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Huanyu battery JUHY12650/12V65AH/UPS, photovoltaic, solar, home backup, etc.

UPS, uninterruptible power supply, solar energy, wind power generation system, fire standby battery, safety protection alarm system, emergency lighting system, power, post and telecommunications system, electronic instruments and meters, power tools, portable electronic equipment, home standby power supply

discount 70% in 2018-10-20 to 2018-10-22
price: USD$ 231.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Jin Yuan Huanyu batteryProduct features

1Adopting tight assembly technology, it has excellent high rate discharge performance.

2With special design, the amount of electric liquid will hardly decrease during the use of the battery, and no water is needed during the service life.

3Unique corrosion resistant grid alloy, long service life.

4All of them are made of high-purity raw materials, and the self discharge electrode is small.

5Then, using combined technology of gas, battery with high sealing reaction efficiency, no acid precipitation, safety and environmental protection, no pollution.

6With special design and high reliable sealing technology, ensure the battery seal, safe and reliable use.


The battery tank cover and pole double seal design, to prevent acid leakage, reliable safety valve to prevent the outside of the air and dust into the battery interior.

Maintenance free

H2OThe regeneration capacity is strong, the sealing reaction efficiency is high, the adsorption type glass fiber cotton technology enables the gas to conform to the efficiency as high as99%The electrolyte has no maintenance function, so the battery does not need water supply or acid maintenance in the whole use process.

Safe and reliable

There is no electrolyte leakage under normal use,There is no expansion and breakage of the battery case. The battery voltage must be consistent with the DC input voltage of the inverter. For example,12V Inverter must be selected12VBattery。 Special safety valve and anti riot device are installed inside the battery, which can effectively insulate the external spark No explosion occurs inside the battery, which makes the battery safer and more reliable throughout use.

Long-Life Technology

By computer precision design of multiple corrosion resistant calcium tin alloy grid,ABSCorrosion resistant material shell, high strength tight assembly process, improve the battery assembly compactness, to prevent the live material fall off,To improve the service life of the battery, the battery will not increase acid design, to ensure that due to electrolyte depletion and shorten the service life of the battery.

High performance

(1) Weight, small size, high energy, small internal resistance, high output power.

(2) High charge and discharge performance. With high purity raw materials and special manufacturing process, self discharge control is carried out every month2%Below, room temperature(25)Storage for more than half a year can still be used normally.

(3) Good recovery performance, short circuit placement in deep discharge or charger failure30It can still charge and recover its capacity.



(4) No equalization charging. Because of internal resistance, capacity and floating charge voltage consistency, Selection of high frequency machine must be carried out in three aspects: performance, price and after sale. Make sure the battery is in floating state without a balanced charge.