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Import chip KSD-01FD35 temperature control switch often closed up to 35 degrees automatically open new

All the goods in this store are guaranteed to have their own spot advantage, and the price strength can be supplied for a long time. Quality assurance for bulk price, professional supply of MOS tube field effect transistor, Schottky rectifier power tube IGBT fast recovery, professional triode series, fully supporting electronic services, old customers, superior supply.

discount 70% in 2018-09-25 to 2018-09-27
price: USD$ 1.75
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:5
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Buyers note: in order to facilitate your purchase, to ensure your rights and interests, please read the following details, thank you for cooperation!

1.The price is the reference priceIn order to save time, the same kind of product is listed in the same title, butPrice is not uniformA minimum amount of goods is set up for some goods (generally as10-100 slices),Please contact the seller before you take it. (Note: the products in the store are free of tax, can open the ticket, and have to add taxes for the opening of the ticket). Our store is a new brand of original genuine components, and a large number of stocks haven't been uploaded. If you haven't found the model you want, please contact us. We can purchase and buy some electronic components for you.

2., electronic components are professional products with high technology content. Because they may exist many brands, drop out and packaging, they may lead to discrepancy between parameters and performance. Carelessness is likely to lead to component purchase errors.Non - quality problems are not refundable! In order to better solve your problem, please tell us about the brand, package, foot and suffix of your products before you buy our components. So that we can deliver the goods accurately and quickly. In order to protect your interests,Don't take it directly and pay!!!

3. in order to avoid damage or loss of goods in the course of transportation, please check it carefully when you receive the goods. If you have any problems, please do not sign for it. The first time to get in touch with me to work together to solve the problem.Do not put forward a shortage of quantity after signing, and the situation is not right.Thank you for your cooperation.

4. guarantee the quality of our products are guaranteed. If the machine is on the machine, the tin, the cut foot or the damage caused by the customer's error will not be returned.

More than 5. channels are operated at the same time. The inventory information may sometimes come in and out from the actual situation, in order not to affect your purchase.Please contact me through Wangwang or QQ before taking the product.Thank you.

Payment method: it is recommended to use the Alipay deal, fast and safe. If you need a bank transfer, please contact us with your convenient bank account.

* the delivery time:Monday to Saturday 17We will arrange the order of 00 before, and we will contact you for the first time if we meet the shortage or other special circumstances. (national holiday and does not deliver on Sunday)

I express that:1:The default express of our store is sto PassDebon ExpressArrival time: Guangdong Province1-3Day. Outside1-5The longest, the longest7day. (you need to specify the express, please mark in the order message) 2:Post the postage, please contact the postage on time after the deal is done,Freight is the first heavy freight, if the overweight must be added to the freight.

Please purchase some electronic knowledge and experience. Please understand that we are a professional sales person, not a technician. If you are not very sure about the products you need, please be careful to purchase them, so as not to bring freight loss to yourself.

We attach great importance to your evaluation and strive to be the best!

Good reputation is not easy, we cherish it, and hope to get your understanding and support.