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Changhai Starr 6-FM10/12V10AH marine solar battery DC UPS special battery

Ship, UPS, uninterruptible power supply, solar energy, wind power generation system, fire safety backup battery, protection alarm system, emergency lighting system, electric power, telecommunications systems, electronic instruments, electric tools, portable electronic devices, household standby power supply

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6-FM200 series lead acid storageBattery


Changhai Starr 6-FM series VRLABatteryWith special design, the product has the advantages of free maintenance, sealed safety, small self discharge electrode, strong charge acceptance ability and long service life. It can work in the temperature range of -40 ~ +50 centigrade, and has excellent high power discharge characteristics.The registered capital of the high and new technology enterprises established by the seventh, one or two Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation and the China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Technology Investment Co., Ltd.2500Million yuan, founded in2006year3The month is located in Gedian Hubei economic and Technological Development zone. The company is mainly engaged in chemical power supply,Insulating materialAnd research, manufacture, sale and service of new energy and new materials. The company has a reasonable structure, provincial and ministerial level experts led high-quality personnel team, the company has a total of employees300More than one name, among them, Dr.8Name, master30Many people; near with senior or above titles20Among them, researcher10Name.
6-FM series VRLA batteries have passed the certification of China Classification society. It is widely used in ship and telecommunication system,Uninterruptible power supplyAlarm, fire and security systems, emergency lighting systems, mobile measurement equipment, power systems,Instruments and ApparatusesAutomatic control equipment, military and other fields. Obvious economic benefits.
6-FM series valve regulated lead acid battery specification:

Specification modelVoltage (V)Capacity (Ah)Outline size (mm)Quality (Kg)
The rate of 20hThe rate of 1HlongwidehighTotal height

 GFM valve controlled sealed lead acid battery has been tested to meet the standards of the Ministry of information industry YD/799-2002 standard for VRLA batteries and JISC8704-2:1999 and IEC60896-22000 standards in japan. The product has been widely used in communications, power, railways, radio and television, petroleum, solar energy and wind power generation, energy storage and other fields.It can work at the temperature of -40 ~ +50 centigrade.

Specification model
Capacity (Ah)
Outline size (mm)
Quality (Kg)
The rate of 10h
The rate of 1H
Total height

Product features:
Simple maintenance.
This series of battery with high special lead calcium alloy corrosion resistance good for grid, using superfine glass fiber as separator, absorption technology using the cathode, internal oxygen cycle composite, so the battery to achieve sealing, without regular replenishment in the whole life period or acidication maintenance.
- Safety
Full valve open and close valve has excellent performance and long service life. It can release excessive gas caused by operation error or overcharge, ensure safety, and prevent external gas or Mars from entering into the battery, resulting in self discharge or burst.
- small self discharge
Because the battery is made of special alloy as the grid, and the impurities in the separator electrolyte and the production process are strictly controlled, the self discharge electrode is low. The battery was placed at room temperature for 28 days, and the discharge was less than 3%.
- reliable seal
The imported resin adhesive is used to form corrosive sealing with ABS, and the toughness is excellent after curing. Therefore, no acid leakage is ensured.
- small resistance
The plate, bus and pole are optimized, and the resistance of the separator is very low. Therefore, the battery has little internal resistance and good discharge performance.
- good recovery performance
High quality grid alloy, excellent and stable process, unique electrolyte additives, the battery after deep discharge, as long as the full charge, the battery capacity is basically not reduced.
- wide operating temperature rangeAt present, weBattery manufacturerCommonly used batteries are mainly divided into three categories, namely ordinary battery, dry load battery and maintenance free battery three kinds.
  1) Battery manufacturerThe factory sells ordinary batteries; its main advantages are voltage stability and low price; the disadvantage is low energy ratio (that is, the energy stored per kilogram of batteries), short service life and frequent maintenance. The electrode plate of an ordinary battery consists of oxides of lead and lead, and the electrolyte is an aqueous solution of sulfuric acid. High quality and long life. Acid battery for its electrolyte is a dilute sulfuric acid solution, acid solution not only corrosion, easy to make the plate curing, and products are acid stratification are self discharging etc.; because the internal battery liquid acid, vibration and continuous top top electrode erosion, easy to make the plate surface active material shedding, and deposition of internal short circuit batteries; cause vibration, collision, big load and extremely easy to cause the battery plate deform and damage, resulting in not the normal use of the battery.



China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry seventh one or two research institute is the national key military research institute, is the only electric propulsion equipment research institute in china. Relying on the R & D and talent advantages of 712 Research Institute, Changhai New Energy Company makes the company have the first-class R & D platform and technical strength. It has been widely used in the fields of railways, ships, electric power, traction locomotives, mechanical and electrical equipment, household appliances and related weapons and equipment. The company is the leader of the ship power battery industry, and also the main supplier of domestic railway battery and ship battery. Traction battery is a new generation of high performance battery developed by our company using military technology. It has the advantages of advanced technology, large capacity, long life, low maintenance rate and so on. It has the advantages of upgrading products.

The "leading technology, first-class management" is the pursuit of the company. The company will be created through the innovation team, the implementation of excellent performance management, make industry and domestic first-class modern enterprise, and eventually enter the capital market. Company uphold the "development of the concept of innovation team, excellence", and provide career development for every employee of the platform, to achieve innovation in learning, transcending in innovation. Our new energy will become increasingly stringent requirements for customers with innovative power, to the company and the customers common progress and create value for customers.

Companies adhering to the military tradition, attaches great importance to the quality of the products. The company's quality policy is: the pursuit of excellence, build quality, customer satisfaction. The company is committed to continuously improve product quality, meet customer demand. According to the companyGB/T19001-2008"Quality management system" to establish a quality assurance system, and obtained the certificate of quality management system. And in accordance with theGJB9001B-2009"Quality management system" andGB/T19001-2008"Quality management system requirements" to establish a military quality assurance system. The company is to establish the environmental management system, occupation health and safety management system7SThree system, a beautiful environment, tree class corporate image.

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