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Green silicon carbide flat grinding wheel grinding wheel grinding wheel grinding wheel of 125*16*12.7GC80L tungsten alloy

discount 70% in 2018-09-21 to 2018-09-23
price: USD$ 105.70
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Note: the code GC, green silicon carbide material is green.

Code WA, white jade material is white.

Code A, brown corundum material is brown gray.

Because of the grinding wheel material, particle size, hardness annoying. If you don't find the specifications you need, please contact the owner. Our factory is direct sales, variety is complete, you can also order a variety of specifications.

Grinding wheel, quality assurance.

Specifications; (WA: diameter 125*, thickness 16*, aperture 12.7MM)

Diameter 125*, thickness 20*, aperture 12.7MM

Diameter 125*, thickness 20*, aperture 20MM

Green carborundum grinding wheel code: GC

Green silicon carbide is suitable for grinding hard alloy, tungsten steel, non-ferrous metals, can also be used for grinding glass, stone and other non-metallic materials

White corundum grinding wheel code: WA

Alloy steels used for high hardness. High speed steels. Common grinding of hardened steel workpieces. Also used for gear mills
The types and applications of abrasives are as follows:

Brown corundum grinding wheel code: A
Suitable for low hardness carbon steel and alloy steel. General grinding of malleable cast iron parts, such as cylindrical grinding, flat grinding and coreless grinding, can also be used for cutting, grinding and other occasions.







1:After the goods were delivered,When the courier company, logistics company or post office staff face open packet inspection (please sign for me, please check after receipt, if others sign for acceptance, all default as I sign),Make sure that no damage and no leakage after the receipt!(So as not to cause damage to the goods,Express companies or post offices are reluctant to pay compensation)If not carefully checked, hastily sign or collect the consequences of all self conceited, please pay attention to everyone! But it defaults to the above instructions, please buy carefully!!

 2:The above freight is the reference freight,Calculated according to actual weightBecause the postage varies from place to place,Different product weightSo the shipping costs are different,Please contact our company before filming,So as to modify the price.


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EMS expressCharging standard
river/Zhejiang/Shanghai first heavy(1Kg.)8Yuan continued weight(1Kg.) 1element

Anhui first heavy(1Kg)10Yuan continued weight1Kg)2element
Heilongjiang/Yunnan/Inner Mongolia/Gansu/Ningxia/Qinghai first heavy(1Kg.)15Yuan continued weight(1Kg.) 10element
Beijing/Tianjin/Shandong/Fujian/Henan/Guangdong/Hubei/Hunan/Jiangxi first heavy(1Kg.)10Yuan continued weight(1Kg.) 7element
Guangxi/Sichuan/Chongqing/Shanxi/Shaanxi/Guizhou/Hainan/Liaoning/Jilin/Hebei first heavy(1Kg.)12Yuan continued weight(1Kg.) 9element

Xinjiang/Tibet first heavy(1Kg.)20Yuan continued weight(1Kg.) 18element
First place in other places(1Kg.)10Yuan continued weight(1Kg.) 10Yuan.

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