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Japan small package import Pigeon baby bottle cleaning agent cleaning agent and cleaning liquid bottle

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Brand: Pigeon Pigeon

Origin: Japan
Material: surfactant, (10% + polyoxyethylene sorbitan esters of fatty acids), metallic chelating agent, stabilizer
The amount of water /2.5ml standard: 1L (cooking spoon 1 spoon about 5ml)

Product features:
1, 100% food raw materials, can be at ease, thoroughly washed into the baby's mouth.
2, the unique baby milk stains and other stains has obvious cleaning effect. At the same time also has the sterilization effect.
3, 100% no phosphorus, no pigment, plant formula.
4, suitable for cleaning bottles, fruits and vegetables, baby toys, tableware, etc..

Usage method:
1, open the bottle cap: first Pigeon 800ml to open the bottle of vegetables.
2, open the refill method: along the dotted line with the scissors, pinch open mouth.
3, injection method: added package, please don't rush to get tilted all the liquid into the. Excessive squeeze bag will make the liquid splash to the body. (when, please slowly into the small mouth.)
4, the use of packaging, please put the cap screw clockwise, please fold the discarded empty packaging, bottle recycling can effectively reduce environmental waste increase.

Matters needing attention:
1, please do not used for other purposes other than the purposes above.
2, please put in the place beyond the reach of children.
3, water washing, bleaching to be rushed for more than 5 seconds, immersion cleaning, more than 2 times with water and rinse water exchange net.
4, do not use other cleaning agents in mixed use.
5, please keep in a cool and dry place at room temperature.
After 6, after using suggestions for purchase this product is filled into the bottle to use.

Emergency Management:
1, in case of eating, drink plenty of water immediately and please timely treatment.
2, when the detergent into the eyes, please rinse with water immediately and timely treatment.
3, if there is any abnormal situation please promptly to the hospital

Note: Japanese toiletries usually only standard batch, not the date, with the domestic habits of the shelf life of default for 3 years, the monthly purchase date and the Japanese cargo, to ensure synchronization, please rest assured my mother to buy.