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32 inch LG32LS3159-CC LCD TV power board rise high voltage main drive board DY383

discount 70% in 2018-08-17 to 2018-08-19
price: USD$ 158.90
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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3 aspects of the same check: 1, and pictures exactly the same; 2, liquid crystal brand size; 3, the original production of regular channels to buy;

Check it up. You can shoot it directly.

When you look at the front of the purchase, look back when you repair it

BabyBrand newIt is convenient for buyers to search!


The spot is to disassemble parts, or post production as generic parts, direct installation, convenient replacement, easy to make money money;

Users say, "as long as you can use, easy to use, can be repaired on the line" to buy a yo.


After the payment, the warehouse arrange the delivery:

1, the urgent delivery of baby, after the entry of 22:00 to express a single, please 22:00 or the next query track record;

2, photographed baby warehouse will be issued within 1-3 days; after delivery, you can query tracking records; do not rush and refund to narrow;

3, the shortage of parts or 2-3 days can not send, second days message you want to buy, or refund, or extend the delivery, customer service communication;

Online shopping products: Wangwang online contact or message, WEI-XING:13662383656 button: 133-760-120

Electronic accessories must first check, determine the good fault, buy another piece, we have 7 days trial service, to consult customer service;

Used accessories generally do not return processing. Barter is okay. All 90 days.

For the maintenance master to buy a trial to determine the fault, buy wrong accessories need refund, please chat ahead of time explanation.

This shop7Weather testing machinePaid returnService!Exchange goodsUndertake delivery, return postage.

Return goods exchange[baby + courier fee] - [courier fee] = baby] payment.Replacement of other baby loan calculation method

Return refundBaby door feeCost= refund 70%- packaging material 2 packing labor costs 8 yuan - delivery, acceptance of labor costs 10 yuan sinceSleep bear.

Here to explain that the cost of the test machine is not king, is human nature and human feelings: to help us, but also help everyone;

A successful order, customer service, warehouse, master, inventory, rent, other manual damage * talk about return is tears.

Double order loss for one return order.

Maintenance master 25 yuan / hour, packing or acceptance of warehouse people 15 yuan / hour. Warehouse stock rent 50 yuan / hour.

30% the cost of the test machine, an average number. I hope the bosses understand it. You don't have to correct it too much.

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Calculation method: need to ask customer service contact, good accounting. Confirm receipt. Apply for refund after sale return! The goods can be refunded to you.

Example: baby 50 yuan, postage 10 yuan, total payment: 60 yuan.

Refund 70%= baby 50 yuan *70%=35 yuan to bear the delivery of courier costs.

Example: Baby 200 yuan, postage 10 yuan, total payment: 110 yuan.

Refund 70%= baby 200 yuan *70%=140 yuan - reduce packaging material cost 10 yuan - reduce delivery acceptance acceptance labor costs 10 yuan, the seller can apply for refund amount: 120 yuan,

Instructions for return packing:

Before delivery, baby positive and back pictures, take good photos, Wangwang pictures come over, customer service confirmation. Come back again.


Purchase notes:

First, I have a certain practical ability, encounter problems, convenient exchanges;

Two, their shopping knowledge, payment = baby + courier fee, refund money = baby, cost *70%;

Three, receiving knowledge, intact acceptance before signing, delivery receipt;

Four, their use of baby common sense, corresponding to the use of the installation instructions, not allowed to disassemble welding baby;

Five, the user in the afternoon before 19 payment, the day can be shipped.Tact ExpressIf you can't reach the place, please pay attention to the housework


I wish you buy a good mood to buy, shopping happy!!