling face grease package 1.5G HY410 grease (20g) HY450 grease (20g) HY810 gray grease (10g)

HY810 gray grease (20g) Scraper White insulation pad Black insulation cotton