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15cm emery round diamond grinding wheel grinding stone carving knife tool jade stone grinding

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Product Name: Circular electroplated diamond grinding

Size: 15 cm in diameter(such as angle grinder or mill diameter is not large enough, it is necessary to remove the cover, is the first iron removed)

The average thickness is about 1 millimeters (5 cents coins almost)Coarse mesh will be slightly thicker than fine mesh

Inner hole: about 12.7 mmThere are 16 millimeters of inner holes. Which ones do you take?

  Weight: about 150 grams

Application: grinding disc seal stone, jade, agate, jade carving knife, etc..

Note:The drill rod is used, the disc can only convert a 16 mm hole on the drill rod, such as making the conversion, please be sure to take the disc 16 mm holes, such as grinding shot 12 holes, then shipped over and use conversion rod can not be in trouble matching!

Explain:The disc is electroplated on one side, and the back is made of metal substrate.Number of smaller, more rough surface,80The sand surface is the thickest,3000Objective sand surface is the thinnest.Coarse mesh for coarse grinding, will damage the surfaceLeveling, the general process must have a certain amount of removal, construction should pay attention to the overall smoothness. Fine grinding process, the removal quantity is less, the mesh fine grinding, through4-5A mesh from coarse to fine grinding can be achieved step by step, polishing requirements.

The disc can be wet and dry, can not only dry grinding, can also be a general effect of a water mill, millWell, grinding with proper amount of water at the same time can help to dissipate heat and prolong the life of the grinding discIt can be installed on the sand machine, or can be directly laid on the plane.


This product can be water or oil grinding, but after each use, must be surface water trace back all dry, can be coated with oil, so as to avoid long time in contact with the water, quickly produce rust. The new disc first opened under then, grinding seal is no trace, stone for better opening. Because of mass production, the disc on the back of some a little fine scratches, some looks a bit dirty, looks quite nice, but these do not affect the use of Oh, demanding friend please be careful to buy oh.

There are more advantages with respect to water sandpaper grinding. First of all, grinding chapter will inevitably encounter water sandpaper hard to grind sand, such as Ding the debris, can be used to remove the diamond grinding, super hard alloy cutting knife can make blunt sharp reproduction. Secondly, although the one-time investment is larger, but its durable nature makes its cost-effective. Finally, it is very convenient to use, can be used with dry grinding mill, rinse, dry.

Use: suitable for carving knife, carving knife, electric knife, knife knife, fruit knife, kitchen knife and other tools and so on all that you have met with can grind plane objects, and the rigid body of Indian stone, stone, jade jade, agate, glass, all you can see (except glue), including grinding gold and silver and brass and iron alloy.

Especially recommended for grinding and polishing used for carving kitchen knife fruit knife and other tools and stone jade stone, than good, if only for personal carving knife, as long as the protection is good, can be used for a long time.

The recommended hand grinding various tools or metallurgical stone should use the mesh:

Grinding: 1000 - 3000# seal knife matching (such as not often wear seal knife can be used alone, 2000# or 3000#)

All kinds of carving knife sharp edge: 1000 - 3000.

This coarse grinding and fine grinding: 80 mesh -800 mesh

Metal products: rough grinding with less than 600 mesh, fine grinding more than 800 mesh

Glass: 400 mesh grinding to non cutting hand, 800 mesh -3000 mesh grinding to smooth

In addition, 240 stone skin recommended 260 mesh

Jade (jade) polishing: 240 - 3000# (can not be as final polishing, and ultimately need fine water sand and other finer polishing)

Warm reminder:Because the diamond is the hardest material in the world, polished objects will have traces of requirements can be the first to use stone sharpening effect will be much better then opened high, please select the appropriate size according to their needs, do not accept the grinding surface after grinding the return, because the non quality problems.

Such as the need for 10 mm below the inner hole of the drill, can shoot "16 hole disc + drill rod conversion"

The new version of the three edged handle electric drill angle grinder connecting rod, electric drill clamp closer, will not shake, not slippery! An electric drill with a ten mm drill bit can be used,Shank diameter is10 mmMITSUBISHI handleThe connecting rod is suitable for the inner hole16 mmThe disc

The conversion is connecting rod is sheathed electric drill and grinding tool, a connecting rod, two spanners, 2 tablet, a weight of about 130 grams.