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Y416 adjustable pressure reducing valve, water reducing valve DN6580100125150200 for water pipeline

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Y416The adjustable pressure reducing valve adopts pressure feedback mechanism after valve.The work reduces both dynamic pressure and static pressure,Horizontal mounting,It can also be vertically installed,In the high-rise building cold and hot water supply system, it can completely replace the partition water tank in the district water supply,


Widely used in air pressure tank and variable frequency pump water supply system,Y416Adjustable pressure reducing valve is the ideal product to solve the high pressure of water supply at the bottom of high-rise building. Installing this valve simplifies the equipment in the water supply system,Reduce project cost(The valve price is low),Y416The adjustable pressure reducing valve can also be used in other occasions where industrial production needs to be reduced by replacing some parts,Compressed air,Steam,Oil and so on.


Y416 Adjustable pressure reducing valve model:Y416

Nominal diameterdn32-150mm

Applicable medium:water

Pressure range 0.6-2.5mpa

Applicable temperature:0-80(℃)


Y416 Main material of adjustable pressure reducing valve:

cast iron sealing material copper


1The principle of adjustable pressure reducing valve:

The new adjustable one-way valve installed in the city water supply pipe, the high pressure reducing valve upstream (import) to meet the requirements of the downstream (export) pressure, regardless of the upstream pressure and flow changes, the downstream pressure setting good remain constant.


2Structure of adjustable pressure reducing valve

The new type adjustable pressure reducing valve consists of main valve, pressure feedback system and control pipeline. The main valve consists of valve body, diaphragm seat, valve cover, diaphragm, valve stem, valve plate and other major components. The pressure feedback system is composed of the pilot valve assembly and the control pipeline. Control tube routing gate valve, filter, pressure gauge, pipeline accessories composition.


3Working principle of adjustable pressure reducing valve

The outlet pressure of the pressure reducing valve is controlled by the adjusting bolt on the pilot valve, which is coordinated with the needle valve on the pilot valve, but after the setting, the pressure after the valve is always kept constant. When the main valve is opened, the medium flows to the outlet and also enters the upper chamber of the main valve diaphragm chamber through the pilot valve, so that the opening height of the main valve plate is stable at a certain value, so that the pressure after the valve is constant. When the outlet pressure increases, the pressure medium through the feedback system so that the main valve chamber pressure, cavity pressure balance valve is damaged, the valve opening value decreases, the pressure loss caused by increased, the flow rate of the medium kinetic energy change through the opening, the valve after the pressure has been reduced. On the contrary, when the pressure decreases after the valve, the main valve plate opening increases, the pressure increases after the valve.


4Installation requirements of adjustable pressure reducing valve

1The pressure reducing valve can be installed vertically or horizontally, and the inlet direction of the pressure reducing valve should be paid attention to in the installation.

2The filter shall be designed and installed prior to the relief valve to protect the relief valve and prolong the service life. Must be on the pipeline system for flushing cleaning before installing the valve, to prevent the welding slag, oxide and other stolen goods logistics into the valve, affecting normal operation of valves.

3The valve is mapped to the filter before the pressure reducing valve is cut off, so that the water source can be cut off easily for maintenance. In order to ensure the normal maintenance and uninterrupted water supply, the parallel installation method should be adopted. The stop valve should be set before and after the relief valve.

4How to set up the pressure gauge before and after the pressure reducing valve, and the inlet and outlet of the pressure gauge and the relief valve should be kept5DNAbove distance.

5The water outlet end of the pressure reducing valve can be provided with a soft joint, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.

6) the internal regulating pressure reducing valve for precision components, can force beat not cut transportation and installation process. The rubber inside the pressure reducing valve should be kept away from the hot environment during transportation, storage and installation(Such as electrical welding, etc.)Prevent premature aging of rubber.

installation diagram