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Xuan food grade citric acid monohydrate citric acid edible acidity regulator in addition to scale

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Main uses

Citric acid is the first organic acid, the physical properties and chemical properties,derivativeThe performance, is widely used in organic acid is the most important food, medicine and chemical industry.

1. used in food industry

Because citric acid mild refreshing acidity, widely used in all kinds of drinks,SodaWineSweets and pastries,BiscuitsManufacturing, canned fruit juice, dairy products and other foods. In all organic acids, citric acid in the market, the market share of more than 70%, there is no one can replace the citric acid sour agent. A molecule of water of crystallization of citric acid is mainly used forCool drinkJuice,JamFruit dropAcidity of cans and so onFlavoring agentIt can also be used as cooking oilAntioxidant. At the same time to improve the sensory properties of food, increase appetite and promote calcium and phosphorus assimilation. Anhydrous citric acid is used in large quantitiessolid drinks. Citric acidsaltCalcium citrate and so onFerric citrateIs the need to add some foodcalcium ionIron ion fortifier. Citric acid esters such as citric acid ethyl ester three can be used as a non-toxic plasticizer, made of plastic film for food packaging, beverage is sour agent and food industry,Preservative

2. used in chemical and textile industry

Citric acid can be used as reagents for chemical analysis in chemical technology, as chromatographic reagents and reagents, biochemical reagents used;complexing agentA masking agent; used to make upbuffer solution. Using citric acid or citric acid salts as a builder, which can improve the performance of washing products, can rapid precipitation of metal ions, to prevent contaminants adhere to the fabric, keep washing necessaryalkalinityThe dirt and dust; dispersion and suspension; improvesurface active agentThe performance is a kind of excellent chelating agent; used as a reagent acid resistance test of building ceramic tiles.


GarmentformaldehydePollution is a very sensitive issue, citric acid and citric acid can be modified into a formaldehydeless Creaseproofing finishing agent for cotton fabricCrease resistant finishing. Not only the anti wrinkle effect is good, and the cost is low.

3. for environmental protection

Citric acid -Sodium citrateBuffer used in flue gasDesulphurization. Chinese is rich in coal resources, is a major part of energy, however, has been the lack of effective flue gas desulfurization process, cause serious pollution of atmospheric SO2. At present, Chinese SO2 annual emissions of nearly 40 million tons, desulfurization technology effectively is a pressing matter of the moment. Citric acid sodium citrate buffer solution because of its low vapor pressure, non-toxic, chemically stable, SO2 absorption rate is very high, desulfurization absorbent development value.

4. for livestock production

PigletsfeedAdding citric acid, can early weaning, improve the utilization rate of feed from 5% to 10%, increasing the amount of sows farrowing. In fattening pig diets supplemented with 1% ~ 2% citric acid, can improve the daily gain and decrease the ratio of feed and meat, improveProtein digestibility, reduce back fat thickness, improve meat quality and carcass characteristics. Citric acid is a new type of rare earthfeed additiveThat is suitable for pig, chicken, fish, shrimp, cattle, sheep, rabbit, silkworm and other animal, promote animal growth, improve product quality, improve disease resistance and improve the survival rate.Feed conversion rateThe characteristics, shorten the feeding period.

5. for cosmetics

Citric acid belongs toAcidA, the main role is to accelerateHornyUpdate, commonly used in emulsion, cream, shampoo,Skin whiteningSupplies, anti-aging products,WhelkSupplies and so on. Horny update helps skin melanin peeling, pores smaller,BlackDissolution, etc.. for exampleBiothermSpring soothing cleansing mousse, make the skin soft, comfortable, fresh and pure color.



8. citric acid chemical processing or deep processing


In addition to use more than citric acid itself, another major use of citric acid in deep processing, this is a rich and colorful industrial chain.


Citric acid is a hydroxy acid, there are four active groups -- three carboxyl groups and one hydroxyl group in the molecule. The four groups are esterified or alcoholysis or acylation reaction, generating esters, common products Trimethyl Citrate, citric acid ethyl ester three, citric acid three, citric acid three butyl octyl acetate, citric acid three, citric acid three butyl; carboxyl of citric acid can also become salt. Common products are sodium citrate, ammonium citrate, calcium citrate, ferric citrate and ferric ammonium citrate etc..


9. medicinal value:



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